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What Is the Lake of Fire? Pt. 2
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What Is the Lake of Fire? Pt. 2
Good news about Hell and our loving God...


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Deadly Visions

Deadly Visions

Sabbath School Study H...

The Call to Disciplesh...

The Call to Disciplesh...

Everlasting Gospel

I Have Sinned - Vignet...

I Have Sinned - Vignet...

Bible Answers Live




Joe Crews Video Sermons
Enjoy these video classics from Amazing Facts Founder Joe Crews.

Christian Parenting
This interview-style seminar with ten 30-minute interviews on 5 DVDs challenges parents to raise their children to be the future citizens of heaven! Amazing Facts evangelism director Jean Ross hosts five childhood behavioral experts. You'll learn how to discipline a child so that they will love you more, how to handle peer pressure and other stresses your child faces, how to help your child grow spiritually, and much more. A special focus is given to pre-adolescent and adolescent years.

Time is Ticking Away
Pastor Doug says about this unique, power-packed Bible study series, “I meet a lot of people who are interested in future events but don’t want to be drowned with religion. So in this series, we investigate the Scriptures apart from traditional religious understanding so we can determine the real history and future of our planet. … I look forward to sharing my research with you.”


Cliff Young

The Hummingbird

Testimonies of Changed Lives
Watch these inspirational stories that will encourage your faith in the Lord. Listen to others like you who found prayer for healing brokenness. These heart-touching testimonies will strengthen you and help you draw closer to God.

Amazing Facts Presents
Our flagship 30-minute program features the very best of Pastor Doug Batchelor and Amazing Facts programs. Explore the Bible like never before and get practical guidance on Christian living, prophecy, and more. You will find the Bible’s answers to all your questions about life.
Healthy Living

Deadly Visions

Return of the King

Dream of the Ages


Hearing God


Who is Jesus?

A Greedy Heart

The Witch of Endor

Back To Jerusalem

The Millennial Man

Why Is There Evil?

What Is Truth?


God With Us

Where Was God?

The Dragon's Egg

The Mark of Cain

Clothed With Light

Elijah's Return

Signs and Wonders



Weeds or Wheat

Above the Crowd

Divided or United

The Abiding Vine

Unlucky Charms

Broken People

The Two Witnesses

The Devil Chained

A Jar of Oil, Pt.2

A Jar of Oil, Pt.1

Resting the Land

A River of Life

Ten Times Wiser

Double Portion

The Tree of Life

In the Lion's Den

God's Health Plan

Abiding Vine

Lazarus Come Forth

The Great Judgment

Extravagant Giving

Sabbath School Study Hour
— Formerly Central Study Hour. CSH is now produced solely by Sacramento Central Church and is available at their website —

You’ll get fresh and in-depth biblical insight from our popular Bible school program in time for your weekly quarterly lessons! (60 minutes). Get into the Bible and grow in your faith.

The Book of Luke - (2nd Quarter 2015)

Proverbs - (1st Quarter 2015)
Women and Wine
(Lesson #13)

Living by Faith
(Lesson #11)

Behind the Mask
(Lesson #10)

Words of Truth
(Lesson #9)

Words of Wisdom
(Lesson #8)

Divine Wisdom
(Lesson #4)

The Book of James - (4th Quarter 2014)
Weep and Howl!
(Lesson #10)

Faith that Works
(Lesson #6)

Love and the Law
(Lesson #5)

Being and Doing
(Lesson #4)

The Teachings of Jesus - (3rd Quarter 2014)
The Sabbath
(Lesson #11)

The Law of God
(Lesson #10)

Our Mission
(Lesson #9)

The Church
(Lesson #8)

How to be Saved
(Lesson #5)

(Lesson #4)

The Holy Spirit
(Lesson #3)

The Son
(Lesson #2)

Christ and His Law - (2nd Quarter 2014)

Discipleship - (1st Quarter 2014)

