Employment Opportunities


Amazing Facts has employment and volunteer opportunities for those called by God to be a part of His end-time work of sharing the gospel and the three angels' messages with the world. Please check back regularly for new listings.

Although Amazing Facts is an equal opportunity employer that does not discriminate in its employment policies and practices on the basis of race, national origin, gender, color, age, marital status, disability, or any other basis prohibited by law, it is a religious association and a member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. The employment practices reflect religious preferences in harmony with the U.S. Constitution and controlling law, and therefore hires only Seventh-day Adventist Church members in good standing. All applicants must be cleared or approved to work in the United States.

Creative Writer

The creative writer is responsible for the development and writing of print and electronic communications for a wide variety of publications across Amazing Facts’ various departments—including, but not limited to, development, marketing, media, public relations, and publishing.

B.A. in journalism, communications, or English preferred. Minimum five years writer/editor experience on publication, magazine, website, newspaper, etc.

  • Develop, write, and copyedit articles, books, magazines, stories, testimonies, blogs, ads, newsletters, audio and video scripts, catalogs, and a wide range of other materials for print and electronic publication.

  • Work closely with departmental leadership and other staff to produce professional, effective communications that meet their specific audience needs.

  • Participate in story planning for multiple projects across the organization.

  • Interview testimony candidates and write inspiring stories for donor communications.

  • Travel to and report on Amazing Facts events, including interviewing attendees and participants for donor communications.

  • Work with the editor-in-chief and other copyeditors to produce professional, effective copy to meet various deadlines.

  • Able to offer fresh editorial perspectives and address latest trends editorially

  • Excellent writing and copyediting abilities for both print and web

  • Meet deadlines while handling multiple projects simultaneously

  • Savvy and comfort with technology and social networking

  • Proficiency in MS Office Suite and Acrobat Pro


Good organization, administrative and task management skills. Strong problem resolution and analytical skills. Must be able to exercise independent judgment within established guidelines

  • Good organization, administrative and task management skills.

  • Strong problem resolution and analytical skills. Must be able to exercise independent judgment within established guidelines

Associates Degree or equivalent with two or more years of progressive experience in a customer service or sales support function

  • Monitor in-bound phone calls in a timely manner

  • Actively engages in out-bound phone calls to achieve required number of in-bound and out-bound calls per day and week.

  • Monitor and take appropriate action on sales for assigned product to ensure timely and accurate billing and ongoing customer communication regarding sales status

  • Completes all white mail in a timely and effective manner.

  • Calls customers to discuss any purchasing and shipping problem when necessary

  • Monitors all customer orders daily and reports shipping status and priorities, and advises the Order Processing manager, customers and other personnel of shipment schedules and supply availability. Ensures orders are processed correctly, in the appropriate contract, billing district, etc. by reviewing database and it`s reporting tools for all sales by product.

  • Adheres to the process for establishing new customers in all appropriate systems. Ensures appropriate members of management are advised, updated and/or consulted regarding any issues or concerns and ensures credit approval prior to product shipment. Ensures that all new customers are aware of all of company's order and billing policies

  • Ensures any change in account information is appropriately recorded and communicated to appropriate personnel.

  • Review orders, identifying any pricing discrepancies. Where pricing issues are not correctly identified prior to shipping, will work with the customer and Product Sales Manager to ensure proper documentation of each order is achieved and all billing/invoice reconciliations are correctly accounted for.

  • Proactively works to develop and take action on plans to minimize supply shortages. Collaborates with Supply & Logistics and plants to prioritize orders based on available supply

  • Works closely with customers and appropriate personnel in determining and expediting shipping priorities including changes to orders

  • Follows up with customers to ensure the shipment, billing and reconciliation is completed appropriately.

  • Other duties as assigned


Amazing Facts has an exciting opportunity working as a Broadcast Media Editor & Associate Producer in our Broadcast Productions Department in the area of television broadcast. Experience with production operations and standards are needed in this position to help guide television programs in conjunction with the Supervising Producer. Amazing Facts produces a minimum of 100 new programs yearly.

Education: Bachelor’s degree/equivalent and 3 years experience in related industry.

  • Must possess the ability to plan, organize, develop and implement goals, objectives, policies and necessary procedures

  • Long-term planner

  • Proficient with computers and various encoding methods

  • Able to multi-task and be very attentive to details

  • Able to work in a highly collaborative environment and strive for excellence

  • Attention to deadlines is very important

  • Working knowledge of Final Cut Pro 7 and Adobe Premiere, and an understanding of video formats: Basic Example: 4:3 standard definition (SD) and 16:9 high definition (HD), upper field, lower field, compression formats, etc.

  • Working knowledge of After Effects and Photoshop

  • Lead in studio productions on a few weekends every month and expected to help support the programming of AFTV our 24/7 satellite channel.

  • Responsible for maintaining the church studio and its equipment and acquire and train the production volunteer crew under the direction of the supervising producer.

  • Field production duties and knowledge including camera operation, basic lighting, audio recording, and shooting techniques.

  • Quality Control duties for all video content prior to public release

Interested parties should email a resume and cover letter to the Human Resources Coordinator Nikki Smith at nsmith@amazingfacts.org

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