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March 01, 2010
From Prison to Serving the King
A broken marriage, a broken heart, broken finances … total despair. This was Kendor Shy’s life the day he was thrown in jail. But that’s also where it all changed, when a stranger handed him an Amazing Facts Study Guide that would revolutionize his understanding of God’s Word. And from a prophecy seminar all the way to AFCOE, the miracles just kept coming as God prepared Him for a new life of service to the King.  
September 16, 2009
Helping Bring People Home
When Dominique started college, the world began to take over. She stopped going to church — and even stopped praying because she couldn’t face God with all the guilt she was feeling. But when she met Michael, who had never heard about going to church on a Saturday, God began to slowly lead her back. First stop: An Amazing Facts Revelation seminar.  
July 07, 2009
A Dormant Seed Bears Much Fruit
Mike and Tammie had little religious background and lacked a solid foundation for their faith. Plus, the religious people they consulted could not  answer their most vexing questions about evolution and what happens when you die. But when they learned about Amazing Facts, it all began to make sense for them.  
May 05, 2009
Freed from Satan's Prison
Dennis learned about the realities of life with little parental guidance, love, or spiritual influence. As an adult, he easily plunged into a dark prison of drugs, money, and women ... and he ended up in jail. That's when he discovered an Amazing Facts Study Guide, and his life hasn't been the same since ...  
May 05, 2009
Hope Knocks on the Door
Brandon tried to numb the pain any way he could. He sought comfort in a succession of unhealthy relationships, drugs, and alcohol. His angry spirit was attracted to the brutal and prideful fighting sports on TV. But a knock on his door and an Amazing Facts DVD would help begin to change everything for him ...  
May 05, 2009
Power in the Word
"God, if you don’t help me, I’m going to lose my mind!" Anderline Bredy’s world spiraled into chaos and despair. To cope, she lost herself in popular entertainment to mask her feelings inadequacy, shame, and guilt. But when she finally called on God for help, He opened the door through the ministry of Amazing Facts.  
February 11, 2009
Twice Pardoned
Andrew Michell had been a troublemaker his whole life, the result of unbelief and a gloomy outlook about humanity's place in the world. Before long, it all came crashing down around him when he was arrested and thrown into prison. But it was there that God began to work a miracle in his life...  
January 15, 2009
Journey Out of Mental Egypt
John Samuel Jeremiah’s quest for meaning and truth took him all over the spiritual spectrum. Learn how God used Amazing Facts to point him to the real Jesus in this fascinating testimony that deeply touched our hearts.  
December 29, 2008
From Cult to Christian
Akos Balogh shares his extraordinary testimony of how Amazing Facts evangelist Lowell Hargreaves showed him the path to true faith from an utterly hopeless religion.  
December 29, 2008
Final Events and MAP Leads to Baptism
God is using our evangelism materials and broadcasts to change lives all around the world. Discover how He used both to reach two hearts in Fresno, California.  
December 29, 2008
A New Chance: Randrick Becomes a Soldier for Christ
Randrick was convinced that life was about making as much money as possible and as having as much fun as possible, but an Amazing Facts resource helped him make an about face aboard a Navy ship.  
December 29, 2008
The Power of the MAP
See how the Amazing Facts prophecy seminars you make possible change lives in the most unexpected places and ways!  
December 10, 2008
Unshackled: Amazing Facts Bible Study Guides Change Lives
He was on the road to complete destruction with an addiction to drugs and alcohol. But an Amazing Facts’ resource helped turn his life completely around!  
July 01, 2008
Just Another [Jesus Freak]
For most of his life, Robert Shaw didn’t know where he was going, why he was going, and what he would do when he got there. He was a lost soul riding to nowhere — drinking, taking drugs, and partying all along the way. But when an Amazing Facts' book came by his way, it was the beginning of a brand-new life!  
July 01, 2008
An Amazing Story of Redemption and Restoration
In the parable of the prodigal son, Jesus gives us a picture of God’s amazing forgiveness and the restoration of a lost son. The story of Jeff Kramer and his aunt, Marilyn Fields, is an example of how God’s love is still offering that revival and restoration to people today through Amazing Facts ...  
July 01, 2008
The Next Big Adrenalin Rush
David and Darrell were always on the lookout for the next big adrenaline rush: sports, bodybuilding, drugs, heavy metal music — anything that would give them a thrill. Their worried mother even tried to shelter her other children from the twins’ toxic influence. But through Amazing Facts, God would work an incredible miracle in their lives ...  
July 01, 2008
God Never Gives Up on Anyone
No one gave Kevin any chance for a better life and future, not even himself. But while he was serving time in prison, he received an Amazing Facts Study Guide — and nothing was the same ever again.  
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