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Bible Answers Live
A dynamic 60-minute radio broadcast in which listeners like you are the program! You’ll get accurate, biblical answers to difficult Bible questions. Join Pastor Doug Sunday at 7:00pm Pacific. Call 1-800-GOD-SAYS during the broadcast to have your question answered live on the air!

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Duration: 60 minutes.

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Bringing down the Tree

Our Father's mercy has no boundaries ; from the Old Testament through to the New Testament we can se... 07/07/2019

The Sun of Righteousness

As a thirst and a famine for God's Word extends throughout, we in the family of faith always have a ... 06/30/2019

A Spiritual Heart Transplant ENCORE

Sometimes the Bible can seem to contradict itself, sometimes it's just hard to understand ! But tha... 06/23/2019

His Ways Above Ours ENCORE

Every week brings a host of Bible questions from listeners across the nation. In this edition of Bi... 06/16/2019

Trusting God

A new week brings new callers and more questions ! In this installment of Bible Answers Live, discov... 06/09/2019

A Symbol for Purity and Power ENCORE

Do you want to know what the Bible has to say about marrying a non-believer ? Have you heard people... 06/02/2019

Matters of the Christian Life

From gambling to polygamy to smoking, from learning how to pray and how to fast and and how to be tr... 05/26/2019

Racing Toward the End

Studying the Bible often brings many questions or confusions. In this installment of Bible Answers L... 05/19/2019

Trading Eternity

As we live our day-to-day, we must keep in mind what we are living for... are we honoring the faithf... 05/12/2019

The Quest for Eternal Freedom

Have you ever wondered why Jesus asked, 'Why do you call me good?', or what kind of transportation w... 05/05/2019

Satan's Time-Out

Our loving Father understands our needs and our temptations and He is willing and able to save us fr... 04/28/2019

Praises and Blessings

Every week brings a host of Bible questions from listeners across the nation and the world. In this... 04/21/2019

At the End it Shall Speak

With there being hundreds of Bible translations, it's easy to wonder if the Book in your hands is ac... 04/14/2019

Because of Us

When the Holy Spirit leads you, do you listen ? Or do you instead wonder how far you can get away w... 04/07/2019

Losing to Win

Does God want us to fall ? Is He constantly testing us ? The Lord is faithful beyond our knowledge o... 03/31/2019

Rise to the Skies

Our God understands the challenges we face daily ; the struggle is real, but so is He. When we fall... 03/24/2019

The Devil's Counterfeits

God desires to help us in every way, in every problem, in every detail, every day. As you tune in t... 03/17/2019

The Mountains Will Quake

Our God is a God of second chances, of third and fourth and fifth chances. Do you feel you've lost ... 03/10/2019

The Golden City

The new Jerusalem, the white throne judgment and the exclusivity of the 144,000... the lake of fire,... 03/03/2019

In Holiness Is Happiness

Is God love ? We see throughout the Old Testament His orders to annihilate entire societies, women ... 02/24/2019

Today Is Enough for Today

As the Lord continually extends His hand toward us, we must accept and have a reason for our faith. ... 02/17/2019

The Lion and the Cobra

From current events to age-old concerns, from finances to metaphors and symbols, learn what the Bibl... 02/10/2019

Holy Spirit's Gift of Tongues

Tattoos and pepperoni pizza, what do they have in common ? Listen to this edition of Bible Answers ... 02/03/2019

Wonders of God's Creation

When you open your Bible, you're going to almost immediately have a heap of questions and curiositie... 01/27/2019

Thinking Makes it So

Discouragement and disheartenment are always just around the corner, but have you considered what th... 01/20/2019

You Will Be Filled

Have you ever found yourself questioning your faith ? or perhaps you've noticed that your faith is ... 01/13/2019

By the Death of One

A new year is another start, another chance, another chapter... won't you begin it by opening your B... 01/06/2019

Prayers to Heaven

Without question, the Voyager 1 and 2 spacecraft are among the most successful scientific expedition... 12/30/2018

Alcohol and the Bible

Scientists from Italy have now enabled spiders to spin webs that can hold the weight of a human. Acc... 12/23/2018

Practicality and Everydayness

Everyday life has its challenges, even in the small things. Join Pastor Doug and Pastor Ross in thi... 12/16/2018

After the Garden

Every week brings a host of Bible questions from listeners across the world. In this edition of Bibl... 12/09/2018

Imprisoned and Addicted

Temptations are different for each of us ; we each fight our own battles, but, not on our own. Whet... 12/02/2018

Light of Revelations

Prophecy is unrolling and extending right before us, but are we really living in the last days ? Wh... 11/25/2018

Second Coming of Christ

Throughout history, Jews from around the world had sought to have their remains laid to rest in Jeru... 11/18/2018

Love Engraved

"... Repent, and do the first works." Revelation 2: 5 The life that we are living here is a journey... 11/11/2018

The Forgotten Blessing

Lines are being blurred between genders and gender roles ; society and religion create confusion, fo... 11/04/2018

God's Amazing Creation

Back in 1999, a small black and white kitten appeared in the backyard of Ann and Wally Collito. The ... 10/28/2018

Hope of Eternal Life

Back in October 2012, Gilberto, a poor car washer from the streets of Sao Paulo, Brazil, had not see... 10/21/2018

As if There Were No One Else

A new week brings new callers and more questions ! In this installment of Bible Answers Live, disco... 10/14/2018

Their Stumbling Stone, Your Precious Rock

"For what I want to do I do not do, but what I hate I do." Romans 7: 15. If you're struggling to do... 10/07/2018

Feasting on God's Word

Born on June 15, 1959, Michel Lotito was a Frenchman with a very unusual diet. At the age of nine, h... 09/30/2018

End-Time Disasters

The volcanic eruption of Mount Tambora in Indonesia April 10, 1815, became the largest explosion in ... 09/23/2018

Robes White with Blood

Group prayer versus private prayer... does God pay attention to one more than the other ? Maybe He ... 09/16/2018

Heavenly Heart Transplant

Werner Forssmann, a 25-year-old doctor in Germany had a radical idea. He proposed a new way to exami... 09/09/2018

The Final Battle

For about 500 years, the Roman Empire was the undisputed military powerhouse that conquered most of ... 09/02/2018

Sundown of the Sixth Millennium

When you learn of the good news, don't you just want to share it ? But how do you share it when peo... 08/26/2018

Liar, Lunatic or Lord

What are you supposed to do when your mother and your spouse don't get along ? Ever wonder how or i... 08/19/2018

Finding the Right Church

Have you ever wished your pastor's sermons were a little shorter? How long should a sermon be? 20 mi... 08/12/2018

The Power of Words

In 2006, Petaluma California animal control workers were called to investigate a home where a neighb... 08/05/2018

Prayer Is the Key to Heaven

From bishops to birthdays and from wine to worms, listen as Pastor Doug and Pastor Ross sift the Scr... 07/29/2018

Washing away Sins

Back in the 1950s, Bette Nesmith had a good secretarial job at a Dallas bank. This is when she notic... 07/22/2018

Break off Thy Sins

The more we study God's word, the more questions we have. Starting from the Holy Spirit's role duri... 07/15/2018

My Will or Yours, Lord ?

"If ye know these things, happy are ye if ye do them." John 13:17 It's a daily battle, but when you ... 07/08/2018

Saved from Death

Back in 1956, Harry de Leyer, a horse riding instructor from Long Island went to a horse auction. Be... 07/01/2018

Transforming Love

A 42-year old South African surfer, Chris Bertish, has just accomplished what many thought was impos... 06/24/2018

Israel : a Nation on the Move

Hermit crabs are comical looking crustaceans found around the world. However, unlike crabs, lobsters... 06/17/2018

Satan's Deadly Deceptions

Would you like to hear an amazing fact about mushrooms? They’re not fruits or vegetables, but we can... 06/10/2018

The Misfortunes of a Virtuous Christian

Can my own faith save my unbelieving spouse ? Am I still saved after all these years ? How do I de... 06/03/2018

The Tree of Death

Hidden among the tropical beaches in the Gulf of Mexico in the Caribbean, you can find a harmless lo... 05/27/2018

Image Struck by a Stone

On November 30, 1954, Anne Hodges was taking a nap on her couch in the little town of Oak Grove Alab... 05/20/2018

Which Is God ?

Studying the Bible often brings many questions or confusions. In this installment of Bible Answers ... 05/13/2018

How Great a Matter a Little Fire Kindles

We're hearing a lot about Russia and Iran, Syria and Islam in the news lately, is it possible that t... 05/06/2018

Surviving a Fall

Don't let their saggy skin fool you. Iguanas are remarkable reptiles found mostly in the Caribbean i... 04/29/2018

Victory over Sin

Bible Answers Live is a live radio call-in program where listeners can have their questions answered... 04/08/2018

Satan Bound in Bottomless Pit

The record for hiding away from family and friends was made by young Chinese college student by the ... 03/18/2018

Living a Fruitful Life

You might be surprised to learn the world's biggest grapevine is not in France or Spain or Italy or ... 03/11/2018

Receiving Spiritual Sight

Doctors are mystified as to why a 55-year-old New York man who was blind for 20 years should suddenl... 10/15/2017

Earth's Treasure, Heaven's Pavement

It's used in everything from soda cans, to aircraft, to smartphones. It's light, strong, corrosion r... 10/01/2017


In 2009, doctors in Russia hoped that 28-year-old Artyom Sidorkin had cancer. He was a smoker and he... 09/10/2017

Remembering What's Forgotten

On thanksgiving day in 1936, two Minnesota boys named Harold and Charlie Peterson decided to go hunt... 07/09/2017

Determining God's Will

Researchers intrigued by this habit decided to investigate. They discovered that this little fellow ... 06/11/2017

Foundation of God's Word

The Leaning Tower of Pisa is a world famous 183-foot bell tower in Pisa, Italy. Shortly after constr... 05/14/2017

Cleansed from Sin

Dermatologists tell us that bathing too often may not be good for your skin but obviously not bathin... 05/07/2017

Searching for Lost Sheep

One summer day in 2014, Booboo the cat went missing from her home, in Watsonville California. Three ... 04/30/2017

Eternal Life in Christ

The world's oldest person and last known to have been born in the 1800s, died April 15th, 2017. Asso... 04/16/2017

Dolphins - Man's Best Friend?

