Transformed by TRUTH

Posted on Apr 01, 2019

Live On The Edge

Posted on Jan 01, 2019

 [Image1-Here]With a chiseled face and rugged good looks, Andrew seems more likely to be a model ...

Coming Full Circle

Posted on Jul 01, 2018

Like so many children do in our culture, Dee grew up in a difficult home. His parents divorced when ...

From Atheist to Child of God

Posted on Apr 01, 2018

Santosh grew up in India’s upper caste in a mixed religious home. His father was agnostic, while ...

New Life With Old Scars

Posted on Jan 01, 2018

Chris vividly remembers the Ten Commandments plaque that hung in his parent’s house when he was young. ...

A New Look at God

Posted on Jul 01, 2017

Daniel was raised in a devout Catholic family in Slovakia. His country was under communist rule at ...

From Hopelessness to a New Life

Posted on Apr 01, 2017
Rica’s early childhood was one that many would consider perfect. She was treated as a princess, and ...

If He Can Witness, SO CAN YOU!

Posted on Jan 01, 2017

Shortly after Giggy’s third birthday, he began to act oddly. The French bulldog would sit for a minute ...

Into His Marvelous Light

Posted on Apr 01, 2016

Tim Jones’s journey into God’s amazing truths has been full of mountaintops and valleys that testify ...

God's Grace in China

Posted on Jan 01, 2016

Despite many obstacles, by God’s amazing grace, you have now helped more than 216,000 precious souls ...

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