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Landmarks of Prophecy
39748 Reads
 September 15, 2014
Join Pastor Doug Batchelor for "Landmarks of Prophecy," an exciting new Bible study adventure beginning October 31!

Welcome to a Ministry of Prayer
11619 Reads
 September 14, 2014
Have a prayer request? Amazing Facts is here for you.

Pastor Doug Now in Australia!
15382 Reads
 August 21, 2014
See Pastor Doug in Adelaide Sep. 13!

Amazing Facts of Faith
18285 Reads
 July 23, 2014
Amazing Facts' new video series will delight, inspire, and inform people from all walks of life!

A Christian Without a Church?
11426 Reads
 July 16, 2014

The Bible Timeline
57304 Reads
 July 15, 2014
Help share the great news about our Bible Timeline, a powerful online Bible study resource!

A Love That Transforms
16724 Reads
 April 29, 2014
Discover a love like no other ...

What Does It Mean That God Is Jealous?
19352 Reads
 April 28, 2014
The Bible says God is "jealous." Doesn't that mean something is wrong with Him?

Mighty in Manila
12361 Reads
 March 03, 2014

This spring, Philippines AFCOE will conduct Bible prophecy seminars in 140 churches in Manila!

Amazing Facts Ministry Announces Major Evangelism Development
27990 Reads
 January 28, 2014
Pastor Doug to Remain President of Amazing Facts!

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Confession and repentance are crucial components to having forgiveness not only on the records, but also for your own heart to be healed.
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Holiness is not a passive transaction in which we sit back and allow God to separate us from sin. Rather, obedience should be an active part of a strong and living faith in Christ. Unfortunately, especially in this day and age, sins of the flesh run rampant with cultural approval, making it that much harder for God’s people to choose to do the right thing when confronted with temptation. Yet we have every reason to keep fighting the fight of faith! In this intensely important book, Joe Crews courageously exalts the work of sanctification in every Christian life, giving you important advice and Bible-based inspiration to stand up to every sin with the power of a positive “No!”

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L'un des sujets qui a suscité le plus de confusion sur le plan théologique est celui de l'enfer. Le clergé le traite avec maladresse et les laïcs le déforment au point où le mot n'est plus qu'un vulgaire juron. Partout, les gens se posent les mêmes questions: Qu'est-ce que l'enfer et où est-il? Quel sort est réservé aux méchants? Est-ce qu'un Dieu d'amour torture des personne durant toute l'éternité?
Storacles (Zomi)
Abraham in Pasian hopihna atelzak mahmah laitakin khuavak nailo hi. “Abraham aw, na it mahmah khat bek na neih na tapa Moriah mualte lakah kong lahna munah hong paipih inla kithohna, biakpiakna-in hong pia in.” Piancil 22:1,2.
Amazing Facts of Faith
More and more of the world is turning to renewable forms of energy to power their needs. But in many places, the potential for all this power isn’t being harnessed. Interestingly, that very same phenomenon is happening in our spiritual lives—we're not harnessing the power God has in store for us to live a Christ-like life. How can you change that?


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