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Media dealing with Gift of Prophecy


Advindication Part 3: Understanding Ellen White's Role

Everlasting Gospel Video This is part 3 in a series on vindicating the Seventh-day Adventist Church. It deals with ...

Are there warnings against following false teachers?

Bible Question Archive Audio Does the Bible warn us about false teachers who say we do not need to keep the commandment...

Does God Inspire Astrologers & Psychics

New Revelation Video What does the Bible teach about prophets at the end of time? Has the gift of prophecy stop...

Messenger for a Movement

Here We Stand Video This '07 revival series is called "Here We Stand" and this message is titled "Messenger fo...

Proving the Prophets

Millennium of Prophecy Video What is prophecy? Are there prophets? Can we believe what the Bible says about the future?...

The Abiding Gift of Prophecy

Byron Spears Audio Jesus said to beware of false prophets in the last days. Does that mean that there will b...

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