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Famed Evangelist Byron Spears Has Died

Famed Evangelist Byron Spears Has Died

We're sad to announce that Pastor Byron Spears Sr., the legendary evangelist known as the “Walking Bible,” passed away January 29, 2013. He was 100 years old.

Life for Byron began July 3, 1912, in Topeka, Kansas. At the young age of 24,
he was stricken with polio and meningitis. For many years, he walked with two canes, but he always held his head high and kept his faith in the Heavenly Father.

Says Pastor Doug Batchelor, "Pastor Spears is perhaps the last of the great old guard church evangelists. What made him stand out especially was his ability to quote sometimes as many as 100 Bible passages in a single sermon—all from memory. It was incredible to hear and behold. He was a great supporter of Amazing Facts. I was honored to be asked to participate in his memorial in Los Angeles, and I believe he’ll have many stars in his crown in heaven."

Amazing Facts features Pastor Spears’ The Trumpet of Truth series at our media library—just click the link below to listen.

The Trumpet of Truth Prophecy Series

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