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Pope Promotes Sunday
6419 Reads
 July 07, 2014
Pope Francis recently discouraged people from working on Sundays, speaking of the day as a traditional Christian holiday. Is this custom found in the Bible?

Forcing Faith
5338 Reads
 July 02, 2014
The U.S. Supreme Court recently ruled that some privately held companies can opt out of having to provide certain contraception coverage if it violates the religious beliefs of their ownership. But the Bible says that such faith-based liberties will eventually disappear in unexpected ways before the return of Christ ...

Dying for Your Faith
4938 Reads
 June 25, 2014
Meriam Ibrahim is a Sudanese Christian making headlines for recently being condemned to death for her faith. Would you be willing to die for your belief in Jesus?

Ancient Fable or Trustworthy Record?
3034 Reads
 June 17, 2014
In a recent Gallup poll, one in five Americans said they do not believe the Bible is the Word of God. But even among those who do believe it to be inspired, there is great division about how inspiration actually works. So what does the Bible say?

No Time for Fear
5887 Reads
 June 09, 2014
Before Jesus comes again, many will be living in constant fear. But because they know Jesus and that their salvation has already been won, some will boldly step into the carnage to stop the violence.

A Terrorist Released?
4080 Reads
 June 02, 2014
The swap of five high-profile Taliban prisoners for a U.S. soldier has created heated debate over the wisdom of the government’s move. But did you know God once released a rebel of much greater proportions that also raised serious questions about His government?

Red Flags of Danger
4945 Reads
 May 27, 2014
When Elliot Rodger’s mother learned that her son was threatening to kill people, she immediately alerted the police and rushed to Santa Barbara to intervene. By the time she and her ex-husband arrived, however, it was too late. Will God ever intervene on this planet before time runs out?

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