The Hummingbird

The Hummingbird

Date: 07/17/2014 
The hummingbird has an incredible metabolism, learn how impressive this little creature truly is.
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Have you ever heard the expression before, "They eat like a bird," talking about somebody that has a minuscule appetite? Well, you might want to think twice the next time you use that expression. For example, take the hummingbird, in order for it to maintain its incredible metabolism, it has to eat about 50% of its body weight every day. To put that in perspective, if a hundred pound woman was to eat like a hummingbird, she would have to eat 50 pounds of sugar a day just to maintain her body weight, imagine that? Maybe you don't want to imagine that.

Perhaps, you want to consider this another way, the hummingbird typically consumes between four to seven calories a day. On the other hand, a human, about 3500 calories day. But if you were to eat like a bird, a hummingbird, you'd have to eat over a 150 thousand calories a day. But that's like a man of 170 pounds that would be eating 3,000 Oreo cookies.

Under normal conditions, hummingbird needs to eat every 5 or 10 minutes. But there's actually one time during the year, the hummingbird will eat its entire body weight every day.

You see, once a year, they make this migration of 500 miles across the Gulf of Mexico from Texas to the Yucatan Peninsula. in order to do that, the hummingbird feasts on nectar and gorges themselves on this nectar for about a week, doubling their body weight. That's the only way they can store enough calories to help them with their 70 wing-beats per second or roughly four million wing-beats on that journey.

In the same way friends, as we're near the end of time, we need to be feasting and gorging ourselves on the nectar of God's word. We've got to be able to have that strength to get us through the times of trouble that are ahead. When it comes to the Bible and your personal devotions, if you're going to eat like a bird, eat like a hummingbird.



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