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United States
Decatur WYAM  (Channel UHF 51, CABLE 21) - The Station With Vision
Amazing Facts Presents Sun:   9:30AM
Anchorage GCI  (Channel 18/43) - GCI Connecting Alaskans
Amazing Facts Presents Tue:   8:00PM
Camp Verde K18DD  (Channel 18) - The Clean TV
Amazing Facts Presents Mon:   7:30PM
Amazing Facts Presents Mon:  11:30AM
Amazing Facts Presents Sun:  11:30AM
Amazing Facts Presents Thu:   7:30PM
Amazing Facts Presents Thu:  11:30AM
Davis DCTV DAVIS  (Channel 5) - Davis Community Television
Everlasting Gospel Sun:   3:00PM
Eureka ACCESS HUM  (Channel 12) - Access Humboldt Channel 12
Everlasting Gospel Sat:   7:00AM
Grass Valley NCTV  (Channel 11)
Everlasting Gospel Sun:   9:00AM
Everlasting Gospel Sat:   5:00PM
Everlasting Gospel Thu:   8:30AM
Pasadena KVMD  (Channel 31.3) - Filipino American TV
Amazing Facts Presents Sat:   8:30AM
Everlasting Gospel Sun:   9:00AM
Roseville ALB  (Channel 27) - Abundant Life Broadcasting
Amazing Facts Presents Wed:   4:00PM
Amazing Facts Presents Wed:   5:00AM
Sabbath School Study Hour Fri:   3:00AM
Sabbath School Study Hour Sat:   7:00AM
Sabbath School Study Hour Thu:   5:00PM
Sacramento ACCESS SAC  (Channel 17,18) - Access Sacramento Channel 18
Everlasting Gospel Tue:   6:30PM
Sacramento KTXL  (Channel 40) - Fox 40
Amazing Facts Presents Sun:   7:30AM
Sacramento SAC FAITH  (Channel 19, 20) - Sacramento Faith TV
Everlasting Gospel Tue:   7:00PM
Everlasting Gospel Sun:  11:00AM
Sabbath School Study Hour Sat:  10:00AM
Sabbath School Study Hour Fri:   7:00PM
Everlasting Gospel Thu:   8:00PM
Everlasting Gospel Tue:   4:30PM
Amazing Facts Presents Wed:   6:00PM
Everlasting Gospel Sun:   6:00AM
Everlasting Gospel Sun:   7:00PM
Summerville WKSY  (Channel 21, 5) - Sky 21
Amazing Facts Presents Thu:   8:00PM
Aurora TLN CHICAG  (Channel 138) - TLN Chicago 138
Amazing Facts Presents Wed:   7:00PM
Tinley Park WJYS  (Channel 62) - WJYS The Way (CT)
Amazing Facts Presents Mon:   7:30AM
Richmond WCTV  (Channel 21) - Whitewater Community Television
Amazing Facts Presents Mon:  10:00PM
Dubuque MEDIACOM  (Channel 16)
Amazing Facts Presents Mon:  11:00AM
Amazing Facts Presents Tue:   9:30AM
Amazing Facts Presents Wed:  11:30AM
Brunswick CABLE 3ME  (Channel 3) - Brunswick TV3
Amazing Facts Presents Sat:   9:00AM
Amazing Facts Presents Mon:   5:00PM
Amazing Facts Presents Fri:   6:30AM
Baltimore CABLE 6  (Channel 6) - Calvert County Comcast Ch 6
Everlasting Gospel Wed:   9:00PM
Everlasting Gospel Thu:   4:00PM
Foxboro CABLE 8  (Channel 8) - Foxboro Cable Access
Amazing Facts Presents Mon:   5:00PM
Amazing Facts Presents Wed:  10:30PM
Amazing Facts Presents Tue:  12:00AM
Amazing Facts Presents Tue:   5:00PM
Leominster LATV  (Channel 8) - Leominster Access Television
Everlasting Gospel Sat:   6:00AM
Everlasting Gospel Sun:  10:30AM
Everlasting Gospel Tue:   7:00PM
Methuen MCTV  (Channel Comcast 22, Verizon ) - Methuen Community Television
Everlasting Gospel Sun:   8:00PM
Wyoming WK TV  (Channel 25)
Amazing Facts Presents Thu:   5:30PM
Grand Rapids ICTV  (Channel 2)
Amazing Facts Presents Tue:   7:00PM
Amazing Facts Presents Wed:   3:30AM
Amazing Facts Presents Wed:   7:30AM
Mankato CCTV  (Channel 13) - Public Access TV for Mankato
Everlasting Gospel Sun:   8:30PM
Marble HPAT  (Channel 5) - Hibbing Public Access Television
Amazing Facts Presents Thu:  10:00PM
New Hampshire
Gilford LRPA-TV  (Channel 25) - Lake Regions Public Access TV
Amazing Facts Presents Mon:   2:30PM
Amazing Facts Presents Mon:   4:30PM
Amazing Facts Presents Sun:   2:30PM
Amazing Facts Presents Sun:   7:00AM
New Mexico
Alamogordo KVBA  (Channel UHF 19/Digital 14) - KVBA UHF 19/Digital 14 Alamogordo, NM
Amazing Facts Presents Fri:   1:30PM
Amazing Facts Presents Fri:   6:00PM
Amazing Facts Presents Wed:   1:30PM
Amazing Facts Presents Wed:   3:30AM
Amazing Facts Presents Wed:   7:00PM
Albuquerque KAZQ  (Channel 32) - New Mexico's Family Station (MT)
Amazing Facts Presents Mon:  10:30PM
Amazing Facts Presents Fri:   8:00PM
North Carolina
Greenville SUDLINK25  (Channel 25) - Suddenlink 25 Greenville, NC
Everlasting Gospel Thu:  10:00PM
Rocky Mount SDLINK 25  (Channel 25) - Suddenlink 25 Rocky Mount, NC
Everlasting Gospel Mon:  10:00PM
Wilmington BEACH TV  (Channel 3) - Beach TV 3
Amazing Facts Presents Wed:   8:30AM
College Place BLUE MOUNT - BLUE MOUNTAIN TV College Place, WA
Amazing Facts Presents Fri:  12:30PM
Amazing Facts Presents Sun:   7:00PM
Everlasting Gospel Sat:   7:00PM
Everlasting Gospel Sun:   2:00AM
Sabbath School Study Hour Sat:   7:00AM
Sabbath School Study Hour Fri:   8:00PM
Longview KLTV  (Channel 11) - KLTV Community Television
Amazing Facts Sat:   8:30PM
Everlasting Gospel Wed:   3:00AM
Everlasting Gospel Fri:   8:00PM
Port Townsend PTTV  (Channel 47, 48) - Port Townsend TV
Amazing Facts Presents Mon:  10:30AM

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