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Welcome, friend! We hope you enjoyed and were blessed by the Revelation: The Bride, the Beast & Babylon DVD presentation. We’ve set up this page to help you get your questions answered and to find more resources on this topic. If you have a question or concern not addressed by this page, please don't hesitate to drop us a line.

It seems like you are attacking other Christians. Shouldn’t we be trying to unify rather than being critical of others?

A terrible conflict is in progress between God and the devil. Amazingly, Satan has won the support of the vast majority of earth's people in his rebellion. The prophecies of the Bible were given as a warning so that we wouldn’t be deceived and find ourselves on the wrong side. The messages found in the prophecies are evidence of God’s great love for the world. He knew that the last days would be very difficult, and that over the centuries many of the truths of the Bible would become misdirected through man’s opinions and traditions. It is so important that we study God’s Word carefully and be willing to accept His truth and reject anything that contradicts it.

We are concerned that there are many people, including Christians, who are trusting in a false sense of safety, which may cause them to be eternally lost. Can you imagine seeing a little child walking towards a cliff, unaware that he could fall to his death? Would it be considered an attack if we shouted out a warning that would keep him from going over the precipice? Certainly not. So we believe we would be remiss if we did not follow Christ’s commission to “teach” whatsoever He has commanded. (Matt. 28:19,20) Although we take a strong stand for the truth of the Bible, we also always try to emphasize that there are certain systems and teachings we see as defective, and nothing we say is directed personally towards any individual.

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Doesn't the Bible say in 1 John 2:18-22 that there are many antichrists?

It is well to remember that the original “antichrist” is Satan, who has opposed Christ through various human agencies. Long ages before man was created Satan sought to displace Christ (Isa. 14:12–14; Eze. 28:12, 13), and ever since has inspired all opposition to God and His Son Jesus Christ. There have been many antichrists inspired by Satan down through history that have worked against God's kingdom, including the Jewish leaders who pressured Pilate into ordering Jesus crucifixion. However, there is only one entity or organization that fulfills all the prophesied characteristics of the Antichrist power of the last days.

If you study Daniel chapters 7 and 8 and Revelation 13, you’ll find that they pinpoint more of the identifying characteristics of the Antichrist. So while there have been many Antichrists who have worked against the kingdom of God, there is specifically only one organization that fulfills all of the prophesied traits mentioned in Daniel and Revelation.

  1. It will rise to be a great power after the fall of the pagan Roman empire (after 476 A.D.), (Daniel 7:7, 8)

  2. It will be a geographically small nation (“little horn”) (Daniel 7:8)

  3. It would pluck up or uproot three kingdoms (Daniel 7:8).

  4. It would have a man at its head who could speak for it (Daniel 7:8).

  5. It will rule over many people, nations and tongues (it will be universal) (Revelation 17:15)

  6. It will be headquartered in the city of seven hills (Rome is located on seven hills.) (Revelation 17:9)

  7. It will be a religio-political entity—a political city-state that is ruled by a priest-king. (Revelation 17:3—A beast symbolizes political power, and a woman symbolizes a religious power)

  8. Its priest-king will make great and blasphemous claims. (Daniel 7:25)

  9. It will claim authority over all kings (Revelation 14:8)

  10. It will claim to have power to change the times and laws God set as its mark of authority. (Daniel 7:25).

  11. It will be church which has gone astray and causes the nations to drink her cup of false doctrine. (Revelation 17:4)

  12. It will be a persecuting power, killing the faithful saints of Jesus Christ as heretics. (Revelation 17:6)

  13. It will hold power and authority for 1260 years following the fall of pagan Rome. (Daniel 7:25).

  14. It will suffer a deadly wound that will end 1260 years of dominance and persecution, and when it is revived after the deadly wound all the world will wonder at its revival. (Revelation 13:3)

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Isn’t the woman of Revelation 12 Mary, the mother of Jesus?

No, we believe the woman is a symbol of God’s people in both the Old and New Testament. In Old Testament symbolism you will find that the true people of God are at times represented by a woman (Isa. 54:5, 6; Jer. 6:2). When the church apostatized it was compared with a corrupt woman (Jer. 3:20; Eze. 23:2–4). The same figures appear in the New Testament (2 Cor. 11:2; Eph. 5:25–32; Rev. 17:1–3).