The Sanctuary - (4th Quarter 2013)
(Lesson #3)

Heaven On Earth
(Lesson #2)

Revival and Reformation - (3rd Quarter 2013)

Major Lessons from Minor Prophets - (2nd Quarter 2013)
Heaven's Best Gift
(Lesson #12)

Origins - (1st Quarter 2013)
Creation, Again
(Lesson #13)

Growing In Christ - (4th Quarter 2012)
The Christian Life
(Lesson #11)

1 and 2 Thessalonians - (3rd Quarter 2012)
The Antichrist
(Lesson #12)

Church Life
(Lesson #10)

Final Events
(Lesson #9)

Friends Forever
(Lesson #6)

Evangelism and Witnessing - (2nd Quarter 2012)
A Love Response
(Lesson #10)

Glimpses of Our God - (1st Quarter 2012)
Love Stories
(Lesson #12)

God as Artist
(Lesson #11)

Creation Care
(Lesson #8)

God the Lawgiver
(Lesson #6)

God as Redeemer
(Lesson #3)

In the Beginning
(Lesson #2)

The Triune God
(Lesson #1)

The Gospel in Galatians - (4th Quarter 2011)
Freedom in Christ
(Lesson #11)

The Two Covenants
(Lesson #10)

Worship - (3rd Quarter 2011)

Garments of Grace: Clothing Imagery In The Bible - (2nd Quarter 2011)
Clothed In Christ
(Lesson #13)

Jesus Wept: The Bible and Human Emotions - (1st Quarter 2011)
(Lesson #10)

(Lesson #9)

(Lesson #8)

Good Thinking
(Lesson #6)

(Lesson #5)

(Lesson #4)

(Lesson #3)

(Lesson #1)

Background Characters in the Old Testament - (4th Quarter 2010)

Redemption in Romans - (3rd Quarter 2010)
Love and Law
(Lesson #12)

Victory Over Sin
(Lesson #7)

All Have Sinned
(Lesson #3)

Jew and Gentile
(Lesson #2)

Paul and Rome
(Lesson #1)

Health & Healing - (2nd Quarter 2010)
(Lesson #9)

The Environment
(Lesson #5)

The Fruit of the Spirit - (1st Quarter 2010)
By Their Fruit
(Lesson #1)

People on the Move: The Book of Numbers - (4th Quarter 2009)
Cities of Refuge
(Lesson #13)

Power Struggle
(Lesson #7)

Planning Ahead
(Lesson #6)

A New Order
(Lesson #1)

Loved and Loving: John's Epistles - (3rd Quarter 2009)
Power Struggle
(Lesson #13)

(Lesson #10)

The Christian Life - (2nd Quarter 2009)
(Lesson #13)

(Lesson #12)

(Lesson #11)

(Lesson #10)

(Lesson #9)

(Lesson #8)

(Lesson #7)

(Lesson #6)

(Lesson #5)

(Lesson #4)

(Lesson #3)

(Lesson #2)

(Lesson #1)

The Prophetic Gift - (1st Quarter 2009)

Atonement and the Cross of Christ - (4th Quarter 2008)
United to Christ
(Lesson #12)

Agents of Hope: God's Great Missionaries - (3rd Quarter 2008)
Women of Mission
(Lesson #10)

The Apostle John
(Lesson #7)

The Wonder of Jesus - (2nd Quarter 2008)
Who Was Jesus?
(Lesson #1)

Discipleship - (1st Quarter 2008)

The Refiner's Fire - (4th Quarter 2007)
Dying Like A Seed
(Lesson #12)

A Life of Praise
(Lesson #9)

Extreme Heat
(Lesson #5)

The Birdcage
(Lesson #3)

For Better or for Worse: Lessons From Old testament Couples - (3rd Quarter 2007)

Thy Word Is a Lamp Unto My Feet: The Bible for Today - (2nd Quarter 2007)
Daily Wisdom
(Lesson #11)