We've all heard the expression before that, "Dog is man's best friend," but in the ocean a man's bes... 04/09/2017

Spiritual Heart Transplant

On June 21, 1963, marine pilot Cliff Judkins, was refueling in air on his way from California to Haw... 04/02/2017

Mountain Moving Faith

We're going to have an amazing fact now that's even a little sad. At least 35 people were killed and... 03/12/2017

Preparing for Christ's Coming

Back in 1942 a British forest guard in Roopkund India, while patrolling 16,000 feet up in the Himala... 12/11/2016

Trials & God's Providence

Jason and Jenny Laurence from Midlands, England, decided to spend their holiday in New York City. Un... 11/27/2016

The Silk Of A Spider

Spiders are known for making some of the strongest fibers in the world. Spider silk in general is wi... 11/20/2016

Angelic Messengers

It turns out the fastest bird in the world just got passed up by a flying mammal. That's right, the ... 11/13/2016

Be Still - Hearing God's Voice

It might be hard to imagine, but there's a town within three hours west of Washington DC, where cel... 11/06/2016

Renewing Spiritual Strength

The world's longest commercial airline flight is from Dubai to Auckland, New Zealand, and it covers ... 10/30/2016

The Sign of Jonah

Back in 1982, the Almeida family lost a beloved pet. The red-footed tortoise named Manuela, mysterio... 10/23/2016

Resisting Temptation

On July 30, 2016, American, Luke Aikins became the first person to jump from over four and a miles u... 10/16/2016

Hidden Deeds Revealed

On August 23, 1799, the American ship called Nancy was captured in the Caribbean by the English navy... 10/09/2016

Living Courageously

Back in January 1970, 30-year old David Kunst was inspired by the moon landing in the summer. He got... 10/02/2016

Scattering Gospel Seeds

When it comes to human rights and religious freedom, North Korea is one of the most oppressive natio... 09/25/2016

Heaven's Pearly Gates

August 2016, it was announced that a fisherman in the Philippines discovered what is probably the w... 09/18/2016

Origin of Evil

The image of flying snakes might seem like the stuff of nightmares, but in the jungle of South East... 09/11/2016

Heavenly Sanctuary

The largest building in the world by volume is the Boeing factory in Everett, Washington. This is wh... 08/28/2016

Courageous Christians

Most people picture retirement as a time to relax, visit the grand kids, and maybe take a long cruis... 08/07/2016

Sight for the Spiritually Blind

The human eye might be more awesome than we ever imagined. A new 2016 experiment conducted by the Ro... 07/24/2016

Moving Mountains

June 1, 2016, the world's longest and deepest tunnel called the Gotthard Base Tunnel opened in Swit... 07/17/2016

Reflecting the Light of Jesus

The beautiful village of Rjukan, Norway is situated in a deep valley where mountains block the sun's... 06/26/2016

Christ's Coming No Secret

On February 15th, 2013, the Chelyabinsk meteor surprised everybody when it shot across the sky over ... 06/05/2016

Church Attendance Improves Health

Religious services are not just good for your soul. They can evidently lengthen your life. A study r... 05/29/2016

Bearing Fruit for Christ

Among the first wave of English settlers that set foot on Plymouth Rock in 1629 was a Puritan named ... 05/22/2016

Healing the Spiritually Blind

In 1995, Mary Ann Franco was in a serious car accident that injured her spine, and consequently caus... 05/08/2016

Tips for Resisting Temptation

When you were growing up, did you ever hear your parents ask, "Well if your friends told you to jump... 04/24/2016

Healthcare Crisis

The person who holds the record as the heaviest human being on the planet is a Saudi Arabian man, Kh... 04/17/2016

Standing for Christ

We’ve all heard fascinating stories of people who are marooned alone on lonely islands but few peopl... 04/10/2016

Satan, the Shrewd Counterfeiter

Victor Lustig was probably one of the smoothest con men in history. Born into a middle class family ... 04/03/2016

Birds Save Elijah's Life

We've all heard of homing pigeons, but have you ever heard of a homing penguin? That's right. Back i... 03/13/2016

Hogs and Other Hazards

Contrary to their dirty reputation, pigs sometimes called hogs and swine are actually very clean ani... 03/06/2016

God Chooses the Ordinary

In the summer of 1945, engineer, Percy Spencer, was conducting tests on a magnetron. That's a powerf... 02/14/2016

The Temple of God

The Angkor Temple Complex in Cambodia is the largest religious monument in the world. Covering more ... 02/07/2016

Guidance of the Holy Spirit

The honeyguide is a bird about the size of a robin that lives in East Africa. It eats all kinds of i... 01/17/2016

The USA in Bible Prophecy

Today, the 33 square miles of Manhattan Island, in New York City, contains some of the world's most ... 01/03/2016

Feeding on God's Word

The Artic Woolly Bear Caterpillars found in the far north around Greenland and Canada have a marvelo... 12/20/2015

God's Wonderful Creation

DNA is a miraculous thing, more precisely known as the deoxyribonucleic acid. The DNA molecule is th... 12/13/2015

Moses Rejects Valuable Treasure

On December 4th 2015, the President of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos, announced that their country ha... 12/06/2015

Surviving Internal Battles

46-year-old Wilmer McLean was hoping that he was too old to serve in the Confederate Army when the C... 11/22/2015

Traveling at the Speed of Thought

The world record for the fastest that a human being has ever run is held by a Usain Bolt, who was cl... 11/15/2015

Vegetarian Animals in Heaven

Little Tyke, a female African lion born and raised in America, lived her entire life without ever ea... 11/08/2015

Second Coming Not Secret

Did you know that the ocean is a very noisy place? I'm not talking about the sound of waves crashing... 11/01/2015

Sponges in the Bible

For thousands of years, people have been using sponges in a multitude of ways. Early Europeans used ... 10/25/2015

Being Still Before God

ave you ever longed for a quiet place away from the roar of traffic, blaring music and loud lawnmowe... 10/18/2015

Spinning Out of Control

On February 1970, First Lieutenant Gary Foust was conducting practice maneuvers near the Malmstrom A... 10/04/2015

Fruit of the Christian Faith

In 2009, doctors in Russia thought that 28-year old Artyom Sidorkin had cancer. He was a smoker and ... 09/27/2015

Persistent Prayer

Larry Swilling's wife, Jimmie Sue, was born with only one kidney. They weren't entirely surprised wh... 09/20/2015

Loving Your Enemies

We've all heard the expression 'fighting like cats and dogs' because normally, dogs and cats don't g... 09/13/2015

God's Health Plan

Hulda Crooks was born in a log cabin in Saskatchewan Canada in 1896. One of 18 children Hulda gorged... 08/30/2015

Evolution Flunked the Science Test

On July 15th 1942, a squadron of six P38 and two B17 bombers left from their secret air base in Gree... 08/23/2015

Satan: the Great Deceiver

Ferdinand Waldo Demara Jr., better known as Fred Demara, must have been one of the most prolific and... 08/16/2015

God's Grace Protects

On Christmas Eve, 1971, 17 year old Julianne Koepcke boarded LANSA flight 508 with her mother in Lim... 08/09/2015

Sabbath: An Oasis in Time

On January 10, 1954, a British-built de Havilland Comet, one of the first commercial jet airliners t... 08/02/2015

Leper Healed by Jesus' Touch

A recent spike in cases of one of one of history's most feared diseases has been blamed on a less th... 07/26/2015

From Strays to Spiritual Leaders

Dogs have gone to war for a thousand of years but, during the First World War, one clever K9 rose ab... 07/19/2015

Unfailing Government

From time to time when people lose faith in government, it can trigger a rapid devaluation of their ... 06/21/2015

Valuable Treasure Discarded

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, E-waste is the fastest growing category of waste ... 06/07/2015

Fishers of Men

In 2011 Guinness World Record holder Jeff Kolodzinski set a new fishing record, using nothing more t... 05/31/2015

Forgotten by God

In 2008 police broke into an apartment in Croatia to establish who owned the vacant property. Instea... 05/24/2015

A Great Wedding Feast

According to the New York Daily News, the most beautiful restaurant in the world is the Ithaa... 05/17/2015

Resurrection of Jesus

Back in February 1961, a young Russian physician, Leonid Rosa Gulf, started to feel tired, weak and ... 05/10/2015

Jesus Multiplies Loaves and Fishes

Kiyoshi Kimura, a businessman who owns a chain of sushi restaurants in Japan has once again set the ... 05/03/2015

Majesties of God's Creation

People were in awe back in 2013 when Harvard University scientists created a miniature flying robot ... 04/26/2015

Jonah and the Big Fish

The Bowhead whale is a large stocky dark colored leviathan that haunts the fertile arctic oceans. Th... 04/19/2015

Satan - The Great Dragon

77 year old James Currens had a chronic problem with sleepwalking. Then on November 26, 1998 the ret... 04/12/2015

God Sends Weather to Bring Victory

In August 1814 America nearly lost their Independence from Great Britain. The British army had succe... 04/05/2015

Heavenly Palaces

If you struggle with arachnophobia, you would not want to have visited the Baltimore wastewater trea... 03/29/2015

Who Are the 144,000?

