Why I Give

 -Khalil B., Bronx, NY.

In recent years, I've encountered numerous challenges, and my journey with Amazing Facts has been instrumental in fostering my learning and deepening my faith. I am compelled to contribute to sharing this transformative message with others facing adversity, encouraging them to place trust in the Lord. Amazing Facts served as my initial gateway to the path of Christ, thanks to the Holy Spirit working through my brother, who introduced me to this incredible resource.

Having been a part of the Amazing Facts community for several years, I've personally experienced its profound impact. Now, I am eager to pay it forward and extend the same support to someone else facing challenges. My desire is to contribute to the well-being of others by sharing the enlightenment and faith I've gained through this remarkable journey.

 -Sheila M.Oklahoma City, OK.

Want to continue to help spread the Message!

 -Daniel B., West Sussex, UK.

I am blessed by the will of God, and your ministry is so desperately needed by so many.

 -Sharon Z., Apex, NC.

My Lord takes care of me and when I can, I try to give back. Thank you for what you all do. God bless your ministry.

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