Forging Ahead in the Philippines - Fall 2020

Everyone was eager to make the most of 2020—then the COVID-19 pandemic engulfed the whole world. But God is never handicapped. He knows of a thousand more solutions where we can see none, and through your faithful support, He has led our Amazing Facts team in the Philippines to reach the unlikeliest souls for His kingdom!

Community Revival in Bulata

There was a Sabbath-keeping church in Bulata, Cauayan, in the province of Negros Occidental, that had been closed for almost three years. The church building lay covered in vines and tall grasses. Inside was even worse: broken benches coated in a thick layer of dust, goat droppings scattered across the floor.

PAFCOE graduates Jim and Geraldine, husband-and-wife Bible workers, were utterly discouraged as they gazed around at the dilapidated structure. It was their mission to reopen the church, revive the congregation, and reap a mighty harvest for Christ. But who could see hope in this dead territory, in this coastal village filled with gambling, alcoholism, and broken homes? They fell to their knees and in tears asked God for strength and wisdom. Then, they got to work.

First, they invited the community to join their Sabbath worship, amazed at the 30 people, including children, who responded. They conducted Bible studies, family worship, and children’s stories. They took advantage of the Philippines’ enhanced community quarantine to connect with more people, distributing relief goods to more than 50 families. As they diligently reached out to their neighbors, their neighbors began to become more and more interested in learning Bible truth.

Other projects got underway, a vegetable garden and even a sanitation facility for the church. That once squalid structure was beginning to look warm, inviting, a place that was loved and also gave love, a place where people wanted to attend. Plans were even initiated to renovate the entire building as well as another area just for children.

As Jim and Geraldine consistently gave Bible studies and opened the church for all-day worship on Sabbath, attendees continued to pour in. Now, those who had never heard about the seventh-day Sabbath, those who had never even prayed before in their lives, are leading out in song service, prayer, and more.

These beautiful fruits of personal evangelism could never have been grown without your tremendous support.

A PAFCOE Dream Come True

Mary was a student whose ultimate dream was to become a missionary—and with your generous gifts, she did.

It was when a classmate shared his testimony about training at PAFCOE that Mary began to pray that she too would someday be a PAFCOE graduate. But after college, Mary quickly became absorbed in work, in the big, bright world out there that offered her fun and opportunity and excitement. She became so caught up in it that she forgot all about PAFCOE and the mission field.

Then, one day, unexpectedly, she fell seriously ill and was diagnosed with Bell’s palsy. In an instant, her life changed. She could not believe it. She now needed to be regularly checked and monitored. She now was no longer free to do as she pleased. And it dawned on her that she had completely disregarded her once-precious desire to become a missionary. It had been her covenant with God, her constant prayer, and she had just tossed it aside for the world. She renewed her pursuit to join PAFCOE and finally realize her dream.

Incredibly, one by one, friends began to contact her about their recent PAFCOE experiences, including her best friend, newly graduated. Now, Mary was certain that God was calling her to the Amazing Facts training school, that that was where He wanted her to be. So, although she did not have enough money and her health was only 80 percent recovered, she booked a ticket for Manila, determined to walk by faith.

PAFCOE was more wonderful than she could have ever imagined. There were challenges, like being away from her family for the first time, completing assignments, and, of course, her health. But Mary was surrounded by a lot of love, especially from PAFCOE’s humble staff. “I was astonished by their kindness, as they were always there helping me,” she recounted. “I felt the love and unity, just like what Jesus and His disciples had.”

As she began to learn Bible truth, especially the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation, her faith was strengthened. More fully did she understand the burden for others to know Christ and of the work to be done before His return. 

At one point, during the final preaching practice, Mary’s health failed her. She was confined to her bed, terribly sick. But she needed to complete this part of the class to continue onto PAFCOE’s on-the-job training. She forced herself to get out of bed and find the staff. The practice had already begun, but Mary, determined, told her teachers that she wanted to participate. They, though concerned for her health, finally permitted her to preach. She did, praying for God’s strength and guidance—and passed! Amazingly, the day she was sent to her on-the-job training assignment, after weeks of being sick, Mary found herself in perfect health.

Through this and other miraculous experiences in outreach as well as in training, Mary saw God at work in her life. Despite her weaknesses, despite the Bell’s palsy, she was being used to bring souls to Jesus’ feet. Now, Mary is a PAFCOE graduate, just like she had dreamed.

Returning home after training, she was able to give a first-ever Bible study to her own family, who had never before heard the truths she had learned at PAFCOE. She went on to present an iShare program at her church and has now traveled to Thailand as a teacher and a missionary, working in a predominantly Buddhist territory. With your steadfast support, Mary’s life calling was finally realized; with your help, she has become a soul-winner for Christ.

First Online Bible School Harvest

In March 2020, Amazing Facts Philippines launched three online video Bible study courses on Facebook: Mysteries of Prophecy, Landmarks of Prophecy, and Science of Salvation. Students could watch video lessons and fill out quizzes and, upon completion, receive a certificate and even free offers.

Hundreds enrolled, including Arcel Trance, a 21-year-old professional from Cebu. Arcel belonged to a Sunday-keeping church, but once she began Amazing Facts’ online studies, she did not want to stop, working on them nightly while the pandemic raged outside. She completed all three courses in just a few months, fast becoming convicted of the truth. Ultimately, she decided to be baptized.

Without your gifts, Arcel and many others might still be lost in error and confusion. It is by your support that we can continue to point searching souls like Arcel to the light of life.

Prophecy, Health, and Friendship Evangelism

Arold grew up attending a big and famous Christian church. As a teenager, he read his Bible sparingly, much more interested in computer games, breaking the rules, and getting into fights.

One evening, when his grandmother mentioned two visitors who had offered to check her blood pressure for free, Arold didn’t think anything of it. But soon after, the same two men came again, this time when Arold was home. They were missionaries from a ministry called Amazing Facts. When they asked to share the Bible with him, Arold, for reasons unknown even to himself, acquiesced.

After that day, the two missionaries visited Arold regularly to give him Bible studies, and the three men struck up a friendship. The more his new friends shared, the more Arold became interested—especially in Bible prophecy. He attended their health expo and then the subsequent prophecy seminar.

Little by little, night after night, meeting after meeting, the Bible began to be opened to Arold as never before. Everything was made so clear. When he was taught about the seventh-day Sabbath, he realized that he had been living in a falsehood his whole life. He wanted to change.

A month passed, and Arold was hardly recognizable. God had radically worked on his heart. He didn’t pick any more fights; he didn’t talk back. He spoke kindly and gently; he treated his family well. Jesus had even given him strength to overcome his gaming addiction. But Arold did not stop there. He wanted more.

He decided to give his whole life to Jesus and was baptized. Now, he is an active soul-winner for Christ at the Bago Bantay Bible Center and longs to be trained at PAFCOE.

Thank you for being the support that Arold, Arcel, Mary, and countless others needed. In a time of tragedy, turmoil, and hopelessness, you have brought a light to the Philippines that will never go out—the light of Jesus Christ.

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