Back in the 1980s, Herman and Donna O’steen bought a farm about a half a mile outside of Reno Nebras... 03/22/2015

God's Memorial of Love

In 1629, the emperor of India, Shah Jahan, went on a military campaign to crush a rebellion in his k... 03/08/2015

The Age of Concrete

Did you know that China produces and consumes about 60% of the world's cement? The Three Gorges Dam ... 03/01/2015

City With No Dogs

Each morning like clockwork, they board at the subway off to the hustle and the bustle of the big ci... 02/15/2015

Divine Intervention

His picture is on every $20 bill which is odd when you consider, he hated paper money much preferrin... 02/08/2015

Double-Minded Christians

At first glance, the grasshopper mouse found in the deserts of the Southwest looks like a cute littl... 01/18/2015

Powerful Words of God

The call of a howler monkeys voice can travel three miles but an elephant's voice is deeper. The son... 01/11/2015

Heavenly Organ Transplant

Each winter in Alaska, the common wood frog freezes solid. It quits breathing, and its heart complet... 01/04/2015

Miracle Births in the Bible

The world's oldest bird with the wildlife band is prepping to be a mom again at age 63. US Fish and ... 12/21/2014

Running the Christian Race

In 1983, a 61 year old sheep and potato farmer named Cliff Young decided to participate in the world... 12/14/2014

Sevens in Revelation

According to the Guinness world records, Roy C. Sullivan holds a record for being struck by lightnin... 12/07/2014

Big Things, Small Beginnings

When I was a kid here's a popular corny joke we like to share. What is the smallest room in the worl... 11/30/2014

Principles for Healthy Living

Westminster Abbey in London is one of Great Britain's most famous churches. English monarchs since W... 11/09/2014

Wise Men Seeking God

Sir Isaac Newton is widely recognized as one of the most influential scientists of all time, this br... 10/26/2014

Renewing Our Mind

The most powerful computer on earth is your brain. That’s right. The human brain processes about 100... 10/19/2014


At 50,000 degrees Fahrenheit, a bolt of lightning is hotter than the surface of the sun and one of t... 10/12/2014

Plague of Gossip

The city of Tehran has a super-sized pest problem. It is reported that the capital of Iran has more ... 10/05/2014

Miraculous Rescue

On a beautiful Sunday morning June 10th, 1990 a British Airways jet was packed with passengers flyin... 09/21/2014

Hidden Sins Revealed

On August 23, 1799 the American Ship Nancy was captured in the Caribbean by the English Navy and tak... 09/07/2014

God's Original Diet

Jeanette and Alan, a couple from Melbourne, Australia love to run so much that they decided to run t... 08/31/2014

Hermits in the Bible

For nearly thirty years a ghostly recluse haunted the woods of central Maine. Whether phantom or big... 08/24/2014

1000 Years of Darkness

I wonder would you like to hear a few amazing facts about the ocean? Well for starters did you know ... 08/17/2014

God's Word: A Valuable Treasure

After Stan Cathy and his wife Linda married, as part of the combining of households she urged him to... 08/03/2014

Life-Giving Tree

Found in Africa, Australia, and Madagascar the alien looking Baobab tree is sometimes known as the t... 07/27/2014

Hairs on our Head Numbered

Weighing in at between 40 and 100 pounds the sea otter is the world’s smallest species of marine mam... 07/20/2014

Words that Resonate Eternally

Back between the years 1939 and 1941 some massive oil storage tanks were excavated out of the solid ... 07/13/2014

Doing What's Right At Any Cost

Many years ago, Al Capone virtually owned Chicago. He was notoriously enmeshed in the windy city in ... 07/06/2014

Accuracy of God's Word

On April 3, 2014, the National Institute of Standards and Technology launched the world’s newest ins... 06/29/2014

Man Designed to be a Gardener

There's a man from Gujarat, India called by many, "The man who made a forest." Back in 1979, 17-year... 05/18/2014

Spiritual Endurance

On August 24th, 1875 Matthew Webb leapt into the water at Dover, England and 21 hours and 23 minutes... 05/11/2014

Forgiving Your Enemies

Before Louis VII became King of France, he suffered terribly through treatment and indignities at th... 04/27/2014

Satan Bound for 1000 Years

The record for hiding out was made out by a young Chinese college student, by the name of Cheng Lou.... 04/20/2014

Waging a War on Sin

At one time, the government of Australia actually launched a war against birds. Yes, back in 1932 th... 04/06/2014

A Christian's Coat of Armor

Knights were also generally the wealthiest of the three types of soldiers. And this was for good rea... 03/30/2014

Words Are Powerful

There’s an island in the north Arctic sea called Kaldai which contains perhaps the most curious lake... 03/23/2014

A Counterfeit King

In 1913 the little country of Albania in Eastern Europe achieved its independence. There are many Mu... 03/16/2014

Sabbath: God's Gift of Rest

Sooty Terns are large, common seabirds with white under parts and dark black upper parts; found thro... 03/09/2014

Buried Treasure

In February 2013, a Northern California couple, while walking their dog on their country property ea... 03/02/2014

Rescue from Above

Well, the story is still coming in. On January 30th, a man walked up onto a coral reef on Atoll in t... 02/09/2014

Spiritual Revival

In 1986, two and a half year old Michelle Frank was playing with her brother near their home outside... 02/02/2014

God's Super-Computer

For decades, futurists have talked about the day that computers would become as powerful and versati... 01/19/2014

Searching for Truth

We have all heard of people that become sentimentally attached to their cars, the 1967 Austin Healy ... 01/12/2014

Miraculous Survival

Harrison Okene begged God for a miracle in turbulent seas 20 miles from the coast of Lagos. The Nige... 12/22/2013

Tree of Eternal Life

In 1964, a grad student, Donald Currey was working with forestry personnel in the white mountains of... 12/01/2013

From Desert to Garden

The Sahara desert is the world’s largest and hottest desert, at over 3.6 million square miles; it co... 11/17/2013

Bible: A Light for Our Path

Late one afternoon in 1901, a young cowboy named Jim White was looking for stray cattle in the New M... 11/10/2013

God's Providence Guides

On February 1970 first Lieutenant Gary Fowles was conducting practice maneuvers near the Malmstrom A... 11/03/2013

911 Calls to God

3 year old AJ Hayes from Kaiser Oregon has set the world record, being the youngest person to make a... 10/20/2013

Sins Made Whiter than Snow

In 1959 the US army launched an ambitious project only 800 miles from the North Pole. They began bui... 10/13/2013

Supergluing Your Marriage

Did you know that super glue was discovered completely by accident during World War II? Dr. Harry Co... 10/06/2013

The Christian's Coat of Armor

The medieval knight was one of three types of fighting men during the medieval ages: knights, foot s... 09/29/2013

Faith that Moves Mountains

In 1960, a poor Indian farmer from Gehlaur Village lost his young wife due to a lack of basic medica... 09/15/2013

The Joy of Giving

In 1997, a mystery was solved. For years, someone had been secretly giving away millions of dollars ... 09/08/2013

Loud Voices and Ocean Sounds

Humans and birds are not the only creatures that sing; whales sing, too. In fact, the song of the hu... 08/25/2013

Biblical Illiteracy

Between the spring of 1959 and the end of 1961, China experienced one of the deadliest famines in ea... 08/18/2013

Liberating Spiritual Prisoners of War

During World War II the Nazis decided to allow the allied POW's to have some board games to pass the... 08/04/2013

World's Smallest Church

According to Roadside America the world’s smallest church can be found in Oneida, New York. Built in... 07/28/2013

Deadly Frogs in Revelation

Scattered through the rain forests of Central and South America can be found some of the brightest a... 07/14/2013

Famine for God's Word

The Rocky Mountain locusts were an abundant species of grasshopper that ranged through the Western h... 07/07/2013

Falling Spiritually

Experts say the survival rate for a personal falling from a three story building is only about 50%. ... 06/30/2013

Cornerstone Rejected

A Chinese company called Broad Sustainable Building has been granted permission to begin constructio... 06/09/2013

Wearing Your Treasure

A man in India, Datta Phuge, has taken extravagance to a new level. He recently ordered the creation... 05/26/2013

Does God Inspire Astrologers and Psychics

Astrology, fortune telling, palm reading are a global multi-million dollar business. In America, ove... 05/19/2013

Lifetime Sentence

In 1994 Aaron B. Anderson of Oklahoma, was found guilty of crimes ranging from sexual assault and la... 05/12/2013

Bible's Prescription for Stress

Due largely to laptop computers, smartphones and email, the concept of leaving work at the office ha... 05/05/2013

Counterfeits of Satan

Did you know that the part of a dog's brain that’s devoted to analyzing smell is, proportionally spe... 04/28/2013

Horses in Revelation

Horses come in many colors shapes and sizes, black and white, hairy and smooth, big and small accord... 04/21/2013

Resisting Satan's Attacks

It’s hard to imagine an average size man killing a full-grown bear with a stick, but it happened. On... 04/14/2013

