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The Wonderful Power of Words
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 March 05, 2009
An Amazing Fact: On November 8, 2008, Jim O’Neill, 65, suffered a stroke that left him totally blind while at the controls of his small plane. Flying alone at 15,000 feet over North Yorkshire, England, O’Neill frantically radioed a mayday alert from his Cessna. Thankfully, a military training plane was in the air nearby. It’s pilot, Wing Commander Paul Gerrard, flew within 300 feet of the stricken pilot and established radio contact. Then using a series of very carefully chosen words — “turn left, a little right, reduce power, 10-percent flaps” — the RAF pilot guided the disabled aircraft down. The Cessna landed at high speed, bounced twice, and stopped safely at the very end of the runway.

Join Pastor Doug as he explores the guiding power of the Word of Life and how each one of us can save people from crashing into eternity unprepared.

A Hidden Harvest Will Soon Explode!
6131 Reads
 February 10, 2009
An Amazing Fact: Cicadas have one of the longest lifecycles of any insect. After hatching, the nymphs dig deep into the earth and quietly nurse on sap from tree roots for up to 17 years! Then, as if moved by some unseen alarm clock, this hidden army digs out — all at the same time — to the surface. Climbing a nearby tree, cicadas freeze in position, experience a metamorphosis, and molt. When they emerge as winged adults, the trees and skies are suddenly filled with these exuberant creatures. Cicadas do not bite or sting, but the males can sure split the air with their love songs: Some produce sounds up to 120 decibels, making them the loudest of all insects!

In this inspirational message, Pastor Doug blows the lid on a huge hidden harvest that the Lord will soon call up to fulfill His end-time purposes!

Miracle on the Front Lines
4842 Reads
 January 19, 2009
An Amazing Fact: The world watched horrified as more than 180 people lost their lives when terrorists attacked several sites across Mumbai, India. Among the targets was a Jewish visitors center, Chabad House, run by young Rabbi Holtzberg and his wife. When gunmen first stormed the house, Sandra Samuel — the Holtzberg’s Indian nanny for their 2-year-oldson Moshe — instinctively hid in a room and locked the door.

But when she heard Mrs. Holtzberg screaming for help, Sandra thought of little Moshe (Moses in English), who was still upstairs, and realized she had to do something! Risking her life, Sandra unlocked the door and entered the line of fire, dashing upstairs, where she found little Moshe crying by the lifeless bodies of his parents … somehow, in the hail of bullets, the terrorists had missed the little Jewish toddler. Sandra scooped up the traumatized child, shielding him with her body, then in plain sight of the terrorists made a daring dash for the exit. It was a miraculous escape, because they were the only survivors of the Jewish Center massacre.

This heart-wrenching story of daring and deliverance brings to mind similar Bible stories of rescued babies who were targeted for destruction — when someone put their lives on the front lines to intervene. Baby Moses, Joash, and even Jesus were all on the devil’s hit list, but they were rescued because someone braved the front lines to save them.

Together, we can do the same.

A Great Shaking Is Coming! An Epicenter of Evangelism
4886 Reads
 January 13, 2009
An Amazing Fact: The largest recorded earthquake in the world was a magnitude 9.5 on May 22, 1960. From the epicenter in Chile, seismographs recorded shockwaves that traveled all around the globe. These seismic waves continued to vibrate through the entire earth for several days!

Whenever the earth’s tectonic plates experience even the slightest movement, a tremendous amount of energy is released from the epicenter. This year, Amazing Facts also wants to shake things up for God — in a good way — causing an earthquake of evangelism!

In fact, we want to create an “Epicenter of Evangelism” that will send out pulsating waves of proclamation all around the globe.

