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3ABN Three Angels Broadcasting (CT)
 (Channel Dish Network 9393)
  Amazing Facts Presents Wed:   9:00PM
  Sabbath School Study Hour Fri:   5:00AM
  Sabbath School Study Hour Sat:   9:00AM
  Sabbath School Study Hour Thu:   7:00PM
ABC Family Channel (ET)
  Amazing Facts Wed:   6:30AM
Daystar TV Network (ET)
 (Channel NETWORK)
  Amazing Facts Presents Wed:   6:00PM
Discovery Channel
 (Channel Broadcast)
  Amazing Facts Presents Sun:   7:30AM
FamilyNet (ET)
  Amazing Facts Presents Sun:  10:00AM
FirstLight Broadcasting New Zealand
 (Channel Freeview 26)
  Amazing Facts Presents
  Everlasting Gospel
HCBN Indonesia
 (Channel Telkom 1)
  Amazing Facts Presents
  Everlasting Gospel
  Sabbath School Study Hour
HCBN Philippines
 (Channel Cablestar 70)
  Amazing Facts Presents Mon:   9:00AM
  Amazing Facts Presents
  Amazing Facts Presents Mon:   5:00PM
  Everlasting Gospel
Hope Channel (PT)
 (Channel DirecTV 368)
  Amazing Facts Presents Fri:  12:30PM
  Amazing Facts Presents Sun:   7:00PM
  Everlasting Gospel Sun:  10:00AM
  Sabbath School Study Hour Sat:  12:00AM
Lifestyle TV Sweden
  Sabbath School Study Hour
  Everlasting Gospel
Lifetime Television
 (Channel )
  Amazing Facts Presents Sun:   8:00AM
National Religious Broadcasters (CT)
 (Channel )
  Amazing Facts Sun:   2:30PM
SafeTV on Sky Angel 9711 (CT)
 (Channel SKY ANGEL 9711)
  Amazing Facts Presents Tue:   2:00AM
  Amazing Facts Presents Mon:  10:00AM
  Everlasting Gospel Sun:   2:00AM
  Amazing Facts Presents Wed:   9:00AM
  Everlasting Gospel Sun:  11:00AM
  Sabbath School Study Hour Fri:   9:00PM
  Sabbath School Study Hour Sat:   5:00AM
  Sabbath School Study Hour Sat:   7:00AM
  Sabbath School Study Hour Sat:  12:00AM
The Church Channel (ET)
 (Channel )
  Amazing Facts Presents Mon:   7:00PM
The Word Network (ET)
 (Channel )
  Amazing Facts Presents Sun:   1:00PM
TLN SkyAngel 9714 (CT)
 (Channel SATELLITE)
  Amazing Facts Presents Wed:   7:00PM
Total Living Network (CT)
 (Channel Sky Angel 9714)
  Amazing Facts Presents Wed:   7:00PM
Vision "Zoomer TV" Canada
  Amazing Facts Presents

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Do the dead communicate with the living?
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Describes the end-time courtroom scenes of Daniel and Revelation and why you can look forward to it.

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How is Jesus going to come again? The Bible says the devil will attempt to impersonate Christ's return but we don't want to be deceived.
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There are several times in history when God has given dreams so we can know where we are in the biblical continuum of history. Nebuchadnezzar’s dream of the image outlines the history of the main world empires that impact God's people from the time of Daniel to the end of this world. God gives these prophecies so we will know He is not surprised by world events. He has a plan for your life.
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L'un des sujets qui a suscité le plus de confusion sur le plan théologique est celui de l'enfer. Le clergé le traite avec maladresse et les laïcs le déforment au point où le mot n'est plus qu'un vulgaire juron. Partout, les gens se posent les mêmes questions: Qu'est-ce que l'enfer et où est-il? Quel sort est réservé aux méchants? Est-ce qu'un Dieu d'amour torture des personne durant toute l'éternité?

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