Feeding Souls for the Kingdom

The ministry of Jesus was marked by teaching, healing, and feeding multitudes of people with both physical and spiritual bread. During the pandemic, the ministry of Amazing Facts India has been marked by a similar work. Through your gifts, the bodies and souls of our hurting friends in India are being touched as they receive spiritual and physical food. Even simple medical missionary knowledge has been applied in the field. We would like to share just a few of the ways that you are making a heavenly difference on earth! 

Food for Body and Soul

The pandemic continues to hurt India, particularly the lack of food. When a second lockdown was implemented this spring, Amazing Facts India began receiving calls for help. In one community, 21 families received much-needed food, and in another village you helped to feed 50 families. Another group we were able to assist consisted of 80 Sunday pastors. Your gifts not only provided food to these leaders, but also made it possible for these men to receive Bible studies on the books of Daniel and Revelation. 

Since the lockdown first began, our team has fed over 10,000 families and given out other practical supplies. You also made it possible for them to cook meals for the homeless on the street. Over 200 people are fed each time with rice, egg curry, and tomato chutney. 

Cyclone Relief

In late May, Cyclone Yaas struck Odisha and West Bengal during the worst part of the second wave of COVID-19. High winds and flooding destroyed many coastal homes and displaced thousands, polluting their clean water supply and limiting their ability to cook warm meals. During this crisis, your gifts helped provide care-baskets with dry goods (food, clothes, blankets, candles) and clean drinking water, which were distributed to more than 370 families. 

The ministry team would wake up before dawn and travel by rented boat from island to island in the affected areas to distribute food. They reported that their hearts ached to see so much suffering. After distributing food, they took time to give a small talk about God’s love and Jesus’ soon coming to end all suffering. 

You also made it possible for the Amazing Facts team, with the help of local relatives and friends, to cook and provide warm meals for about 700 families!

Call Center Sends Up Prayers

Your gifts have also provided for the growth of another new and exciting outreach effort. For the last eight months, a call center has been operating from the Amazing Facts headquarters in India. Our team of eight not only sends out literature but has provided emotional and spiritual support during the pandemic. They currently provide support in four languages: English, Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu—and they are making plans to expand, offering help in more languages. When people contact the call center, they are always matched with a local Sabbath-keeping pastor in their area who can make contact and encourage them. If one is not available, one of our team members will go out and visit the person.

In recent months, more time has been spent praying with callers who have health and safety needs. Call center operators share how people open their hearts with their concerns. One operator reports how satisfying it is to hear callers tell them how much lighter they feel after sharing their problems. 

An elderly man called once and was encouraged to study the Bible. Then he lost the call center number. Some time passed before he found it and called to share how that one phone call encouraged him to diligently study the Bible, which he did—and it changed the course of his life. He was happy to be back in touch and to report that he was getting baptized!

One Sabbath, a Sunday bishop heard a sermon by Pastor Doug and called to request our Study Guides. He said he had never heard a clear Bible sermon like that before. Even though he attended seminary to learn about the Bible, no one had ever explained the deep things of Scripture with such clarity before. 

Your support makes it possible for these dedicated workers to listen and pray with many hurting and spiritually hungry people.

Rich Resources

Over the past two years, our team in India has been translating and laying out Amazing Facts materials in several local languages. The largest magazine completed has been the 84-page Daniel & Revelation magazine. Four thousand copies have recently arrived and are now ready to share with seekers.

In mid-April, Amazing Facts India launched a new bookstore website. All of the materials that have been translated and printed—magazines, bookmarks, Bible lessons, kid’s materials—are now available for purchase. They are also offering all the translated pocket books as a free digital download. So far, they have received almost 200 orders. Check out the website at bookstore.AFTV.in.

First Graduate from Bible School Course

After more than a year, our team was excited when one brother completed the free Amazing Facts Bible School course. He was the first to finish all 27 Study Guides in English. When he was done, he fully accepted all the teachings of God’s end-time church!

This man shared that the Study Guides drew him closer to God and helped him more clearly understand many Bible truths. He was so impressed by the studies that he enrolled his sister, who lives far away from him. She has completed the first half and is excited about finishing the rest. He is also studying with other family members who are struggling to understand the lesson on the state of the dead. Please pray for him.

Several others are almost finished studying all the lessons, including those who enrolled in lessons translated into Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu. One brother is so enthusiastic about what he is learning that when he sends a lesson in to be graded, he calls regularly to make sure the team has received it. He can hardly wait to learn more about the Bible.

A Conference Call Sermon

One day, while having lunch, the wife one of our workers shared how she had received a phone call from a sister who had watched a sermon by Pastor Doug in Hindi. She had called a couple months earlier requesting prayer, but was now asking if someone would be open to talk to her family through a conference call. They wanted to personally hear someone talk about the Lord.

The worker’s wife agreed to share a one-hour sermon with the family through a call. She carefully prepared her notes and dressed nicely for the call to help the family feel special. She admits she was a little nervous since she had never done this before, but she was ready to tell them about the one true God.

Ten people connected through this call and were moved to learn more about the Lord. They so appreciated the presentation that they asked if one other person could share more of God’s Word the following day. The wife suggested to her husband that he be that person, so he did.

Thank God that your support of Amazing Facts TV in India is leading people to reach out and ask for more Bible truth.

Sabbath Questions

The Amazing Facts India team periodically calls people who have signed up for the free Bible course to see how they are doing. One man, who enrolled in the Tamil language, has been receiving lessons for several months and faithfully sends back the quizzes to be corrected.

When they called him, he shared what a blessing the Study Guides have been to him. He told how he carefully files away the lessons and corrected quizzes so he doesn’t lose them and can refer back to them if he has a question.

This Bible student then told about studying the Sabbath truth. He was curious to know what his Sunday pastor would say about this topic, so he asked him for the biblical reason that the Sabbath was changed from Saturday to Sunday. When the Bible student asked his pastor who changed the day of worship, the pastor could only say that it was a tradition established a long time ago.

The questions the Bible student asked his pastor came straight from the seventh Study Guide. Eventually, the pastor agreed that Saturday was the Sabbath. Since then, the student has shared more about the Sabbath with others. He is receiving more of our materials so he can pass it along to others.

An elderly woman recently called Amazing Facts India about the Sabbath. She had been a Catholic but had studied and become convinced that Saturday was the true Sabbath. It’s a joy to see how the Holy Spirit is working through your support of our team in India.

Finding Hope Again

A young man called Amazing Facts India and asked for prayer. He was in a difficult financial situation, without work, and trying to save up for a car so he could be a cab driver. While speaking on the phone with one of our operators, the call got disconnected. Our team member tried several times to call back but couldn’t get through.

A few days later, after church, our operator felt a strong impression to try and call this young man back, not after sundown, but right away. Fortunately, the operator got through and believed God opened the way. This young man shared how his wife had left him and he had lost all hope. He had no peace and was just walking out the door to go somewhere and commit suicide.

The operator prayed with the young man and assured him of God’s love and how the Lord had a plan for his life. A few days later, the despondent man called to share how he and his wife were back together and doing better.

So many people in India have lost hope and tragically end their lives. What a joy to know that we have a place for people to call to receive encouragement and prayer. Many have called to say how watching the Amazing Facts programs has helped them get rid of thoughts of suicide.

Please pray for our Amazing Facts India team members, especially as a second wave of COVID-19 sweeps through the country and thousands are losing their lives. We praise God that none of our team members were affected, even though they were actively working in the communities and had close contact with so many people. Your ongoing gifts and prayers are bringing Christ to India during a difficult time.

 Thank you for giving! 

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