Young Conquistadors for Christ
9876 Reads
 December 01, 2008
An Amazing Fact: During the first 100 years after Columbus discovered America, the ambitious Conquistadors, which means “conquerors,” brought with them to the New World something besides horses and gun powder. As they marched across America in a quest for gold, land, and fame, they left behind a new language — Spanish. Today in the Americas and Europe, 402 million people speak Spanish as their native tongue. The United Nations now estimates that by the year 2040, the world’s Spanish-speaking population will increase a whopping 103 percent!

They were sometimes ruthless in their relentless quest for gold, conquering ancient empires for their king along the way. But no one would question that the Conquistadors were fearless explorers who transformed an entire hemisphere.

And now we have an amazing, new, and simple idea that will help us mobilize a young army of compassionate Conquistadors for Christ that can reach millions of new people with the gold of the gospel!

How to Survive a Financial Famine
15052 Reads
 November 04, 2008
An Amazing Fact: Honey ants have learned the secret to surviving tough times. These resourceful insects live on the fringes of deserts. After the rains, when there is plenty of nectar, regular ants will feed some special ants in the colony with an abundance of nectar. These “honey ants” eat until their whole tail section swells up with honey, their abdomens enlarged to the size of grapes! Then, during times of drought or famine, when food is scarce, they feed nourishment to the other ants with their surplus until they return to normal size. They essentially offer themselves as living storage for the colony!

Learn how you can biblically survive these hard financial times with this brand-new message from Pastor Doug Batchelor.

A New Government Law Affects Amazing Facts and You!
12795 Reads
 October 01, 2008
An Amazing Fact: Light bulbs could soon be replaced by a new light source — PAINT! An accidental discovery by students at Vanderbilt University created a light-producing paint. Students were trying to make quantum dots, which are microscopic crystals generally only a few nanometers big. When you shine a light on quantum dots or apply electricity to them, they react by producing their own blue light. But when one student shined a laser on his batch of dots, something unexpected happened: A beautiful white glow covered the table.

The students then got the idea to stir the dots into polyurethane and then paint a blue LED light bulb with the mix. When electricity was applied, the lumpy bulb produced white light similar to a regular light bulb. If the new process can be developed commercially, you will soon be able to flip on a switch and your ceiling paint will light up with a rainbow of color options!

What does this have to do with Amazing Facts and sharing the gospel?

35,000 People Jumping Into the Boat!
10789 Reads
 September 02, 2008
An Amazing Fact: Imagine going fishing and having dozens of fish literally jump straight into your boat — no pole, no net, and no line needed! Well, it happens in northern Brazil on the Mequens River. If you go out at night and shine a spotlight over the water, the fish go crazy and start jumping everywhere — even into your boat. Why do they do this? First, this part of the Mequens is a conservation area with a robust fish population. Second, the light attracts flying bugs, which send the fish into a feeding frenzy! (To see this incredible phenomena, click to read Pastor Doug's message.)

Save the Children!
7645 Reads
 August 13, 2008
An Amazing Fact: In April 2007, Cameron Peters was driving through a Henderson, Nevada, neighborhood when he noticed fire and black smoke pouring out from a house. The teenager stopped his car, ran to the home, and discovered that eight young children were still inside. He called 911 and then courageously risked his life by entering the home, which was now engulfed in flames. “SAVE THE CHILDREN!” kept ringing in Cameron’s ears as, each time, he entered the burning house. By himself, choking on the thick smoke, Cameron gathered up all the children and carried them to safety. He reentered the inferno multiple times to ensure that everyone had been rescued. In the end, the home was completely destroyed. Had Cameron not stopped and acted bravely, many young and precious lives would certainly have been lost.

Boldly Sounding the Trumpet of Truth
6188 Reads
 July 10, 2008
An Amazing Fact: Among the most famous trumpeters who participated in the Olympic games (303 BC) was Herodorus of Megas. He was a giant man with a broad chest, and his playing was so loud that many in the audience were literally stunned by the concussion of his horn’s blast! It is said that at the siege of Argos, Herodorus played two trumpets at one time with such force and power that the immense sound wave drove the troops forward and caused the enemy to fall back.

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