Once in a very great while, we each have the opportunity to be involved in something truly world-shaking. Discover how today is such a day with Amazing Facts Cosmic Conflict DVD project! Don't miss this incredible message from Pastor Doug Batchelor!
" /> Once in a very great while, we each have the opportunity to be involved in something truly world-shaking. Discover how today is such a day with Amazing Facts Cosmic Conflict DVD project! Don't miss this incredible message from Pastor Doug Batchelor!
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From Pastor Doug

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A Mighty Final Message to the World

A Mighty Final Message to the World

Dear Friend,

According to Bible prophecy, just before Jesus returns, a powerful angel is seen descending from heaven with a final message: “And he cried mightily with a strong voice” (Revelation 18:2).

Obviously, this message is to illuminate the world with the light of truth. And I believe the Lord is calling Amazing Facts and you to have a significant role in this final message. Let me explain.

Last year, we launched perhaps the most extraordinary ministry project in our history: to turn the story of the great controversy between God and Satan into a fast-paced, hard-hitting docudrama video we’re calling The Cosmic Conflict.

This incredible project will focus on the high points of the battle between Christ and Satan throughout history. Beginning with the rebellion of Lucifer and the war in heaven, it will lead viewers in understanding the fall of man and, especially, the plan of salvation. It will provide a spectacular panorama of the history of God’s people across the centuries and how the Lord has worked to redeem all mankind ...

It will also sound a mighty message of hope and invite all to choose ... Whom will you worship? Whom will you serve and obey?

These are the central questions of our existence! It is the “spiritual DNA” of life! They go all the all the way back to Genesis when Cain killed Abel … and to the Beast in Revelation 13.

I believe The Cosmic Conflict will answer these crucial questions in a breathtaking and dramatic way! It will also answer many common questions people have about God’s character, such as:

“If God is love, why is there so much suffering in the world?”

“If God is good, why did He make a devil?”

“If God is all powerful, why doesn’t He just destroy the devil?”

Throughout history, Satan has used his agents to stir doubt regarding God. Scoffers malign His reputation and cause people to lose faith in God’s goodness and even question His existence.

We must tell God’s side of the story! It is the truth about Jesus that will set people free (John 8:32).

  • How many times has your heart sank because you tried to share your faith with someone who just wouldn’t listen? Or perhaps a loved one has fallen prey to worldly philosophies, values, and confusions.
  • Or maybe you have felt that age-old frustration of trying to communicate your faith — but you ran into a “brick wall,” simply because the person didn’t want to hear … or you didn’t know how to frame the words … or it just didn’t seem to be the right moment.

That’s why this project is so important. The world is waiting for us to clearly explain God’s side of the story — especially His love for all mankind through the gift of His only Son, Jesus Christ.

But that story must be told in a fresh, new, and vivid way. And through the growing popularity of DVDs and the internet, millions can discover the truth through the Cosmic Conflict!

And when they watch it, it will arrest their attention and change their thinking ... lead them to faith ... guide them into a relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior ... and ultimately help them find a place in heaven!

This project is absolutely vital for the eternal sake of multitudes beyond number. And the personal revival benefits to the body of Christ around the world will be amazing.

Imagine, once and for all, a full-length docudrama that “defends God’s reputation.” It will clearly and compellingly explain the realities of God’s Word, which Satan has so cleverly twisted and distorted in the minds of so many people down through the years!

It will be a video that captures the essence of faith — the heart of biblical prophecy — the truth about the church and the work of God in the world today!

Thanks to the generosity of our donors like you, we have made significant progress — but any full-length feature-film project is a huge mind-boggling and complex venture, We still have a long way to go — we need at least an additional $1,100,000 to complete the work.

So I am inviting you to be part of one of the most exciting, most meaningful, most world-changing campaigns ever. It will have the explosive worldwide impact through television broadcast and internet distribution. Few projects have this much raw soul-winning potential!

The Cosmic Conflict docudrama will become a wonderful teaching tool in churches, in small groups, and in Sabbath school classes. Will you please help with a generous special gift toward this project?

The next few weeks are critical to our progress. The production schedule now calls for illustrations, storyboards, actors, set designs, costumes, and professional taping in a studio. Your gift will allow this work to go forward so that we can tell the mighty message of Jesus’ love the world so desperately needs.

Thank you for your gift!

Yours in Christ,

Pastor Doug Batchelor

Amazing Facts is a non-profit, donor-supported ministry.
We greatly appreciate your prayers and financial support.

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