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What type of work is allowed on the Sabbath?

On Sabbath, we should set our regular work aside and spend quality time with God. Works of ministry and emergency services are necessary good works. Learn more!
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Caller: What type of work – I know that the Bible says no work shall be done on the Sabbath – but what about doctors or people who work in prisons, is it ok for them to work on the Sabbath?

Pastor Doug: Well let’s use Jesus as an example. Did Christ heal people on the Sabbath day?

Caller: Yes.

Pastor Doug: Of course He did. So it’s better to do good on the Sabbath day than evil. Now Jesus, by trade, was a carpenter. Do we ever see Him driving nails or building chairs and houses or anything on the Sabbath? No. Do we see Him doing ministry of healing, feeding, teaching on the Sabbath? Yes.

Christ said it’s better to do good on the Sabbath days and so works of ministry, and some of these emergency services – you know, God is reasonable. Jesus said, ‘My Father worketh and I worketh.’ In other words, the work of God in sustaining life is ongoing. It’s our regular work that we are to lay aside. The idea of the Sabbath is quality time with God to develop that love relationship. Ok?

Caller: Ok well thank you very much.

Pastor Doug: Thank you.

Co-Host: Thanks for the call James.

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