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Streams of Light
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 September 15, 2009
An Amazing Fact: The Northeast Blackout of 2003 was the most massive and widespread power outage in history. On the sweltering-hot day of August 14, at approximately 4:15 p.m., Ontario, Canada, and eight Northeast U.S. states lost all electricity. That evening, more than 50 million people battled the darkness. For up to 25 hours, the blackout paralyzed life, jamming traffic, closing businesses, and shutting down airports. Industry experts blamed the power loss on old, unmaintained grid connections. Nothing is more important than your connection with God. Your inner peace, your witness, and ultimately your salvation all depend on a solid relationship with Jesus. And this connection must be maintained or you will experience a major power failure and … the light will go out. Would you like to learn how to always be getting closer to the Lord? Learn more from Pastor Doug Batchelor!

Prophecy News ALERT!
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 August 20, 2009
An Amazing Fact: The Vatican is the world’s smallest country.  That’s right — country.  In 1929, under the terms of the Lateran Treaty, Vatican City was established as an independent state of 109 acres within Rome.  Less than 1,000 people live in this small country governed by the pope, who has absolute executive and judicial powers. Yet despite the tiny territory, 177 sovereign countries have formal relations with the Vatican.  That’s why it should not surprise us that Bible prophecy foretells that the pope will play a major role in the world’s final affairs.

On July 7, while the world was mesmerized with the spectacle of pop idol Michael Jackson’s flamboyant funeral, major prophetic events were transpiring in Rome virtually unnoticed. But Jesus told us to watch for the signs that point to His soon return (Mark 13:37). And have we just seen a whopper! Pastor Doug explains …

The Sun Is Setting on an Empire
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 August 10, 2009
An Amazing Fact: During the 18th century, at the peak of England’s golden era, it was often said that “the sun never sets on the British Empire.” This is because the country’s vast lands across the globe ensured that the sun was always shining on at least one of its numerous territories. Even by 1922, the empire still held sway over a population of about 458 million people and covered more than 13 million square miles. That’s approximately one-quarter of the world’s population and total land area! During this same time, England freely claimed to be a Christian nation, and it opened the world to Christian missions as never before. But now things have drastically changed.

The Son is setting over the English-speaking world — leaving millions in darkness! Yes … “the Son.”  Across England, Australia, Canada, and other Western nations, churches are empty, Bibles are neglected, and the light of Christ’s truth is being eclipsed by worldly unbelief. That's why Amazing Facts is putting a plan into action to reach a dying empire full of souls in darkness ...

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 July 01, 2009
An Amazing Fact: When the 16-year-old grandson of oil tycoon Jean Paul Getty was kidnapped in Rome on July 10, 1973, the billionaire hesitated paying the $17 million ransom demanded for his safe return.  In the midst of this tragedy, an Italian postal strike delayed communication.  Then an envelope containing a lock of the boy’s hair, part of one ear, and a threatening message was delivered to a newspaper.  They now only demanded $3.2 million.  Getty senior negotiated a deal and got his grandson back for about $2.8 million.  The grandson, Jean Paul Getty III, was freed in southern Italy on December 15, 1973.  His kidnappers were never caught. Kidnapping is on the rise around the world. More than 20,000 men, women, and children are held against their will by those seeking a criminal’s fortune. But this sobering statistic is nothing compared to the billions of souls who are now being held captive by sin. Jesus gave His life to ransom them … but will His people deliver the message before it’s too late?

The World’s Final Headlines
13876 Reads
 June 11, 2009
An Amazing Fact: All across North America, a growing number of major newspapers are going out of business.  With the current recession and people increasingly turning to TV and the internet for news, traditional newspaper subscriptions have tumbled.  Many of these failed news institutions have existed over a century, such as the Rocky Mountain News and Seattle Post-Intelligencer.  Other major papers, such as the Miami Herald, Boston Globe, and San Francisco Chronicle, are currently on life support.  Sadly, as they consider their last editions, they must soberly write their own obituaries as they print their final headlines.

Now discover what tomorrow's headlines are bound to say as Pastor Doug digs into current events and uncovers some intriguing signs of the times!

