Can we talk to dead relatives?

Can we talk to dead relatives?

Is using a ouija board or dabbling in the dark arts the unpardonable sin?
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Glen: Good evening, Pastor. Pastor, I don part two on Amazing Facts I thought I was pretty clear on what the unpardonable sin is. But just recently I heard the late Pastor God Bless his soul or God rest his soul. In the game that trying to reach out to that relative, trying to speak to them beyond the grave is also unpardonable sin. Now that’s something I’ve never done. I’ve pondered it and I’m sure maybe a lot of people have and I know it was popular a number of years ago with that Hollywood movie about the, forget the actors names but.

Doug Bachelor: That’s probably several movies to talk about mediums and contact in a day everything from kids cartoons to adult movies. But I think and you know, I’ve got a great respect for as well and run across his program. I’d respectfully disagree. He’s probably talking about a story where King Saul consulted a witch and he ended up grieving away the spirit and he killed himself. But in that story, remember, the Bible says God will not speak to him that he had grieved away the spirit before he ever went to the witch. So Saul had committed the unpardonable sin before he got to the witch. And it is a sin to consult a medium. The Bible says we shouldn’t try to get our information from familiar spirits and consulting the dead. Cause typically you’re going to conjure up a devil. You’re not going to talk to dead relatives. But it’s not the unpardonable sin or I’d be doomed. Because when I was a kid we used Ouija boards to talk to dead people and we gather around and have these answers. And I’m sure we don’t know what we’re doing but we should try. But all that spiritualism, it’s forbidden by the bible. There are thousands of people listening to my voice right now, that double than that and I’m thankful that would not be the unpardonable sin. That was the final straw for Saul. He had grieved away God so God wouldn’t speak to him. “So if God you’re not going to speak to me then I’ll just get a witch someone’s going to tell me something. I need some information.” And that just one more example of how Saul was, he was a rebel. Yes, that story is in First Samuel chapter 15 where it talks about King Saul talking to the Witch of Indoor.

By the way, we have a study guide Glen. And we’ll be happy to send you a free copy of that. If you go to the amazing facts website and you look for our historical lessons and in a matter of fact you can even go to bible prophecy truth and click on the section where it talks about the lessons there. You’ll see historical lessons, one of the lessons is called The Witch of Indoor and it talks all about this experience of King Saul consulting the witch. You want to know what the bible says about that? We recommend that you look that up. Well we have that study guide. That God inspires astrologers and psychics and we’ll send that to you for free as well.

Hey friends! We’re out of time. We would love to hear from you. Talk to us at We’ll be together again, God-willing next week.



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