The Final Word
(Lesson #2)

Ecclesiastes - (1st Quarter 2007)

Beginnings and Belongings - (4th Quarter 2006)
The Man Abram
(Lesson #7)

Paradise Lost
(Lesson #4)

The Early Earth
(Lesson #3)

(Lesson #1)

The Gospel, 1844, and Judgment - (3rd Quarter 2006)
Rome and Antiochus
(Lesson #10)

1844 Made Simple
(Lesson #8)

70 Weeks
(Lesson #7)

Daniel 9
(Lesson #6)

Daniel 8
(Lesson #5)

Daniel 7
(Lesson #4)

Daniel 2
(Lesson #3)

The Holy Spirit - (2nd Quarter 2006)
The Restorer
(Lesson #11)

Families in the Family of God - (1st Quarter 2006)
Families of Faith
(Lesson #10)

(Lesson #3)

Ephesians - The Gospel of Relationships - (4th Quarter 2005)
The Christian Walk
(Lesson #10)

The Spiritual Life - Experiencing Jesus Christ as Lord - (3rd Quarter 2005)
Lord of Our Labor
(Lesson #10)

Jesus Through the Eyes of Mark - (2nd Quarter 2005)
By Galilee
(Lesson #4)

His Wondrous Cross - The Story of Our Redemption - (1st Quarter 2005)
He Is Risen
(Lesson #9)

Darkness at Noon
(Lesson #8)

The Passion Week
(Lesson #6)

Daniel - (4th Quarter 2004)
God's Timetable
(Lesson #11)

Surprise Party
(Lesson #5)

Religion in Relationships - (3rd Quarter 2004)
Love Our Enemies?
(Lesson #10)

(Lesson #5)

Isaiah - Comfort My People - (2nd Quarter 2004)
Desire of Nations
(Lesson #12)

Waging Love
(Lesson #11)

Playing God
(Lesson #6)

The Hard Way
(Lesson #4)

The Gospel Of John - (1st Quarter 2004)
True Greatness
(Lesson #10)

04 Revival
Experience the incredible power of revival! These inspirational messages will lead you to reformation and prepare you to receive the fullness of the Holy Spirit. Designed for Christians to gather together for prayer and genuine soul-searching! Learn about prayer in the Bible and how to have revival in church.

05 Revive
Pastor Doug Batchelor breaks the Bread of Life in these powerful messages designed to bring revival and restoration to your church family and missing members. Learn about who Jesus is through astonishing Bible stories. Understand forgiveness, God and His love, living by faith, and the unpardonable sin against the Holy Spirit.

Amazing Adventure
A 10-part series filled with interesting amazing facts, incredible Bible stories, exciting spiritual discoveries, and heart-warming music—all designed to help your kids stand with Christ for eternity! Great for Junior Sabbath School, Pathfinder devotionals, home school and neighborhood evangelism, and much more! Help kids get in the Bible, learn of Jesus, and how to become a Christian.

Doctrines That Divide
Christian churches often hold vastly different views on key Bible teachings. While there are many Christ-like people across a wide range of denominations, for one to be right about a major Bible issue usually means that others must be wrong. This program covers five of these most contested beliefs. Learn about Christian doctrine from the Bible.

Everlasting Gospel
Dive into the Word of God with these inspiring 60-minute Bible lessons from Pastor Doug at Sacramento Central Church. The perfect program for every Bible student! Listen and watch a sermon on subjects that interest you.
The Glory of God

Storms at Sea

Suicide Missions

The Power of Words

Dealing with Delay

Saved from the Pit

What Do You Think?


A River of Life

Going Deeper

It is Finished

The Book of Life

Where Was God?

The Family Tree

Liberty to Serve

Sabbath Disputes

An Age of Honor


Love Supreme

Star of Wonder


Going With God

Miracle of Nain

Keeping Rank

Liberty to Serve

A Storm Shelter

A Lost Sheep

God With Us

Weeds or Wheat?