144,000 Sing Song of Deliverance

With his steady bass, baritone voice, gospel singer and hymn composer, George Beverly Shea, has been... 04/07/2013

Filled With the Spirit

In 2009, doctors in Russia thought that the 28-year-old Artyom Sidorkin had cancer. He was a smoker ... 03/31/2013

Hoarding Treasure

Even though he lived in his quiet neighborhood for years, no on seemed to know Walter Samaszko. In f... 03/17/2013

Building Designed by God

Frank Lloyd Wright was probably the most famous and productive American architect. He produced well ... 03/10/2013

Most Expensive Dye in the Bible

Tyrian purple also known as royal purple or imperial dye was a very rare ancient natural dye. This c... 02/24/2013

The Long Way Home

PanAm captain, Robert Fort was flying passengers from San Francisco to New Zealand on December 4, 19... 02/17/2013

Bible Predicts Natural Disasters

According to a 2012 study by the British Charity OxFam, natural disasters have quadrupled in the 20 ... 02/10/2013

Cows Led by the Spirit

Of the roughly 40 million cattle that make the ultimate sacrifice in the US each year, about 35 thou... 02/03/2013

Discovering God's Perfect Will

There is a small remote island in the south pacific called “The Yap” that’s known as, “The Island of... 01/27/2013

Lion and the Lamb

Little Tyke, a female African lion born and raised in America lived her entire life without ever eat... 01/20/2013

Sacrificing for Eternal Life

After 21-year old Trevor Wikre badly shattered his little right finger at football practice, the doc... 01/06/2013

The God Particle

The Large Hadron Collider is the world’s largest high energy particle accelerator and the most expen... 12/16/2012

Cheating Death?

Vladimir Lenin was the Russian leader of the Bolshevik revolution that brought the communist into po... 12/09/2012

Seas Turning to Blood

It’s the kind of thing that conjures up pictures, something like the Biblical plague that fell on An... 12/02/2012

Modern Day Miracle

Malala Yousafzia, a 15-year old Pakistani girl, gained international recognition when she boldly wro... 11/25/2012

Untamed Tongue

You might be surprised to learn the most deadly animal in Africa is not the lion or the crocodile, i... 11/18/2012

The Armor of God

On April 7, 1862 at the famous civil war battle of Shiloh, Sam Houston, Jr., son of the famous Texan... 11/11/2012

Maintaining Purity of Heart

Men who live in Jerusalem’s ultra orthodox religious community openly object to women wearing tight ... 11/04/2012

Unusual Biblical Cures

Estimates suggest that there are approximately 20,000 cases of snakebite in Nepal every year causing... 10/28/2012

Are the Dead Really Dead

After her husband died in 2010, Adrianna Villarreal Buenos Aires made it a point to frequently visit... 10/07/2012

Secret Fountain of Youth

Qin Shi Huang was the first emperor to unify greater China. During his rule about 250 B.C., he start... 09/30/2012

Heavenly Mansions

If they can ever complete it, their house will be one of the largest private mansions in the United ... 09/23/2012

Rest in Peace

In 1876, a handful of former counterfeiters botched a morbid plan to kidnap the body of Abraham Linc... 09/16/2012

Satan's Deceptions and Diversions

During World War II, the allies created an entire army of inflatable tanks, trucks, jeeps, phony art... 09/09/2012

Spiritually Illiterate

As a child in Santa Fe New Mexico, John Corcoran's reading ability stalled after second grade. Being... 08/26/2012

Christ's Death Pardons

On August 19th 2009, a burglar brandishing a knife had the shock of his life when he broke into an o... 08/05/2012

Keys to a Happy Marriage

Even before Herbert Fisher passed away at a 104 back in February 2011, he and his wife Zelmyra - 103... 07/29/2012

Reviving the Spiritually Dead

In 1986, two and a half year old Michelle Funk was playing with her brother near their home outside ... 07/22/2012

Elements Melt at Second Coming

Icebergs generally range from about three to 250 feet above sea level. The largest icebergs come fro... 07/15/2012

Running to Win the Prize

In 1983, a 61 year old sheep and potato farmer named Cliff Young decided to participate in the world... 07/01/2012

Gift of Tongues

Polyglottism is the ability to speak several languages with a high degree of proficiency. Perhaps th... 06/10/2012

Satan Bound on Earth

Early one morning, four years after Cheng’s disappearance, a pair of private detectives called by th... 06/03/2012

God: Source of All Wisdom

How does the fish know just how far to leap and in what direction? Scientists have discovered that w... 05/27/2012

Deceived by the Senses

On March 18, 1937, a spark ignited a thick cloud of natural gas that had silently accumulated in the... 05/20/2012

Abolish Mother's Day?

Anna Jarvis deeply loved her mother. Following her mother’s death in 1905, Anna campaigned for years... 05/13/2012

The Good Shepherd

According to Guinness World Records, in 1978 in Scotland following weeks of record breaking snow sto... 05/06/2012


Have you ever heard of “The Flat Earth Society”? Evidently, even after the launch of thousands of sa... 04/29/2012

From Death to Life

A young mother in Argentina was devastated when she woke up following child birth, to learn the baby... 04/22/2012

Surviving the Last Days

We’re celebrating the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic. I suppose celebrating is the ... 04/15/2012

Unsinkable Ships

This week will mark the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, one of the worst... 04/08/2012

Developing Spiritual Endurance

On August 24, 1875, Matthew Webb slipped into the water at Dover England and 21 hours and 45 minutes... 03/25/2012

Communication Breakdown

On September 1st, 1859, the Carrington Super Flare, the largest solar flare in modern history, struc... 03/11/2012

The Blood That Saves

During World War II, a young marine laid badly wounded in a military hospital on a South Pacific isl... 03/04/2012

The Library of Congress

According to the Guinness World Records, the largest library in the world is none other than the U.S... 02/26/2012

Hunger for God

On May 14th, 2007, at age 95, Nola Ochs became the world’s oldest college graduate when she received... 02/12/2012

City in Space

Did you know that if you took all of the stones from the three great Egyptian pyramids at Giza, you ... 02/05/2012

Price of Human Life

On October 13, 2011, the nation of Israel traded over 1,000 Palestinian prisoners in exchange for th... 01/29/2012

God's Children, His Precious Gems

An emerald was found in Brazil that weighs more than 25 pounds, and that's after it was cut and poli... 01/22/2012

False Prophecies

How could an army with less than 600 people overpower a kingdom of over two million? Just a small cl... 01/08/2012

Stars in Prophecy

Did you know that if you hold out a grain of rice at arm's length on a clear night, the little spot ... 12/18/2011

Born Again in Christ

Did you know it takes about 20 seconds for a red blood cell to circulate the whole body? And while a... 12/11/2011

Victory Over the Carnal Nature

A family in Virginia was devastated when their beloved dog, a three year-old terrier named Petunia, ... 12/04/2011

Three Angel's Messages

Superman could supposedly travel faster than a speeding bullet, but now there's a missile that can c... 11/27/2011

Devil Seeks to Devour

What do you think the chances for survival would be for an unarmed, 16 year-old who was attacked by ... 11/20/2011

Left Behind

Can you imagine your dismay, if you are out scuba diving with friends in the open sea? As you’re enj... 11/13/2011

Thomas Parr - The 152 Year Old Man

Let me tell you a little bit about Thomas Parr. He’s a farmer that was buried in Westminster Abbey, ... 11/06/2011

Haunted by Ghosts?

In February 1941, a German U-Boat torpedoed and sank the 400-foot long SS Gairsoppa. Only one out of... 10/30/2011

Delayed Delivery

In 1914, British World War I soldier Private Thomas Hughes tossed a green bottle in the English Cana... 10/23/2011

Buried in Baptism

It would be very disturbing to wake up and find out that you’re dead. But what would be even more di... 10/09/2011

Avoiding the Wrong Path

How could an experienced pilot take off from Brooklyn, New York, heading for California, and acciden... 10/02/2011

Spiritually Illiterate Christians

John Cochran graduated from high school and from college. He even taught high school for 17 years – ... 09/25/2011

Blind will see at Christ's Coming

Daniel Kitsch was born with an aggressive form of cancer which attacked the retina of his eyes. By t... 09/18/2011

Doing Right at Any Cost

Despite his involvement with organized crime, Eddy loved his little boy. In fact, his love for his s... 09/11/2011

Celebrating Heroes

Life magazine’s May 5, 1997 collector’s edition was titled, “Celebrating our Heroes”. Inside it prai... 08/28/2011

Twins in the Bible

I think we have all heard stories about twins. And how they might have been separated at birth and h... 08/21/2011

Evidence of God's Creation

The African crested rat was thought to be poisonous for many years. Locals call it the furry-furry a... 08/14/2011

Sins Made White as Snow

Well you know people have often wondered for centuries if the hair of a person who has been terribly... 08/07/2011

Desolation of the Earth

Located on the Kansas State line, Picher was Oklahoma’s most northeastern city. Newspapers reported ... 07/31/2011

Preparing for the Race

Back in 1904 a mailman back in Havana, Cuba read in a newspaper that the Olympic Games would be held... 07/17/2011

Refusing Christ's Eternal Pardon

Way back in 1898 a young Rhode Island man named, Martin Dalton, was convicted of murder and sentence... 07/10/2011

Playing to the Dead

One stormy night in 1910, a group of traveling musicians arrived at the city of Riga on the Baltic S... 06/26/2011

