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Evangelism Ministry

Evangelism Ministry

Proclaim the Bible truth through global, major live evangelistic events and media broadcasts, with skilled evangelists who persuasively lead souls to baptism in Christ.
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Support Prophecy Odyssey

Prophecy Odyssey

New York City has 8.4 million souls in need of the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Target: $3,000,000  |  Funding: $2,189,103

Support Television Ministry

Television Ministry

Help seekers around the world know Christ through evangelistic TV broadcasts.

Target: $865,416  |  Funding: $807,491

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Support Internet Ministry

Internet Ministry

Most people use the internet to find spiritual information.

Target: $120,770  |  Funding: $112,434

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Current Programs

Greatest Need

Wherever needed most to help save lives for eternity.

Advance God’s work as He opens doors!

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Bible School Ministry

Help seekers discover essential truth in their Bibles.

Target: $53,169  |  Funding: $48,286

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Africa Evangelism

Help thousands hungering for truth in Africa know Christ!

Target: $300,000  |  Funding: $44,144

Australia Evangelism

Help thousands hungering for truth in Australia know Christ!

Target: $250,000  |  Funding: $266

Brazil Evangelism

Help thousands hungering for truth in Brazil know Christ!

Target: $90,000  |  Funding: $400

Prison Ministry

Bring freedom and hope to prisoners.

Target: $76,970  |  Funding: $73,695

Philippines Evangelism

Have you noticed that when the devil closes a door to one kind of evangelism, God opens another door?

Target: $260,000  |  Funding: $0

China Evangelism

Preach the gospel to the largest population on Earth!

Target: $260,000  |  Funding: $95,947

India Evangelism

Help 1.4 billion people in India find their only Savior!

Target: $330,000  |  Funding: $75,269

Indonesia Evangelism

Help thousands hungering for truth in Indonesia know Christ!

Target: $20,000  |  Funding: $2,979

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Special Recognition Gifts

Honoring your loved one while spreading God’s truth.

Honor your loved one and advance last-day truth.