Rising Above Difficulties

This past year has been especially challenging for our Amazing Facts Center of Evangelism Indonesia (IAFCOE) team—but, praise God, the Lord has opened new doors of opportunity to serve those who need His message of peace. A key outlet for ministry is two Amazing Facts websites that have reached millions searching for peace during one of the most difficult times in their country. Many have written to say how blessed and comforted they were after reading articles about God’s love and watchcare.

Launching Media Outreach

When the pandemic closed doors to personal contact, the Amazing Facts team realized that media was the best way to reach people in their homes. Since they do not have a studio, they decided to turn the campus classroom into a recording studio. 

With only a few resources in hand, such as a small video camera, they painted a wall green for a green screen and launched an online training program. Unfortunately, the lack of soundproofing makes the noise of passing motorcycles a challenge, but the team is undaunted and keeps praying and working. They still need proper lights, cameras, monitors, computers, and materials for a full-fledged studio.

Online Interactive Bible Studies and Training

In January 2021, IAFCOE launched an online Bible study called “Amazing Doctrines,” taking people through 24 lessons.

In addition to these studies, IAFCOE began a series of outreach training programs to help Sabbath-keepers learn how to share their faith. The online discipleship training series began with 67 students and has nearly doubled since! Interest also grew with another outreach team stationed in nearby Malaysia, which opened up a new series with 66 online students.

IAFCOE also finished developing an online Amazing Facts Bible School using the Storacles lessons. They are promoting the website to especially reach Muslims, who can now study the Bible in the privacy of their homes without fear of persecution.

One student named Figlia, who had a Buddhist background, shares how the online training helped provide an efficient method of Bible study—and confidence to give studies and preach the gospel. Figlia now looks for opportunities to witness and is anxious for the next level of training to begin. “This program has answered my longing to learn more about Bible prophecy since becoming a Sabbath-keeper. Thank you, Amazing Facts Indonesia!”

Health Outreach

Klub Sehat Indonesia is a small clinic that provides basic care to the community near the IAFCOE campus. During the pandemic, our team worked even harder to help the sick since most local hospitals and clinics were full. Along with treatment, patients are taught about adopting a healthy lifestyle. Staff also prays for each patient.

IAFCOE also runs a small health-food store that sells juices, smoothies, salads, and other foods. Any profit is turned back into helping those in need in the community. During the pandemic, the team created an “immune booster package” of goods that was distributed to people who had COVID-19. Each day for 10 days, patients were given a small gift of healthy juices and foods to help them recover.

IAFCOE also started a small garden for workers to learn how to cultivate the soil and grow healthy fruits and vegetables. When the pandemic slowed regular work, the group began a garden that includes lettuce, kale, corn, bitter melon, cucumber, and eggplant. They plan to harvest food for use in the Simply Health business.

Please remember our IAFCOE team as they continue to creatively work to share Christ with their communities. Your much-needed support will help their media ministry develop into a clarion call to the searching people of this beautiful island nation.

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