Ed Stafford - Walking the Amazon

Someone said it couldn’t be done so, Ed Stafford decided to do it. After leaving the military to be ... 06/12/2011

The S.S. Sultana

The war was over and The S.S. Sultana was loaded with soldiers heading home. The ponderous ship was ... 06/05/2011


Did you know a member of the grass family is considered to be the fastest-growing plant in the world... 05/22/2011

Sheltered Under Eagles Wings

In the spring of 1977 in Northern Wisconsin, several ornithologists were making an aerial survey of ... 05/15/2011

Melting An Iceberg

The largest iceberg ever recorded broke off the frost ice shelf in Antarctica in March of 2000. It ... 05/08/2011

John Orr - Serial Arsonist

He may have been the worst serial arsonist in US history. Between 1984 and 1991, Federal agents beli... 05/01/2011

Ocean Sounds

The largest creature in the world of course, is the blue whale. Some have been measured at 100 feet ... 04/24/2011

The Tree Weta

Living on New Zealand’s North Island is a very large cricket-like insect with thorny legs, called th... 04/10/2011

Roz Savage

Roz Savage is an intrepid ocean rower and environmental advocate, but the 1st half of Ross’s life is... 03/27/2011


In September 490 BC, Darius, the Persian king sent an army of 25,000 to crush an army of 10,000 Athe... 03/20/2011

Resisting a Dare

Have you ever heard your parents say, “If your friends told you to jump off a bridge, would you do i... 03/13/2011

The Queen Mary

When it was first built in the early 1930s, the Queen Mary was the largest ship in the world, even s... 02/20/2011


There are no creatures on earth quite like cats. Today, there are about a hundred different distinct... 02/13/2011

Down The Drain

Lake Peigneur was a modest, shallow lake of fresh water near New Iberia, Louisiana. Early in the mor... 02/06/2011

Jack LaLanne

As a child and a teenager, Jack experienced very poor health. Addicted to sugar and junk foods, his ... 01/30/2011

The Cuckoo Bird Deception

Hello friends, this is Doug Batchelor. How about an amazing fact? The European common cuckoo bird is... 01/23/2011

The Big Dig

Boston Central Artery/Tunnel Project, better known as the Big Dig, constitutes the largest construct... 01/16/2011

Neutron Stars

Neutron stars are one of the mysterious wonders of the universe. They’re created when an aging star ... 01/09/2011

Bullet Trains

Back in 2007, a French train set the locomotive speed record by reaching 360 miles an hour. While th... 01/02/2011


Sleepwalking, also known as somnambulism, is a troubling condition where individuals— mostly childre... 12/19/2010

Cries For Help

On November 19, 2010, a 69-year old woman in Paris was found who had been trapped in her own bathroo... 12/12/2010

Lost At Sea

How about an amazing fact? On October 5, 2010, three teenage boys from Atafu, a remote South Pacific... 12/05/2010

Fascinating Facts About Turkeys

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, more than 45 million turkeys were baked, boiled, fr... 11/21/2010

The Alaskan Oil Pipeline

Running 800 miles north to south, the Alaskan Oil Pipeline is one of the man-made wonders of the mod... 11/07/2010

The Origin of Halloween

How did Halloween originate? Where did it come from and is it safe for Christians to celebrate and ... 10/31/2010

Arthur Furguson - Con Artist

President Bill Clinton was once accused of renting out the White House rooms in exchange for campaig... 10/03/2010

Leona Helmsley

Billionaire in New York City, real estate investor Leona Helmsley was a flamboyant personality with ... 09/26/2010

Dox - Italy's Star Police Dog

There are some really incredible stories about the detecting abilities of dogs. Their ability to sni... 09/19/2010

Global Warming

In August 2010, a large chunk of ice broke free in the waters of Greenland. Now this is not just any... 09/12/2010

Patty Hearst

On February 4, 1974, nineteen-year old Patricia Hearst was kidnapped from her Berkeley, California a... 08/22/2010

Butch O’Hare

Despite his involvement in organized crime, Easy Eddie tried to teach his young son right from wrong... 08/15/2010

The Problem With Elephants

Park Rangers were bewildered how to stop the carnage in a baffling five-year rampage of uncharacteri... 08/08/2010

The Basilisk

In the jungles and rainforest of Central and South America can be found an unusual member of the Igu... 08/01/2010

Be Fruitful and Multiply

Rachel Krishevsky truly believed the commandment to be fruitful and multiply. When the ninety-nine-y... 07/11/2010

Starfish Prime

In July 1962, the United States performed a secret test. 250 miles above the earth, in this unique e... 06/20/2010

A Great Race

February 12, 1908, over 250,000 cheering spectators gathered in Times Square to witness the start of... 06/06/2010

Violet Jessop

Violet Jessop experienced and survived an almost unbelievable array of events. Violet was born in 18... 05/23/2010

A Tree in a Lung?

In 2009 Doctor Zimbrasha thought that 28 year old Artyom Sidorkin had cancer. He was a smoker and he... 05/02/2010

The Star-nosed Mole

The star-nosed mole is a weird and wonderful little creature that inhabits the low wetlands of East ... 04/25/2010

Todd Lincoln

Todd Lincoln, son of Abraham Lincoln, seem to have a life at the close calls. For starters, Todd was... 04/18/2010

Life-saving Blood

An Australian man who’s been donating his extremely rare blood for 56 years has saved the lives of c... 04/04/2010

Mountain Climbing

Mountain climbing can be a dangerous business. In one 1996 Everest expedition, 8 climbers were kille... 03/21/2010

The Lemba Tribe

For as long as anyone can remember, the Lemba Tribe in Zimbabwe, South Africa has claimed to descend... 03/14/2010

The Strongest Man In The World

On Monday, January 10th, 2010, a minivan struck and killed a man crossing a Brooklyn street. This wa... 03/07/2010

The Myterious Sailing Stones of Death Valley

First recorded about a hundred years ago, the mysterious sliding stones of Death Valley have been a ... 02/21/2010

Walking Catfish

Walking Catfish are a unique species of fresh water catfish found primarily in South East Asia. As r... 02/14/2010

Bird Brain?

We usually don't think of birds as being smart creatures. After all, that's where we get the express... 02/07/2010

Lake Peigneur

They knew something was wrong when their drill suddenly seized up at about 1200 ft. and the large de... 01/31/2010


Ancient Norse History speaks in the old sagas about a fearsome class of warriors called berserkers. ... 01/24/2010

Working Together In The Home

I’m sure, if they were human, the child labour laws would never allow this practice. Wyvern ants in ... 01/17/2010

Surviving Hiroshima

A 29-year old engineer from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Tsutomo Yamaguchi, was on a business trip ... 01/10/2010

The Benefits of Bananas

Bananas are a fruity miracle. They’re colorful and nutritious, not to mention the amusing shape is e... 01/03/2010

Out Of Gas

On July 23, 1983, Air Canada flight 143, ran out of fuel at 41,000 feet. The New Bowing 767 jet was ... 12/20/2009

Zsolt and Geza Peladi

Talk about a reversal of fortune, on December 1st, 2009, two homeless brothers--so poor they lived i... 12/13/2009

Military Powerhouses

For about 500 years, the Roman empire was the undisputed, military powerhouse that conquered most of... 11/29/2009

Honeycomb Worms

Honeycomb worms live along the shallow seas off the California coast stretching from Baja California... 11/22/2009

Cheng Lim

The record for hiding out was made by a young, college, Chinese student by the name of Cheng Lim. He... 11/15/2009


On August 23, 1799, the American ship, Nancy, was captured in the Caribbean by the English Navy and ... 10/25/2009

A Life-size Noah's Ark

Dutch creationist, Johan Huibers, had a dream that someday Holland would be flooded. That lead to hi... 10/18/2009

Earth's Largest Landfill

Not all garbage ends up in the dump. In fact, earth's largest landfill isn't on land at all. Every y... 10/11/2009

Rachel Krishevsky

Rachel Krishevsky truly believed the commandment to be fruitful and multiply. When the 99-year old, ... 09/27/2009

The Hoxne Hoard

In November, 1992, a farmer living near the village of Hoxne in Suffolk, England, lost a hammer in o... 09/13/2009

The Goliath Bird-eating Spider

The Goliath Bird-eating spider found in the jungles of Suriname in French Guiana is the largest spid... 08/30/2009

The Oldest Known Working Light Bulb In The World

Hanging from a single electric wire in an old Livermore, California firehouse there is a light bulb.... 08/23/2009

A Piece of History

Michael Sparks was visiting the Music City Thrift Store in Nashville where he bought a candle holder... 08/16/2009

Rachel Veitch's 1964 Mercury Comet Caliente

Most people would consider themselves fortunate should they get 150,000 miles out of a car engine. F... 08/02/2009

Glowing People

Did you know that as you're listening to this broadcast right now, you're glowing? That's right. It'... 07/26/2009

The Lungfish

The lungfish of South Africa is an extraordinary creature with some remarkable abilities. While the ... 07/05/2009


While exploring remote coal mines in Northeastern Columbia early in 2009, researchers led by Jonatha... 06/29/2009


How about an amazing fact? In 1963, a man in Cappadocia, near Anatolia, Turkey was digging at a ston... 06/14/2009

Flying Squirrels

Flying squirrels can’t really fly but they're master gliders, easily covering 60 feet in one jump. W... 05/31/2009

Svalbard Global Seed Vault

Hidden on a remote island near the Arctic Ocean, there's a bunker considered to be the ultimate safe... 05/24/2009