The Most Dangerous Mission Field on Earth!
12705 Reads
 May 07, 2009
An Amazing Fact: When missionary John Williams landed on the New Hebrides Islands in 1839, cannibals immediately killed and ate him. Many other missionaries who followed met with the same fate. So when John G. Patton announced in 1858 that the Lord had called him to do mission work in the New Hebrides, his friends were concerned. One warned him, “You will be eaten by cannibals!” Patton replied, “If I can but live and die serving and honoring the Lord Jesus, it will make no difference to me whether I am eaten by cannibals or by worms [in the grave].” By the time John died 50 years later, nearly the entire population of the New Hebrides had been radically converted by the teachings of Jesus!

If you were asked to think of a dangerous mission field, what would pop into your mind? Many people would imagine some dark exotic jungle swarming with poisonous bugs and snakes, with the hypnotic sound of pagan drums beating in the distance. But the most dangerous mission field on earth could be a lot closer than you imagined!

 Operation: Prophecy Priority
15552 Reads
 April 15, 2009
An Amazing Fact: The Old Testament contains about 60 different prophecies, with more than 300 verses that foretell the first coming of Jesus. These prophecies identify specifically where the Messiah would be born, what tribe He would come from, and even when He would begin His earthly ministry. They also tell us how a friend would betray Him for 30 pieces of silver, that He would die by crucifixion, and even that His killers would gamble for His clothing. Yet despite the dramatic and explicit fulfillment of all these incredible prophecies, most of the Jewish nation rejected Jesus.

When Jesus Christ came the first time, blaring trumpets and exuberant crowds should have been hailing His arrival. But instead ... there was silence in the streets. Now as Jesus prepares to come the second time, is it possible that God’s people are about to get it wrong all over again?

The Wonderful Power of Words
10045 Reads
 March 05, 2009
An Amazing Fact: On November 8, 2008, Jim O’Neill, 65, suffered a stroke that left him totally blind while at the controls of his small plane. Flying alone at 15,000 feet over North Yorkshire, England, O’Neill frantically radioed a mayday alert from his Cessna. Thankfully, a military training plane was in the air nearby. It’s pilot, Wing Commander Paul Gerrard, flew within 300 feet of the stricken pilot and established radio contact. Then using a series of very carefully chosen words — “turn left, a little right, reduce power, 10-percent flaps” — the RAF pilot guided the disabled aircraft down. The Cessna landed at high speed, bounced twice, and stopped safely at the very end of the runway.

Join Pastor Doug as he explores the guiding power of the Word of Life and how each one of us can save people from crashing into eternity unprepared.

A Hidden Harvest Will Soon Explode!
6447 Reads
 February 10, 2009
An Amazing Fact: Cicadas have one of the longest lifecycles of any insect. After hatching, the nymphs dig deep into the earth and quietly nurse on sap from tree roots for up to 17 years! Then, as if moved by some unseen alarm clock, this hidden army digs out — all at the same time — to the surface. Climbing a nearby tree, cicadas freeze in position, experience a metamorphosis, and molt. When they emerge as winged adults, the trees and skies are suddenly filled with these exuberant creatures. Cicadas do not bite or sting, but the males can sure split the air with their love songs: Some produce sounds up to 120 decibels, making them the loudest of all insects!

In this inspirational message, Pastor Doug blows the lid on a huge hidden harvest that the Lord will soon call up to fulfill His end-time purposes!

Miracle on the Front Lines
5090 Reads
 January 19, 2009
An Amazing Fact: The world watched horrified as more than 180 people lost their lives when terrorists attacked several sites across Mumbai, India. Among the targets was a Jewish visitors center, Chabad House, run by young Rabbi Holtzberg and his wife. When gunmen first stormed the house, Sandra Samuel — the Holtzberg’s Indian nanny for their 2-year-oldson Moshe — instinctively hid in a room and locked the door.

But when she heard Mrs. Holtzberg screaming for help, Sandra thought of little Moshe (Moses in English), who was still upstairs, and realized she had to do something! Risking her life, Sandra unlocked the door and entered the line of fire, dashing upstairs, where she found little Moshe crying by the lifeless bodies of his parents … somehow, in the hail of bullets, the terrorists had missed the little Jewish toddler. Sandra scooped up the traumatized child, shielding him with her body, then in plain sight of the terrorists made a daring dash for the exit. It was a miraculous escape, because they were the only survivors of the Jewish Center massacre.

This heart-wrenching story of daring and deliverance brings to mind similar Bible stories of rescued babies who were targeted for destruction — when someone put their lives on the front lines to intervene. Baby Moses, Joash, and even Jesus were all on the devil’s hit list, but they were rescued because someone braved the front lines to save them.

Together, we can do the same.

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