In Revelation 12 the woman represents the true church. Since she is presented as about to give birth to Christ (see vs. 2, 4, 5) and later as being persecuted, following the ascension of Christ (vs. 5, 13–17), she represents the church of both the Old Testament and the New Testament.

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I find the different beasts in Revelation 12, 13 and 17 confusing. Can you help me understand them?

In Revelation 12 you will see a red dragon who is trying to devour the man child of the woman. This dragon, of course, is identified as the devil and Satan. But the devil operates through political kingdoms and powers. The devil, operating through Rome tried to exterminate the Messiah when He was a child. It was the devil operating through the Roman power, this red dragon, who then persecuted the early church.

When you get to Revelation 13 again it is the devil operating through this same power, the Roman empire. It has at this point gone through a change from being ruled by Caesars to being ruled by Popes, but is again persecuting God’s people. A second beast is introduced which will assist in bringing veneration to the first beast and it’s name, mark and number.

Revelation 17 enhances the picture but builds on the earlier visions by telling us that it is a woman sitting upon the Roman power. This is a picture of a church riding the Roman political power. She sits among seven hills, the seven hills of Rome. So we see a link between the same beast power in Revelation 12, 13, and 17.

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Since the Protestant Reformation, why have there been so many denominations?

There are so many denominations for several reasons.

  1. Each denomination has a slightly different doctrine or emphasis from the others.
  2. As people started churches, they simply gave them different names.
  3. The Lutheran denomination was named after Martin Luther.
The Methodists got their name because their founder, John Wesley, was famous for coming up with “methods” for spiritual growth. Presbyterians are named for their view on church leadership - the Greek word for elder is "presbyteros." Baptists got their name because they have always emphasized the importance of baptism. The name Seventh-day Adventist came about because of the church’s belief in the seventh day Sabbath, and the coming of Christ. It emphasizes 2 of the beliefs that make the church distinctive from others.

Membership in a particular church is not what determines a person’s salvation. It is their relationship with God and the fact that they are willing to follow Him in all that they learn. At the same time, it is essential that we do live up to the light that we know, and once truth is revealed we need to follow it no matter what the cost. There is a special message given in Revelation to come out of Babylon (false systems of worship where truth is mixed with error) in the last days. I believe it is crucial to take this warning seriously, and to study carefully to know that every teaching we follow is from Scripture.

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Is there really a serious danger that many professed Christian people will be caught off guard and lost when Jesus returns?

Yes, Jesus made that point crystal clear. He warned of several things that will trap and destroy Christians: (1) surfeiting, (2) drunkenness, (3) the cares of this life, and (4) sleeping (Luke 21:34 Mark 13:34-36).

  1. Surfeiting is overdoing in anything - eating, working, reading, recreation, etc. It upsets balance and destroys clear thinking. It also precludes spending time with Jesus.

  2. Drunkenness refers to things that bring on a stupor and give us a distaste for heavenly things. Examples include pornography, illicit sex, evil companions, neglect of Bible study, neglect of prayer, and avoiding church services. Such things cause people to live in an unreal dream world and thus miss out.

  3. Cares of this life destroy Christians who become so busy doing perfectly good things that time for Jesus, prayer, study of the Word, witnessing, and attendance of church services are crowded out. In so doing, we take our eyes off the real goal and drown in peripheral matters.

  4. Sleeping refers to being spiritually asleep. It may be the biggest problem today. When a person is asleep, he does not know he is asleep. Taking our relationship with Jesus for granted, having a form of godliness with no power, applying all great sermons to others, and refusing to become actively involved in Jesus' work all these things and many others make sleepwalkers of those who, unless miraculously wakened, will sleep past the moment of truth.
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Words of Care and Concern

Lest some should think that we are attacking fellow Christians by identifying this little-horn power, please keep in mind that the prophecy is aimed at a system and not individuals. There are sincere, devout Christians in all churches, including the Catholic faith. Daniel chapter 7 is simply a message of judgment and correction upon a large religious institution which compromised with paganism, like so many other churches that arose after her.

Prophecy Reveals Faults of All Faiths
Other prophecies point out the faults of Protestant and Jewish faiths. God has true people in all religions. His true people (no matter what their faith) will always humbly accept the correction of the Lord and will not shut their ears and hearts against Him by self-defensiveness. We should be very thankful that God's Word speaks with impartial honesty on every subject.

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