Signs and Wonders



Other Sheep

Hunger & Thirst

Too Good for God

Blessed is the Man

The Anointed

Jesus and the Sea

In the Lion's Den

Secret Things

Divided or United

A Portrait of Mary

The Main Thing

Where is Micaiah?

Pride and Humility

More Than Gold

Consider the Ant

The Abiding Vine

A Free Sacrifice

Unlucky Charms

Things New and Old

The Glory of God

Many Crowns


Broken People

Respecting Life

Open Our Eyes

What a Blessing!

When You Fast

Why Follow Jesus

The Ten Virgins

Squeaky Clean

Lazarus Come Forth

Balaam: Part 2

Balaam: Part 1

No Turning Back

Are You Converted


Extravagant Giving

The Power to Share

God in Government

Candid Camera

Not Very Far

The Silence of God

The Upper Room

The Great Shaking

The Beautiful Gate

Renewing Our Vows

Appreciating God

Temper Tirades

Bless Your Heart

Precious Memories

Bound in the Abyss

Saved from Sin

Giant Faith

Be Like Jesus

A Stone Rejected

Never Alone

The Bread of Life


The Glorious Mount

Reviving a Remnant

Selling Salvation

The Good Shepherd

What is Truth?

Innocent Blood


The God of Peace

What Shall I Wear

Heros of Gratitude

Noah Found Grace

Prison Break

Loving Discipline

A Real Sacrifice!

Embracing Humility

Spiritual Gifts

Recognizing Jesus

Reviving Dry Bones

The Tree of Life

Open Your Windows

Saved to Serve

The Power of Hope

The Incarnation

Is Jesus the One

Loving Vengeance

Enduring Patience

Faith That Works


Variation in Value

Walking the Walk

Returning Thanks


The Overcomers

The Tarrying Time

A True Friend

Obeying God or Man

Temper, Temper

Choosing Life

John Three Sixteen

Thou Art The Man

Come and See

Walking With God

In Appreciation

The Perfect Prayer

A City of Refuge

Going Home

The Party's Over

Living Lamps

Buried Alive

No Compromise

Fulfilling the Law

Freedom from Fear


Double Vision

Mind Control

A Wonderful Work

A New Heart

A Jar of Oil

Everlasting Life

Temptations Part 3

Temptations Part 2

Friday Night Live
This exciting spiritual adventure features Pastor Doug unplugged! Want to ask questions about difficult church-related issues or controversial Bible doctrines? Be sure to bring all your Bible questions!

Here We Stand
Join speaker Pastor Doug Batchelor for 10 thrilling messages of restoration and reformation that will cover crucial Bible teachings such as the law and the gospel, the Sabbath, state of the dead, spirit of prophecy, true revival, and more! These sermons bring a change of life to listeners.

Millennium of Prophecy
An eye-opening series with Doug Batchelor about the end-times that will strengthen your faith and give you hope for your future. Follows the Storacles of Prophecy lessons series.

Most Amazing Prophecies
Pastor Doug delivers an amazing step-by-step picture of fulfilled prophecy in the Bible, proving that Scripture can be trusted. He also shows that Jesus is the ultimate MAP for understanding the future.

Most Important Questions (MIQ)
Designed to stem the tide of teens leaving our churches, this popular video series addresses the gauntlet of big, core questions today’s Christian youth constantly grapple with—including the reality of God and the evolution and creation controversy. Bible lessons are given that cover practical topics.

New Revelation
This groundbreaking prophecy series will forever change how you look at the Bible and your future. Follows the Amazing Facts Study Guide series. Understand the book of Revelation and the end of the world in more depth.

Prophecy Code
Get a Bible-based perspective about Revelation, the rapture, the last days, the antichrist, and the end of the world. Are you ready for the future? You can be with The Prophecy Code: Bible Secrets Unlocked!

