Amazing Facts’ Work Is Growing in China

The pandemic has closed many churches in China, but it has opened doors to reach many more souls through the Internet. Each year, a team that you make possible translates and uploads more than a dozen new sermons and more than a dozen articles for hungry souls looking for Bible truth.

Though the government has cracked down on the printing of religious materials, the number of people coming to the Amazing Facts Chinese website has skyrocketed from more than 200,000 in 2019 to over 1 million in 2020. Praise God for how He is working through you to help spiritually starving people in China find lifesaving hope and an eternal future in Christ!

The number of students registering at our Chinese online Bible School has also doubled; moreover, you have helped nearly 600 individuals complete the full course in recent months. And our social media outreach has exploded, with twice as many truth-filled videos being watched and pieces of online literature being read more than 125,000 times—all of this despite the government closing down our main online account. 

Your gifts to our China evangelism work have also made it possible for our two full-time Internet evangelists to respond and provide solid, Bible-based answers to over 16,000 people, while also guiding them, when possible, to find a nearby Sabbath-keeping group to worship with. There is really no way to know the full impact of your gifts in China because of regulations, but a great work, made possible by you, is happening in this beautiful land. Thank you!

Another Changed Life

Names have been hidden or changed to protect gospel workers and believers.

A Buddhist in China was recently surfing the Internet when he came across the Amazing Facts Chinese website. “Pastor Doug had spoken so well,” he writes, “that I became a believer in God. So far, I am the only one in my family who has accepted the gospel.”

There are several Sunday-keeping churches in his town, but after watching Pastor Doug’s videos, he decided that he wanted to keep the seventh day as the Sabbath, obey all God’s commandments, and be baptized.

When the man contacted one of our Internet evangelists through social media, he asked for help in finding a Sabbath-keeping church. The nearest church is more than 100 miles away.

While the pandemic has forced the man to stay at home, it has given him more time to read the Bible and learn more spiritual truth. He often didn’t understand much of what he read in Scripture, but when the Amazing Facts evangelist led him to other Amazing Facts books, it helped to open his eyes. He also signed up for the free online Bible studies, which you made possible through your generous support. “I now have a clue as to the meaning of the Scriptures,” he gladly shares.

The man now hopes that his son will soon accept the Lord. Please pray for him and others who are discovering a new life through the resources you are sending to China. Your new brother in Christ is enthusiastic about his newfound faith and is seeking to keep all of God’s commandments. “I’m changing,” he says joyfully. Thank you for guiding him to the light!

A Generous Heart

Names have been hidden or changed to protect gospel workers and believers.

A few years ago, a woman in China enrolled in the Amazing Facts Chinese Bible School online and was given several DVDs full of Pastor Doug’s sermons. She gave all of these CDs to her older sister, Meixiu. Over the past few years, Meixiu has been watching the sermons again and again, almost every day.

When the Meixiu’s son was about three or four years old, a doctor provided the wrong medicine to treat a fever. This mistake caused her son to lose the ability to speak, and he also went blind in both eyes. His condition continued to deteriorate until he was completely paralyzed and unable to take care of himself. For more than thirty years, Meixiu has been taking care of her son at home.

Because she must take care of her sick son nonstop, Meixiu cannot go to church. She says, “My spiritual life for years has been completely fed by videos of Pastor Doug preaching.” 

When Meixiu discovered that the Chinese Amazing Facts website was shut down, she wept. She then prayed to the Lord to protect the website. Then, when she found out that the website was operating again, she was determined to help. Although 500 yuan ($75) is not a lot of money for many Americans, for Meixiu’s family, it was a real sacrifice to give.

In awe and humble gratitude for her generous heart in light of all she has experienced, our Internet evangelism team sent her a USB drive with more than 170 sermon videos. She was so happy to receive it, but she also felt guilty for the time we spent helping her. She then transferred 100 yuan ($15 USD) to Amazing Facts. That time, we said we could not accept her money, as she had already done so much. But when we tried to return it, she said, “Take the money and use it for the Lord!”

Praise God! We can really see how much Meixiu loves the Lord and values the Bible truth. May her love inspire us also!

You are changing lives for eternity! What joy there is in heaven when one lost soul turns to the open arms of Jesus, the Good Shepherd. You are bringing hope and light to many discouraged lives in China. Thank you for your faithful and loving gifts. Let us keep earnestly praying for our brothers and sisters in China.

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