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What season and month was Jesus born?

What season and month was Jesus born? Most likely Jesus was born in the fall of 4 BC. Christ was not born the 25th of December. Shepherds are not in the fields that time of year. Also, studying Jesus baptism and crucifixion seem to indicate when He possibly was born.
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Caller:  What season and month of the year was Jesus born, and what was the weather like?

Pastor Doug:  Well I can’t tell you what the weather forecast was the day of His birth –

Caller:  I know, but you know.

Pastor Doug:  I can tell you generally what that time of year would be like.  Most likely Kathleen, Christ was born in the fall of about 4 B.C.

The reason I say that, and I’m not trying to shatter any people’s belief about December 25th but the fact is, Christ was not born the 25th of December.  We don’t know the exact day.  We do know the time of year, and here are the reasons we know.

First of all, the climate in Jerusalem, the latitude there is very similar to the – actually the Northern California Pastor Dick –

Co-Host:  Yes.

Pastor Doug:  and shepards are not out in the fields with their flocks December 25th but they are in the fall of the year.

Another reason we know that is the Bible tells us that in the Gospel of Luke, I think it’s chapter 3, Christ was baptized around His 30th birthday.

Now we don’t know when His birthday was, but we know that He ministered three and a half years from His baptism.  And the Bible says His baptism was around His 30th birthday – and there’s a reason for that.  A Priest could not serve until he was 30.

Co-Host:  Yes.

Pastor Doug:  So Christ waited until His 30th birthday He went to the Jordan He was baptized and He began His ministry.  If you count three and a half years from when He died in 31 A.D. in the spring, Passover – we know when He died – that takes you back to approximately the fall of the year.

And so we know that if He was baptized on His birthday, that He was baptized 27 A.D. in the fall.  So that’s about when Christ’s birthday was.

Caller:  Wow that’s interesting.

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