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Are dinosaurs Satan's animals?

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Are dinosaurs Satan's counterfeit creatures from before the flood? Pastor Doug believes they existed and that the oxygen level before the flood was much higher than it is today.

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Caller:  I have one other really quick thing about evolution. I don't know if this is Biblical or not but, someone kind of thought their own process through I guess. Satan has his counterfeit basically for everything God has and they thought that before the flood Satan had his own animals and that kind of explained the dinosaurs because they have actual bones and a big museum I guess in Utah of these actual dinosaurs. That's kind of how they explained the reason why dinosaurs were here.

Pastor Doug:  Well I would respectfully disagree with that. I do believe that these large creatures, lizards, lived before the flood. And you may have heard me say to one caller that the oxygen content was much higher. I've been to the island of Malta where they a museum and they've got these enormous saber tooth tigers that are like you know 12 feet long and they've got these staggering racks of moose horns Pastor Dick that look like they're 20 feet across. All of these creatures, mammals and dinosaurs, were much bigger. When the oxygen content was depleted, a lot of the larger creatures - their lung capacity would not handle it after the flood - and they became extinct. But I believe there were some great creatures, not just reptiles but other types.

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