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How does the Lord guide us in finding a mate?

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How does the Lord guide us in finding a mate? Put this before the Lord. God found a mate for Isaac and Rebekkah. God will find a mate for you. He wants you, at the same, to use your brain. God will give you evidence.

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Caller:  Are we suppose to depend on the Lord to give us our mate when you’re saved and you’re living your life for the Lord, or do you have the choice to pick for yourself?

Pastor Doug:  Well first of all, put this before the Lord.  The same way God miraculously found a mate for Rebecca and for Isaac the way the Lord found a mate for Jacob – and so many other times in the Bible you can see that God guided – He will find a mate for you.

The Bible says, ‘Commit your way unto the Lord, and He will direct your paths.’  He’ll guide you.  Now that doesn’t mean that the Lord doesn’t want you to use your brain.  He’ll want you to use your good judgment.

Caller:  Yes.

Pastor Doug:  But He doesn’t want you to have to – I don’t want to condemn people who maybe utilize a dating service – they may even have some good Christian dating services.  Pastor Doug, himself, believes that a consecrated Christian can trust in the Lord to, in a miraculous way, guide them to that right person. 

Co-Host:  Yes.

Pastor Doug:  And I think that you can lean on the Lord.  I tell you, being single with the Lord is a whole lot better than being married to the wrong person.

Caller:  Oh that is so true!

Pastor Doug:  So it’s a lot better.

Co-Host:  He says, ‘Come and let us reason together.’  So the Lord will reason with you and give you discernment regarding your mate.  You know, you may think that this is the right person, but the Lord may be whispering to you or the Lord may be telling you this is the right person and you may be saying, ‘No.  I don’t think so.’

Pastor Doug:  If God has somebody set up for you, He’ll give you very powerful evidence.

Co-Host:  Yes He will.

Pastor Doug:  You don’t need to try to figure out which way the wind is blowing.  God will guide you.  He’ll give you very clear evidence.  Ok?

Caller:  Ok.

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