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How long did Jesus stay on earth after his resurrection?

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How long did Jesus stay on earth after his resurrection? We know from the Bible that Jesus ascended 10 days before Pentecost and that He was crucified during the Passover. So, that would mean he was on earth approximately 40 days before His ascension.

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Caller:  I heard stories about when Jesus resurrected.

Pastor Doug:  Yes.

Caller:  How many days did He stay on earth before He went to Heaven?

Pastor Doug:  I think we can get a fairly accurate answer to that.  The Bible tells us that after He rose, He ascended 10 days before the holiday of Pentecost.  We know that Jesus died during Passover.  That would mean over a period of about 40 days, which is a very interesting Biblical number.

He appeared to the Disciples at various times, and Paul talks about Him appearing to two on the road to Emmaus.  He appeared to Peter privately – we don’t know about that meeting, but it’s mentioned.  He appeared in the Upper Room on two different occasions.  He appeared by the sea and He appeared on the mountain when He ascended.  So over a period of 40 days, He appeared to the Disciples after the Resurrection.

Caller:  And you find all that in the Bible?

Pastor Doug:  All that’s in the Bible.  And then it tells us at Pentecost, which is 10 days after that, they were in that Upper Room praying, that’s when the Holy Spirit was poured out.

Caller:  Fantastic!

Pastor Doug:  So those numbers all have significance.

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