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Are Jesus and Michael one and the same?

Scripture: Daniel 12:1,Jude 1:9,Joshua 5:13-15
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Who is Michael the Archangel in the Bible? Is this Jesus? Jesus is certainly not an angel and Michael is never called an angel, but an Archangel.

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   Q. Does Scripture say that Michael and Jesus are one in the same?

   This is a very controversial subject that is often misunderstood. And it is not a point of salvation, though I think it helps us to understand Jesus and His role a little bit more.

   Many Christians believe that the Michael who appears in the Bible is Christ. They don't believe that Jesus is an angel, because Michael is never actually called an angel in the Bible He's only called the archangel.

   I believe that this archangel Michael is one of the ways that Jesus appeared to people, especially in the Old Testament. Here are some Scriptures that lend to this belief. The Bible tells us that it is Michael who intercedes for God's people in Daniel 12:1. Jesus is also known as our Intercessor. When this archangel, the general of the Lord's army appeared to Joshua, Joshua took off his shoes and worshiped him.

   We also read in the book of Jude that it is Michael who resurrects Moses. And of course, Jesus is the Resurrection. We also read that the Lord is going to descend with the voice of the archangel, and we know clearly that Jesus is the one who's going to descend.

   And so through the Bible, you see these little clues. Commentators like Matthew Henry and others believe that Michael was one of the pre-incarnate ways that Jesus appeared.

   For more on Michael, call Amazing Facts or go online for "Who Is Michael the Archangel," which goes even deeper into this study.

  Who is Michael the Archangel? (PB) by Doug...
Who is Michael the Archangel? (PB) by Doug...

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