Real Life Methuselahs

Can you imagine living 4 centuries? A team of scientists from Bangor University in the United Kingdo... 05/17/2009

Rabbits in Australia

When Dutch explorers first discovered Australia in 1606, there were no rabbits to be found throughou... 05/10/2009


Chameleons are among the strangest creatures on earth. There are more than a 160 different species o... 05/03/2009

Rogue Waves

Ancient sailor folklore is filled with frightening stories of monster rogue waves. These towering, s... 04/26/2009

The Methuselah Tree

In 1963 archaeologists exploring the ancient fortress of Masada, found some date seeds that had rema... 04/12/2009

Wim Hof - The Iceman

Normally a person's core body temperature is around 97.8 degrees Fahrenheit. When exposed to cold fo... 03/29/2009

A Thousand Shall Fall

On July 9th, 1755, during the French and Indian war, a force of fifteen hundred British soldiers wer... 03/22/2009


Hidden nestled among the jungle, mountains of Puerto Rico, is a giant sentinel, an aluminum ear one ... 03/15/2009

Lost and Found

Joe Richardson of Buna, Texas has a fish story that might be hard to swallow, but it’s true. More th... 03/01/2009


Stingrays, sometimes called “pancake sharks” are unique fish that looks like a flat flying wing, and... 02/22/2009

Flying Blind

On November 8, 2008, Jim O’Neill, 65, suffered a stroke that left him blind while flying alone at th... 02/08/2009

Tally Sticks

We hear a lot today about banking corruption, but the problem isn’t new. In 11th century England peo... 02/01/2009

The Ominous Number - 666

666 ... for many people just saying the number conjure up ominous images of secret occult ceremonies... 01/25/2009

Gordon Stewart - Compulsive Hoarder

Compulsive hoarding is where a person continually gathers or gets growing piles of useless possessio... 01/18/2009


Cicadas have one of the longest life cycles of any insect. After hatching, the nymph will dig deep i... 01/11/2009

Flying Snakes

The image of airborne snakes may be seemed like the stuff of nightmares, but in the jungles of South... 01/04/2009

The Story of Jesus

He was born in an obscure village, a child of a peasant woman. He grew up in another despised villag... 12/21/2008

The US Interstate Highway System

After World War I the leaders in Washington became concerned about the state of the Nation’s roads. ... 12/14/2008

Dennis Tito - Space Traveler

Who would spend 20 million dollars for a two week vacation? 60 year old Dennis Tito did with no regr... 12/07/2008

The Black Ghost Knifefish

The Black Ghost Knifefish found in the Amazon Rivers is a very strange looking creature. It has no f... 11/16/2008

Bible Answers Live 11-09-2008


The Medieval Knight

The medieval knight was one of 3 types of fighting men during the middle ages, knights, foot soldier... 11/02/2008

The Blood That Saves the Soul

During World War II, a young marine laid badly wounded in a military hospital on a South Pacific isl... 10/26/2008

A Life-saving Message

One of the most outstanding flights ever made by any war time pigeon took place on October the 18th,... 10/19/2008

Sand Tiger Sharks

Sand Tiger Sharks, also known as ragged tooth sharks, have a deceivingly ferocious look. They are la... 10/05/2008


All around the world, stories and legends abound regarding flying dragons. Generally, legends are ro... 09/28/2008

Born Twice

When Chad and Carrie McCartney say their infant daughter, Macy Hope, had been born again, they aren’... 09/07/2008

A New Name

Many years ago in the little town of Woodley England, Annie Grey grew up knowing she would one day m... 08/24/2008

Providence Spring

Camp Sumter commonly called Andersonville was the largest confederate prison during the Civil War. T... 08/17/2008

Swimming the English Channel

The first woman to swim the English Channel was 19 year old American Gertrude Ederle. On August 6, 1... 07/27/2008

Antilia - The World's Most Expensive Home

According to Forbes magazine, the 27-story sky scraper now being built in Mumbai India, could soon b... 07/20/2008

Riding On Clouds

On July 7, 2008, Kent Couch settled down on his lawnchair with some snacks, a BB gun and a parachute... 07/13/2008

Man's Best Friend

Dogs often called man’s best friend are among the most diverse creatures on Earth. There are about s... 07/06/2008

Freedom By Mail

Henry Brown was born as a slave in Virginia in 1815. He worked for years in a tobacco factory in Ric... 06/29/2008

Bulletproof Bible

On April 7, 1862 at the famous Civil War Battle of Shiloh, Sam Houston Jr., son of the famous Texan,... 06/22/2008

Pelorus Jack

Throughout history sailors have told many remarkable stories of dolphins helping humans. One outstan... 06/15/2008

Oceans of Love

One of the greatest triumphs of endurance is held by Benoit Lecomte who swam across the Atlantic Oce... 06/08/2008


75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated. In 37% of Americans, the thirst mechanism is so weak th... 06/01/2008

Bible Answers Live 05-11-2008


The Amazon

The Amazon is undoubtedly the greatest river in the world by many measures. For starters, the volume... 05/04/2008


Corn is the most abundant crop growing in the US, more than twice that of any other. It’s also one o... 04/27/2008

The Vatican

We all know the most populated country in the world today is China. In fact, China’s 1.3 billion peo... 04/20/2008

The Grand Vizier's Traveling Library

During the days of the Persian Empire, the Grand Vizier was typically the most influential officer i... 04/06/2008

James Bartley - A Modern Jonah

In February 1891, the whaling ship, Star of the East, was off the Falkland Islands when the lookout ... 03/30/2008

What Goes Up Must Come Down

Few people have had more high adventure with balloons than Joseph Kittinger. In 1950, Kittinger join... 03/23/2008

Annie Oakley

Phoebe Anne Oakley was born on August 13th, 1860 in a log cabin on the Ohio Frontier. Because of pov... 03/16/2008


Hidden 2,000 feet beneath Cheyenne Mountain Colorado is the world’s most sophisticated military head... 03/02/2008

Wilma Rudolph

Wilma Rudolph faced adversity from the very beginning. When she was born prematurely, the 20th of 22... 02/24/2008


Icebergs are virtually indestructible by man. In theory, it would take about 1,900 tons of TNT to de... 02/17/2008


Diamonds are the hardest natural material known to mankind. Their hardness is legendary since antiqu... 02/10/2008

The Smallest Copy of the Bible

On December 20th 2007, Israeli scientists in Jerusalem announced that they had successfully inscribe... 02/03/2008

The Carmania

On August 4, 1914, the magnificent British Luxury Liner Carmania was three days out of New York City... 01/27/2008


All creatures require sleep. Some take brief cat naps. Others like the great anteater sleep as much ... 01/20/2008

Otto Witte - King for Five Days?

In 1913, the little country of Albania in Eastern Europe achieved its independence. There were many ... 01/13/2008

The Luxor Light

The beam of light shooting straight out from the top of the Luxor Hotel of Las Vegas is the brightes... 01/06/2008

Colonies of Ants

The largest known cooperative organism living on earth is a single super colony of ants that stretch... 12/16/2007

God's Word - Sweeter than Honey

To produce one pound of honey, bees must make 25,000 trips between their hive and the flowers from w... 12/09/2007

Wolverines - Living to Eat

Wolverines are found from Alaska to Siberia primarily in isolated forests and mountains of the North... 12/02/2007

Where Your Treasure Is ...

Luxury took on a new dimension this month as Saudi billionaire, Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal, signed a... 11/25/2007

Phineas P. Gage

In September 1848, a 25 year old railroad foreman in Vermont name Phineas P. Gage was packing explos... 11/11/2007

Old Jim

After his sister died in 1951, James Nelson Gernhart was outraged because relatives wanted to bury h... 11/04/2007

The Largest Home in America

In 1888, George Washington Vanderbilt, 26 years old at the time, visited the smoky mountains of Nort... 10/28/2007

The Honey Mushroom

Living beneath the Strawberry Mountain wilderness in Eastern Oregon researchers have discovered what... 10/21/2007

Prairie Dogs

Prairie dogs are highly social, curious and playful creatures that live in large colonies or towns. ... 10/14/2007

A Modern Day Ark

When the ark opened its doors in 2007, visitors were stunned by its size and think that Netherlands ... 10/07/2007

John Porter Bowman

John Porter Bowman was a wealthy tanner who made a fortune by selling leather goods to the North dur... 09/30/2007

Maha Mongkut

In 1851, Maha Mongkut, also known as Rama IV, ascended the throne as the king of Siam (now better kn... 09/23/2007

Discouraging Words

The Battle of Stalingrad during World War II was arguably the bloodiest battle in human history, wit... 09/02/2007

The World's Tallest Building

The race is heating up among the world's major cities for bragging rights to the tallest building. O... 08/26/2007

Simon Stylite

Have you ever heard of Simon Stylite? Well, Simon Stylite was born in about 390 A.D. in Northern Syr... 08/12/2007


There is more noise in the ocean than merely the lapping of waves or bubbling fish. Humans may not h... 07/29/2007

Having Ears But Hearing Not

It is well known that bats fly by sonar. They emit high frequency sounds which the human ear cannot ... 07/22/2007

Coughing Up Bullets

On Thanksgiving Day 1936 two Minnesota boys named Harold and Charlie Peterson decided to go hunting ... 07/15/2007

Pure Gold

Pure gold is about the most malleable and conductible of all metals. Because of this a skilled golds... 07/01/2007

Lions In Heaven

Little Tyke a female African lion born and raised in America lived her entire life without ever eati... 06/24/2007


Gobies are small fish that during low tide like to swim in rock pools at the edge of the ocean. One ... 06/17/2007

The Death of One, Saved Many

One stormy night in 1910 a group of traveling musicians arrived at the city of Riga on the Baltic Se... 06/10/2007

Water From A Rock

In the spring of 1921 a small group of British soldiers patrolling the Sinai Peninsula became comple... 06/03/2007

David Livingstone's Final Journey

When the famous missionary and explorer David Livingstone died in 1873 his loyal friends Chuma and S... 05/27/2007

Secret's Buried At Sea?