Reclaim Your Faith
People sometimes quit church, wandering from God and turning from the faith of their childhood. These four presentations by Pastor Doug Batchelor are perfect for sharing with them, covering the biggest reasons people leave the church and lighting the path for their return.

Streams of Light
Pastor Doug Batchelor’s revival series will help you rediscover the victorious Christian life that God wants you to have today—especially as last-day events are hurtling us ever closer to the return of Jesus Christ!

Ultimate Purpose
Ultimate Purpose in Collegedale Tennessee

Video Shorts
Short video illustrations that grab your attention and dynamically introduce you to what the Bible says about hell, hellfire, ghosts, and facts about the church.

Ten Commandments
The Ten Commandments are suffering an identity crisis ######--###### are they merely anantiquated relic of an ancient culture, or do they still have meaning, purpose, and application for people living today? Pastor Doug Batchelor explores the amazing riches that can be mined from each and every commandment, revealing that God's law is still a treasure trove of wisdom that offers incredible, proven solutions to the real-world problems of everyday life.

Formula 4 Faith
What does it mean for you to be saved? Is it merely a feeling of well-being, a nebulous sense of acceptance—or is it something very different, a radical sense of change in your life? Pastor Doug Batchelor takes you on a life-altering biblical journey to uncover the essential steps of salvation, winsomely leading you in a dynamic spiritual experience that will help you find your place in this world, discover the God who loves you, and take hold of Jesus’ unrelenting power to save and change you completely.

Millennium of Prophecy (AFTV Version)
An eye-opening series with Doug Batchelor about the end-times that will strengthen your faith and give you hope for your future. Follows the Storacles of Prophecy lessons series.

Bible Answers Live
A dynamic 60-minute radio broadcast in which listeners like you are the program! You’ll get accurate, biblical answers to difficult Bible questions. Join Pastor Doug Sunday nights at 7:00pm Pacific. Call 1-800-GOD-SAYS during the broadcast to have your question answered live on the air! If you’ve ever asked, “Where in the Bible…?” This is the right program for you!

Bible Question Archive
Do you have a Bible question? We have a Bible answer! Taken directly from the popular Bible Answers Live program, you can go straight to trustworthy, biblical answers to your pressing questions by topic. Pastor Doug Batchelor will help you find where in the Bible you can find the answers.

Bible Talk
This 15-minute, fast-paced Bible study on many Bible hot-topics is presented by Pastors Gary Gibbs and John Bradshaw. Each program relates to practical issues impacting your life today. You’ll hear interesting debate and Bible study as Gary and John tackle the most difficult subjects right out of God’s Word.

Byron Spears
Byron Spears, was crippled by polio and meningitis as a young man, and experienced a dramatic conversion later in life. Often called “the Walking Bible” for his legendary memorization of Scripture, keep in mind as you listen to these Spirit-filled sermons, he isn’t holding a Bible when he quotes the Word!

Joe Crews Radio Sermons
A classic 15-minute radio program featuring the Bible teachings of Amazing Facts founder Joe Crews. He begins with an amazing scientific or historical fact and follows with a biblical message that will open your eyes to amazing Bible truth!

Book Library
More than 75 Amazing Facts books and pamphlets can now be read online for free! You can even print these study resources that have helped many answer common Bible questions. Search by topic or Bible verse.

Study Guides
These classic Bible lessons have helped tens of thousands to understand their Bibles and prophecy better! Each Study Guide covers an important Bible topic step by step, with revealing Scripture and easy-to-understand lessons. Learn what it means to be a Christian and discover the real Jesus, the Bible, and the gospel through this popular series!

Prophecy Bible study lessons created for Pastor Doug Batchelor’s Millennium of Prophecy. These intriguing lessons are built around Bible stories that illustrate prophecy and critical spiritual truths. Bible students complete each lesson by looking up Scripture verses for themselves. Learn about the end of time and the book of Revelation!

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