Friends, I want to share some very special news with you. Amazing Facts has begun the most ambitious media production we have ever undertaken. One that will share the most awesome..." />

Friends, I want to share some very special news with you. Amazing Facts has begun the most ambitious media production we have ever undertaken. One that will share the most awesome..." />

From Pastor Doug

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Great Controversy Project

Great Controversy Project

Friends, I want to share some very special news with you. Amazing Facts has begun the most ambitious media production we have ever undertaken. One that will share the most awesome story the world has ever heard!

When I first became a Christian, I visited a variety of churches looking for fellowship and deeper understanding. But I soon became discouraged by the confusion and disagreements between the many denominations. Millions feel the exact same way.

But today, you and I have a unique opportunity to liberate countless confused, discouraged, and searching people with the same facts of truth that set me free when a friend handed me a book that brought the Scriptures into focus and totally changed my life. That book was The Great Controversy.

Amazing Facts is about to launch the most ambitious media project we’ve ever undertaken—to produce and widely distribute a thrilling documentary DVD of The Great Controversy!

The struggle between Christ and Satan over the souls of men will be the focus of this groundbreaking production. Through your partnership, we will bring to life the history of this conflict, beginning with the fall of Lucifer, onward to the garden of Eden, the Flood, the Exodus, the Dark Ages, the second coming, and so much more!

  • It will be a professional, high-definition production using gripping narration and special effects that will capture the attention of multitudes around the world!

  • The program can be broadcast on television, the internet, and radio, and the DVD can be easily shared with friends.

  • We will develop new Bible study guides in conjunction with the DVD and resources that will be very useful for home and church study groups.

  • We will translate the program into the primary languages of the world when it debuts late in 2007.

The message of The Great Controversy has been responsible for leading millions to faith in Jesus. It answers vital questions regarding the plan of salvation and demonstrates how biblical prophecy has been perfectly fulfilled. But it has never been produced as a high-quality, documentary until now.

Imagine the evangelistic impact! But I’ll need your generous help to do it.

You see, in this age of television, DVDs, and video, this dynamic and compelling DVD can be the key that unlocks the chains of confusion holding millions of people in Satan’s grip.Through this DVD, every seeker will see that every battle is a result of the choice over who will have the allegiance, obedience, and worship of human hearts.

So I hope you see why I’m so passionate about this project. The Great Controversy DVD will tell the real truth about God’s love, demonstrated through the life and sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

It has the potential to be the most effective, versatile, and powerful witnessing tool we have ever produced. That’s why there is no time to waste! This is a massive project, and the results could be awesome, reaching millions of people with the gospel for the very first time. And I also believe this DVD project will revive many people in the church to rediscover the message and “fight the good fight of faith.”

The Great Controversy DVD will cost approximately $1.5 million to bring it to completion—with computer animators, artists, set construction, and the full production team.

I’ll need your generous and sustained financial support of Amazing Facts to make this project happen. In fact, we have already begun working on this venture. So I’m asking for your help right now.

Will you help with a special sacrificial gift? If so, you will help us get started in the most exciting and powerful media project ever produced by Amazing Facts. I cannot imagine a more effective investment to convert our resources into the currency of heaven.

Yours in Christ,

Pastor Doug Batchelor

Please help us launch this project

Amazing Facts is a non-profit, donor-supported ministry.
We greatly appreciate your prayers and financial support.

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