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Pastor Doug Returns to the Philippines

Pastor Doug Returns to the Philippines

Pastor Doug Batchelor will be in the Philippines March 22 to 30, 2013, to preach the Word of God as part of a five-week prophecy outreach event centered in Manila. This series will begin February 15 with a two-week health expo that leads into the series, called “Revelations of Prophecy.”

Please keep this ministry in your prayers—as we expect God to work miracles in the lives of so many people in need of Jesus. The health expo and the first part of the series will take place at Quezon Memorial Circle, an outdoor meeting venue that can accommodate more than 10,000 people! The area is a big park that is the central hub of many populated areas, so we are praying the Holy Spirit goes ahead of us and begins to prepare hearts to hear the everlasting gospel.

This series is directly connected to our AFCOE Philippines program, led by Amazing Facts evangelist Lowell Hargreaves, that has been training up laypersons and pastors to reach that nation with the last-day message. Their latest crop of students have recently gone through an extensive four-month program to learn outreach and are now deeply involved in pre-work.

Says Pastor Doug, “I am very excited to be returning to the Philippines after 10 years to encourage our AFCOE graduates there and to share the Word of God. Evangelism is in my heart and I'm eager to share the good news with thousands of hungry souls searching for hope and salvation.

“As some of our friends will remember, we were in the middle of a large evangelistic series in Manila when we received the tragic news our son, Micah, had died in an accident. We had to leave abruptly, but we promised the people we would come back someday. Things just came together quickly—Karen, Nathan, and I will be going—so we can go back and fulfill the evangelistic commitment we made 12 years ago.”

Pastor Doug, our team on the ground, and our students need your prayers for safety. Also, be sure to let your friends in the Philippines know!

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