On August 23, 1799 the American ship Nancy was captured in the Caribbean Sea by the English Navy and... 05/20/2007

Etched With The Father's Name

During the 2nd World War two American G.I.s stationed in Australia were driving their jeep along an ... 05/13/2007

Lewis Galdy

In 1692, the city of Port Royal in the island of Jamaica, literally slid into the sea when it was st... 05/06/2007

Surprise Delivery

In May 1996, Karen Watson age 20, gave birth to a 5 lb. 12 oz. baby boy in Albany, Oregon. This woul... 04/22/2007

Surviving a Deadly Fall

In Detroit, sometime in the spring of 1935, a young and evidently careless mother must have been ete... 04/15/2007

Margaret of Austria

Early in the 16th Century, Holland was ruled by Margaret of Austria, the clever daughter of the Germ... 04/08/2007

Prayer That Works

During World War II a bomber carrying a chaplain ran out of gas over the Pacific and was forced to l... 04/01/2007

Loving Your Neighbor

In February 2007, police in Hampton Bay, New York received a call to investigate a report of a home ... 03/25/2007

John Colter

In 1803, John Colter was hired by Lewis and Clark to join them on their epic expedition as a hunter.... 03/18/2007

Ewa Wiśnierska

On February 15th, 2007 while practicing for the world paraglider championships, German paraglider, E... 03/04/2007

James Macie

Distinguished scientist and chemist, James Macie, was born in France in 1765 the illegitimate son of... 02/25/2007

The Ocean - Earth's Last Frontier

In many ways, the ocean represents the last frontier on earth. Seventy-five percent of the world’s s... 02/11/2007

How to Survive a Fall

On January 21, 2007, a Wisconsin man, Joshua S. Hanson and two friends were in Minneapolis for a dar... 02/04/2007

Great Birds of Prey

Great birds of prey have always filled man with admiration, even fear. There are many legends regard... 01/28/2007

The SR-71 Blackbird Aircraft

One of the most magnificent aircraft ever built was the supersonic reconnaissance plane, better know... 01/21/2007

Moved By The Hand Of God

In 1874, Methodists in Swan Quarter, North Carolina decided it was time to construct a permanent chu... 01/14/2007

The Banyan Tree

The tropical banyan tree is sometimes known as the “Strangler fig” because of its unusual growth hab... 01/07/2007

The World's Tallest Tower?

Final plans have been approved and construction has begun for the new Freedom Tower to be built at t... 12/17/2006

Small Beginnings

Before a bridge was built across the Niagara Gorge, several lives were lost as people attempted to f... 12/10/2006

Hanging On For Dear Life!

Back in 1987, on a commuter flight from Portland, Maine to Boston, the pilot, Henry Dempsey, heard a... 11/26/2006

Hiding Out

The record for hiding out was made by a young Chinese college student by the name Cheng Guan Lim. He... 11/19/2006

G.I. Joe - War Pigeon

One of the most outstanding flights ever made by any war pigeon took place on October the 18th, 1943... 11/05/2006

Tutankhamen - King Tut

The most famous Egyptian Pharaoh today is, without a doubt, Tutankhamen, better known as King Tut. I... 10/29/2006

Little Things Do Matter!

About 600 years before Christ, a Greek natural philosopher named Demarcates said that everything in ... 10/22/2006

Howard Hughes

Howard Hughes was born in humble Texas on Christmas Eve 1905. Following the premature deaths of his ... 10/15/2006

Seeing, Yet Blind

Did you know that you don’t technically see with your eyes or hear with your ears? Your eyes and ear... 10/08/2006

The Little Big Man

Jeffrey Hudson was born of common parents North of London in 1619. On his 7th birthday, Jeffrey was ... 10/01/2006

Whale Sounds

There is more noise in the ocean than merely the lap of waves. You can dive down into the sea and no... 09/24/2006

The Honeyguide

The Honeyguide, a bird the size of a Robin that lives in East Africa, eats all kinds of insects, but... 09/17/2006

The World Trade Center

The World Trade Center in New York City, stood as the tallest building in Manhattan and the second t... 09/10/2006

Ancient Technology

Back in 1981 in the blazing desert near Barstow, California, the U.S. Department of Energy built wha... 08/27/2006

A Prayer on a Pin

Just about everybody in the western world has heard of the Lord's Prayer. Even if they don't remembe... 08/20/2006


About 25 years ago, Hollywood produced a movie about an entire submarine-like vessel and crew that w... 08/13/2006

Eugenio Maderal Roman - Freedom Surfer

Back in February 1994, a 21-year old Cuban windsurfer waded ashore in the Florida Keys and asked for... 08/06/2006

A Modern Day Rip Van Winkle

Most Americans are acquainted with Washington Irving's story about Rip Van Winkle, an early American... 07/30/2006

Bat Ears

Consider the ear muscles of the bat. It is well known that bats fly by sonar. They emit high-frequen... 07/23/2006

Passenger pigeons

Passenger pigeons were once the most numerous birds in North America, and probably on the entire pla... 07/16/2006

Little Tyke - The Vegetarian Lioness

Little Tyke, a female African lion, born and raised in America, lived her entire life without ever e... 07/09/2006

Devoted Fathers

Did you know that the word "dad" may actually date back before the 16th century and it originated fr... 06/18/2006

From Mess Sergeant to President

In September 1862, Confederate General, Robert E. Lee, made his greatest effort to carry the Civil W... 06/11/2006

Jack Worm - From Rags to Riches

Have you ever dreamed about inheriting a fortune from a long-lost relative? To be in the will would ... 05/28/2006

A Mother's Love - The Elgin Staples Story

On a hot August night in 1942 the U.S. and Japanese were preparing to engage in the deadly naval bat... 05/14/2006

Simon Bolivar

Simon Bolivar was South America’s greatest General. He is known as the great liberator because his v... 05/07/2006

Poon Lim - 133 Days Alone At Sea

In November 1942 in the middle of World War 11 a 25 year old Chinese seaman named Poon Lim was worki... 04/30/2006

The 1918 Influenza Pandemic

Most people believe that the deadliest plague in history was the bubonic plague that killed 2 millio... 04/23/2006

The Origin of Life

Evidence continues to mount that the mystery of life can only be explained by intelligent, miraculou... 04/16/2006

The Liger

Cross breeding between animals of the same species is rare in the wild, but it becomes more common i... 04/09/2006

John D. Rockefeller

John D. Rockefeller Senior was strong and husky when small and was raised as a devout Christian, but... 03/19/2006

Kincaid - The Youngest Combat Flyer

During World War II a twenty-one year old man entered an enlistment center and eagerly asked to join... 03/12/2006

Eating Like a Bird

You have probably heard the expression before that he or she only eats like a bird. Well you might t... 03/05/2006

Drifting Off the Map

When Alexander the Great was leading his victorious armies down through Asia Minor the great leader ... 02/26/2006

Baron Fabian Von Schlabrendorff

Baron Fabian Von Schlabrendorff was born in Germany in 1907. Trained as a lawyer, he eventually join... 02/12/2006

Giant Blue Fin Tuna

Giant blue fin tuna are the largest living species of tuna, some reaching up to 10 feet in length a... 02/06/2006

Laser Technology

In 1960, an American physicist with Fused Aircraft Company constructed the first working laser from ... 01/29/2006

Climbing Higher

From the time baby boys first pull themselves us to walk, men seem to have a yearning to climb trees... 01/22/2006

Amazing Facts About Lightning

For starters, every day, 44 thousand thunderstorms occur throughout the world with lightning strikin... 01/15/2006

The Witch of Wall Street

When young Ned Green broke his leg during the late 1800s, his mother Hedy did her best to treat it f... 01/08/2006

Better Than Rubies

Rubies, next to diamonds, are the hardest material known on earth and are among the rarest and most ... 01/01/2006

Identity Theft

Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in America. It happens when someone wrongfully o... 12/18/2005

How Welch's Grape Juice Was Born

Most people have heard of Welch’s Grape Juice. But not everyone knows the genesis of this grape juic... 12/04/2005

The Importance of Clothing

Man is different from every other creature in regard to clothing. All of God’s other creatures were ... 11/27/2005

Farming Ants

Perhaps you've heard about the famous parasol, or leaf-cutter ants, ants that make gardens and raise... 11/20/2005

Sergeant Patrick Gass

Few people have lived as long and gallant a life filled with so many amazing memories as Sergeant Pa... 11/13/2005

The Elephant Bird

For as long as people have been exploring unknown lands, they've been returning with stories of mons... 10/30/2005


Ladybugs are one of the most valuable, natural forms of pest control on earth. Farmers of the middle... 10/23/2005


The word "volcano" comes from the little island of Vulcano in the Mediterranean off Sicily. Centurie... 10/09/2005

Presidents Lincoln and Kennedy

Please listen to some amazing facts regarding the uncanny similarities between Presidents Abraham Li... 10/02/2005

Wood rats

Wood rats are nocturnal rodents that are native throughout North America. These social creatures eat... 09/25/2005

The Hottest and Coldest Places on Planet Earth

Our earth is filled with environmental extremes. High mountains, deep valleys, dripping wet jungles,... 09/18/2005

Black Skimmers

Black Skimmers are graceful, black and white go like birds. They get the name "Skimmer" because the ... 09/11/2005

The Deadliest Natural Disaster in American History

All Americans have been stirred by the heartbreaking images of Hurricane Katrina; and we know it wil... 09/04/2005

Clever Hans - The World's Smartest Horse?

