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The Bible in a Year

Bible reading plan
May 25, 2016
Today's Bible Reading Plan selections can be found below. If you don't have a Bible with you, just click the references to read each passage online:

Old Testament
2 Samuel 23-24  —  3.5 minutes
Psalms 118  —  2.0 minutes

New Testament
Mark 16  —  2.0 minutes
Galatians 6  —  1.5 minutes

Total Average Read Time — 9.0 minutes

Please Note: Today is the 25th of the month. After today, there will be no Bible Reading Plan selections until the 1st of next month. Why not use these extra days to catch up if you’ve fallen behind?

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We hope Amazing Facts' Bible reading plan will make it easy and fun for you to read through the entire Bible this year. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Although the plan begins with January, you can begin at any time during the year.
  • Each month’s readings are based on 25 days worth of readings, which means you get several free days if you ever fall behind. This makes reaching your goal a lot more possible!
  • Each day’s readings will include selections from both the Old and New Testament, reinforcing the incredible unity of the Scriptures. And perhaps most important, you will focus daily on the life of Jesus by reading a portion of one of the Gospels every single day of the year.
May God bless you as you open His precious Word each day, and remember to pray for His guidance in your study. It is our desire that you will become increasingly changed into His likeness by beholding the Lord through His Word.


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