Youth Impact

Will you be one of our faithful monthly Champions of Truth partners, helping to provide the financial foundation upon which Amazing Facts proclaims the gospel throughout the world?

Together with you, we will advance the worthy cause of transforming the globe with God’s truth.

The IMPACT of your monthly gift will reach approximately:

  • 3,021 people for $10
  • 7,551 people for $25
  • 15,103 people for $50
  • 30,205 people for $100

Your precious gifts make it possible to consistently:

  •        Bring hope and truth through television to 234 nations and territories in 21 different languages
  •        Broadcast Bible Answers Live and other programs on radio and social media.
  •        Train evangelists and Bible workers online and at onsite centers globally
  •        Respond quickly to spontaneous evangelism opportunities
  •        Expand Internet outreach through more than 53 specialized websites and our mobile app.

Monthly giving is easy! Simply sign up once, and we’ll do the rest. Together, we are Champions of Truth who are making an eternal difference for Christ all around the world!

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