In Germany around 1904 Wilhelm Van Austin owned an extremely bright horse he named Clever Hans. He e... 08/28/2005

The Texas Blind Salamander

In 1895 in San Marcos, Texas a team of well drillers were attempting to construct an artesian well f... 08/07/2005

The Bombs That Fizzled

Every American knows about the infamous day December 7, 1941 Pearl Harbor was attacked. But, few peo... 07/24/2005

The Australian Koala Bear

The Australian Koala bear sure looks like a round teddy bear, but the koala bear is actually a pouch... 07/17/2005


Roots are of course the underground branches spreading out beneath plants and trees to anchor the as... 06/26/2005

Typhoid Mary

Mary Mallon also known as Typhoid Mary was an Irish immigrant who the first who was known to be a he... 06/12/2005

Guarding the Tomb of The Unknown Soldier

If you have ever been to Arlington National Cemetery you have probably seen a sharp looking sentinel... 05/29/2005

Kim Peak

When Kim Peak was born in 1951 his parents knew he was different. He had an enlarged head and tests ... 05/15/2005

The Great Kublai Kahn

When Marco Polo related his experiences living in China he said that the great Kublai Kahn demanded ... 05/01/2005

Origin of The Piggy Bank

Squirrels gather nuts; dogs bury bones. Camels store food and water so they can travel across vast d... 04/10/2005

Proctor and Gamble Light Soap

For many years, the Proctor and Gamble company had been working on developing a recipe for a high-qu... 04/03/2005

Pioneer 10

Question: What was made by humans and is eight billion miles away? Answer: Pioneer 10, and this week... 02/27/2005

Remarkable Birds

Because there are so many pigeons in the world, we sometimes fail to appreciate these remarkable bir... 02/20/2005

Cans, Canned Food, and Can Openers

Did you know that it was 48 years after tin cans were first introduced before the can opener was inv... 02/06/2005


It's hard to make heads or tails of the oyster. For starters, it has no head or tail. Yet, in spite ... 01/30/2005


Few animals God made are more unusual than the seahorse. This bizarre creature is put together like ... 01/16/2005

Can You Count the Stars?

For the better part of recorded history, the earth was thought to be the stationary center of the un... 01/09/2005


Tsunamis are among the most destructive of natural disasters. This is due, in part, to the fact that... 01/02/2005

The Coelacanth

A few days before Christmas in 1938, a strange fish was caught in a net near the mouth of the Chalum... 12/19/2004

What Hath God Wrought?

On May 24th, 1844, Samuel Morse sent the first, electric telegraphed message from Washington D.C. to... 12/12/2004

Red Dye

Among the ancient Aztecs red dye was considered more valuable than gold. That is because to acquire ... 11/28/2004


Everyone knows that the ancient Egyptians possessed great scientific and engineering knowledge. But,... 11/21/2004

The Bombardier Beetle

There are over 300 hundred thousand species of beetles in the world. But, the bombardier beetle is o... 10/24/2004

Hermit Crabs

Hermit crabs are curious creatures found along the coasts of Europe and the Americas. Most marine, b... 10/17/2004

Jelly Fish

Few marine animals are as mysterious and intimidating as jelly fish. These incredible animals can be... 10/10/2004

David Kuntz - Walking Around the World

Did you know that the average pair of feet takes up to 8000 steps a day? That is about 2 and ½ milli... 09/05/2004

The Thynnid Wasp

Most plants and flowers must pollinate to survive. So the Lord has devised many ingenious ways to he... 08/29/2004

The Three Gorges Dam

It is a virtual definition of a monumental project. A dam more than one and one half miles wide and ... 08/22/2004

The Real Johnny Appleseed

Most Americans have heard of the legend of Johnny Appleseed. Who went about the frontier with a kett... 08/08/2004

Speaking in Tongues

Scientists in Bulgaria claim they have invented an instant translator that will allow people talking... 07/25/2004

Pronghorn - American Goat Antelope

No doubt, you've heard the American folk song, "Oh give me a home, where the buffalo roam, and the d... 07/18/2004

Xeroderma Pigmentosum

Long before the initials XP were chosen as the name of a Microsoft operating system, XP was short fo... 07/11/2004

The Liberty Bell

The Liberty Bell, sometimes called the Bell of the Revolution or Independence, has been a symbol of ... 07/04/2004

Whirlwind to Heaven

The U.S. has some of the world's most brutal weather, with a typical year bringing several hurricane... 06/27/2004


Vultures have long been perceived as abominable creatures because of their repulsive feeding habits.... 06/20/2004


Crocodiles are among the largest, longest-living reptiles on earth. Just like a tree, they have grow... 06/13/2004

Deep sea Anglerfish

One of the strangest creatures that God made is the grotesque-looking, deep sea Anglerfish. They mak... 06/06/2004

Thirsting For the Water of Life

After the first day of fierce fighting in the Civil War battle of Fredericksburg, hundreds of northe... 05/30/2004

Sacrificial Love

After a forest fire in Yellowstone Park, a National Geographic Photographer joined some forest range... 05/09/2004

The Advent of the Traffic Light

Until the end of the nineteenth century, traffic in large cities was largely uncontrolled chaos. Car... 05/02/2004

Leonardo da Vinci

It is nearly impossible to discuss the Renaissance without mentioning Leonardo da Vinci. Few of any ... 04/25/2004

Old Seeds, New Life

It is amazing how seeds can remain viable and remain intact for millennium. The oldest known viable ... 04/11/2004

The Northern Lights

No words are adequate to describe the magnificent splendor of the natural display known as the Auror... 04/04/2004

Cairo's City of the Dead

Years ago when visiting the northern part of Cairo, Egypt I saw the strangest cemetery on earth. It ... 03/28/2004

The Long-beaked Echidna

One of the strangest animals in the world is the long-beaked echidna or spiny ant eater. Weighing ab... 03/14/2004

An Oasis In The Desert

A team of Russian scientists searching for oil and gas in the Sahara desert recently discovered an u... 03/07/2004

Bluefin Tuna

Giant bluefin tuna are the largest living species of tuna, some reaching up to 10 feet in length and... 02/29/2004

The Comstock Lode

In 1859, as the California Gold Rush began to fade. A few prospectors wandered into Western Nevada f... 02/22/2004

Go To The Ant, You Sluggard!

Ants are the most numerous creatures on earth. It has been estimated that the combined weight of all... 02/08/2004


Salamanders are timid, yet fascinating little animals. They look like lizards, but they are actually... 02/01/2004


Bioluminescence is an amazing phenomenon in which a chemical reaction in living organisms produces l... 01/25/2004

Henry Ford's mansion - Fair Lane

Henry Ford's mansion, named Fair Lane, still stands in Dearborn, Michigan filled with elaborately-ca... 01/18/2004

Battle Between The Flesh And The Spirit

You might be surprised to learn that the word "carnival" comes from the Latin word "carneae," which ... 01/11/2004

Heavenly Real Estate

In 1967, the United Nations signed the International Outer Space Treaty, which forbids any governmen... 01/04/2004


It has been discovered that there are several factories based in North America that are producing an... 12/21/2003


Geckos are small insect-eating lizards that have an almost miraculous ability to scurry up walls and... 12/14/2003


Earthquakes conjure up terrifying images of the ground rocking and rolling, as if moved from some di... 11/30/2003


Penguins have an almost perfectly streamlined body profile that's ideal for chasing fish. In fact, t... 11/23/2003

Instant Translator

Scientists in Bulgaria claim they've invented an instant translator, that will allow people talking ... 10/19/2003

Robert Wadlow

When Robert was born in Alton, Illinois in 1918, he weighed a normal eight pounds, six ounces. He dr... 10/12/2003

The Wreck of the Titan

On April 14, 1912, the huge ship - Titanic - was steaming across the Atlantic gorge, New York. This ... 10/05/2003

Storing God’s Word

Hummingbirds are among the most fascinating of God’s incredible creatures. They are the only birds a... 09/28/2003

Guarding Barren Ground

Years ago in the Old Russian Empire, the ruling Czar, Nicholas the second, was strolling through his... 09/21/2003

Be More Like A Goose

We see them come in the fall and leave in early spring, flying along in a V formation. The awesome m... 09/14/2003

Three Deadly Frogs

You might be surprised to learn that the most deadly poison on earth does not come from an animal th... 09/07/2003

Physician, Heal Thyself

Dr. Evan O’Neill Kane was the chief surgeon at Kane Summit Hospital, in New York City. By the time h... 08/31/2003

Spider Silk

One of the most amazing materials in nature is the light, and flexible yet incredibly strong compoun... 08/24/2003

Keep Looking Up

The earth, is about to have a close encounter with the planet Mars. Never again in your lifetimes wi... 08/17/2003

The Sweet Word Of God

Over 20 times in Scripture, God spoke about bringing His people into a good land flowing with milk a... 08/10/2003

False Advertising

When it was first built in the early 1930's, the Queen Mary was the largest ship in the world, even ... 08/03/2003

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