Will our pets be in heaven?

Date: 05/01/2005 
Will our pets be in heaven? Does the Bible have anything to say about that?
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Helen: My question was can you give me something Biblical to give comfort to different grandchildren who have found their pets died or have had to put them to sleep?

Pastor Doug: I know that is a very heartbreaking thing and we have had that happen in our family and we grew attached to these creatures and they seem like part of the family.

Helen: Extremely.

Pastor Doug: You know the Bible tells us that the eye has not seen nor the ear heard nor has even entered into the imagination of man the things that God has prepared for those that love Him. In other words there are going to be some surprises awe can’t even imagine. It is certainly not beyond the power of God to give our kitty or doggie a glorified body and introduce them into our mansions. There is no Bible promise that, that will happen, but the Bible does say that in the earth made new; there will be creatures again. There will be lions and tigers and bears.

Helen: Will you tell me where that is?

Pastor Doug: Yes. There are several places. You can read about it in is it Isaiah 11 and Isaiah 65. Here wait a minute and I will find some for you real quick.

Helen: And I don’t have a computer so I am sorry.

Pastor Doug: That is okay.

Pastor Dick: Pastor Doug is using his handy dandy computer program here.

Pastor Doug: And while I am looking Pastor Dick is going to sing a selection for you.

Helen: Beautiful.

Pastor Doug: Isaiah 11: it says “And the cow and the bear shall feed. Their young ones shall lie down with the lion who will eat straw like the ox. And he nursing child shall play on the hole of the serpent and it will not bite or destroy. And again in Isaiah 65: “The wolf and the lamb will feed together and the lion will eat straw like the ox.” And of course the Garden of Eden was just exploding with animals. The rain forest today is like that and it was probably more likely highly furnished than the rain forest.

Helen: I think that we know there will be animals in heaven, but what about ours?

Pastor Doug: Well I can’t give you a Scripture that says if your pet is good it will go to heaven.

Helen: Right. They don’t have souls we know that.

Pastor Doug: There is a prophecy—passage and I am sorry to interrupt you.

Helen: That is okay you do it.

Pastor Doug: In Proverbs it says “A righteous man regards the life of his beasts.” So a Christian should take care of their creatures. There is a book from a friend of mine named Steve Wohlberg wrote a book and it is called “Will My Pet be in Heaven?” And I think the outcome of the book is they will be there, but I don’t know the outcome of the book because I haven’t read it all yet. But, I think “Amazing Facts” carries that book. Yes we do because I am seeing nods in the studio. You go to—you don’t have a computer so you can call…

Helen: No, but I have a friend that does.

Pastor Doug: Okay well go to the website and you will see the book by Steve Wohlberg and it is called “Will My Pets be in Heaven?” and I am sure you will find some good stuff in there an Steve is a good friend.

Helen: Would you spell his last name?

Pastor Dick: W O H L B E R G.

Helen: Okay Steve Wohlberg. It is “Will My Pest be in Heaven?”?

Pastor Doug: If you ask anyone at the office they will know what the book is.

Helen: That’s Amazing Facts and what is the number?

Pastor Dick: “Amazing Facts dot org”.

Helen: Thank you so much for your time.

Pastor Dick: Thanks for the call Helen.



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