What's wrong with using ouija boards?

Is it wrong or dangerous to use ouija boards? If so, why?
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Pastor Jëan Ross: Our next caller is Gil listening on WMCA from New York, New York. Gil, welcome to the program.

Gil: Good evening, welcome guys. I just want to call on behalf of a friend of mine who is blind that, by the grace of God, has been coming to church with me. And he's blind, and I'm also blind too. He was asking me what's wrong with the Ouija board and what's wrong with calling up psychics and asking them questions. I mean, I know the answer; but I promised him that I would call the radio show and ask as well.

Pastor Doug: Well, first thing I want to mention is that we have a study guide for anybody that wants to know more about some of these avenues of spiritualism. It's called, "Does God Inspire Astrologers and Psychics?" and a lot of scriptures are given in the lesson. It talks about the dangers of dabbling in the occult.

If people want information about the future, we've got Bible prophecy. The devil has people that are prognosticating and they claim that they're talking to the dead, or using Ouija boards. It's pure rank spiritualism. It's like, throwing chicken bones on the ground, or carving up a liver, or some of the things that people do; reading the palm, gazing into crystals to try to see the future.

No where in the Bible do any of God's prophets ever use these spiritualistic incantations, or methods, to try to get information or find out what the future is. The best thing is to discover the will of God for our lives, day by day, by following the principles in His word. God is not going to give us a fortune cookie that's going to tell us what's happening tomorrow.

He wants us to live by principles of faithfulness; and He'll reveal, when necessary, what's coming. He's revealed the general picture in His word. Of course, Christ is coming again. We know that. All the prophecies in the Bible past have come true; and we can trust the future ones will come true as well. Hey, appreciate your call, Gil. I invite you to have you friends order that study guide.



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