David Kuntz - Walking Around the World

Date: 09/05/2004 
Did you know that the average pair of feet takes up to 8000 steps a day? That is about 2 and ½ million steps a year and that means in the average lifetime you will walk approximately 115 thousand miles.
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Hello friends this is Doug Batchelor. How about an amazing fact? Did you know that the average pair of feet takes up to 8000 steps a day? That is about 2 and ½ million steps a year and that means in the average lifetime you will walk approximately 115 thousand miles. But, some people walk much farther. For instance in 1970 David Kuntz got the idea to walk around the world.

The moon landing had happened the summer before and this had inspired David’s interest in adventure so thirty year old David and his younger brother decided to walk around the world accompanied by a pack mule named Willie Naked. And traveling as a volunteer for UNICEF David and John left Wanasaka, Minnesota on June 20 and they walked to New York and then flew to Portugal and walked all the way from there to Iran. Tragically about two years into their epic journey and half way around the world John was killed and David was wounded by Afghan bandits.

It took about four months recuperating at home and David returned and now was with his brother Pete and resumed the walk from the site of the very shooting. One year later they crossed India and then onto Australia and by this time Peter needed to return home and they were on their third Willie Naked mule when walking across the Australian desert that mule died. David was thinking of giving up, but he refused. Providentially an Australian school teacher named Jenny Samuel volunteered to tow the mule’s wagon with her car. She and David eventually fell in love and were married after the walk ended. So on October 5, 1974 David Kuntz walked into Wanasaka, Minnesota and became the first person verified to have circled the land mass of the earth on foot.

His historic 15 thousand mile odyssey required four and one half years, twenty-two pairs of shoes and three mules. The long walk gained entry into the Guinness World Book of Records, a spot on Ripley’s Believe it or Not and an opportunity to be a torch bearer for the 1976 Olympics. Walking around the world is a lot of feat that requires a lot of sole. Pardon the pun. But, did you know that the Bible talks about a man that walked all the way to heaven? Stay with us friends; we’re going to learn more as “Amazing Facts” brings you this edition of “Bible Answers Live”.


Pastor Doug: Welcome once again folks to another fresh edition of “Bible Answers Live” and we are indeed coming to you live from the capital of California Sacramento; sometimes known as California.


Pastor Doug: The home of our famous Governor and this is a live interactive Bible study. And of course if you want to participate you can listen and we’ll learn together. If you have a Bible question you can call in and we have several lines open because a lot of our listeners are on the road listening right now. That number is a free phone call 1-800-GOD-SAYS or 1-800-436-7297. My name is Doug Batchelor.

Pastor Dick: And my name is Dick Debit. And good evening Pastor Doug.

Pastor Doug: Welcome back Pastor Dick. We missed you last week.

Pastor Dick: Thank you very much. We’re going to miss you next week.

Pastor Doug: We’ll be here, but it will probably be a pre recorded program because the Batchelor family will be dong a South Pacific tour in Australia, Sydney, Brisbane, New Guinea, and Hawaii. We will probably get lost on the beach a couple of days, but we’re looking forward to that.

Pastor Dick: Well we normally start with a word of prayer so let’s do that. Father in heaven we thank you and we praise you for your love and your grace and your mercy and the privilege of coming into this studio and open God’s word. Lord would you speak clearly through Pastor Doug tonight and clear his mind of anything that may hinder his understanding of questions and answering these questions and speak to all of us tonight Lord. May we know that we have been I your presence and we thank you and we praise you. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Pastor Doug: Amen.

Pastor Dick: I have not had the privilege of seeing the governator on the streets of Sacramento yet, but he might be on his way walking to heaven for all I know. What is this walking to heaven Pastor Doug? This is interesting.

Pastor Doug: Well I am playing on a story that is actually a true story that you find I Genesis Chapter 5. Let me read it. As it is going through the genealogies of Adam it tells us about the seventh from Adam. In the seventh generation was a man named Enoch. And I think it is significant the numbers we find here. 21 Enoch lived sixty-five years and begat Methuselah and we all know that name. 22 And after Enoch begat Methuselah Enoch walked with God three hundred years and begat sons and daughters. 23 And all the days of Enoch were 365 years. 24 And Enoch walked with God: and he was not; for God took him. And as you read some of the stories about Enoch that you find in the New Testament in Jude and in Hebrews he’s mentioned among the faithful and it’s basically saying that he was translated to heaven because of his close relation with God. He walked with God so long and so close that eventually he walked right into heaven. And you know we are invited to follow Jesus with this kind of Godly walk. Just a little bit for the cerebral people who are listening I think it is significant that it takes 365 years that’s one year for each day in our years. And you know the seventh is the day of rest and the seventh we believe Biblically this is the seven thousandth year of man’s history on earth. And it says that he was translated and when the Lord comes back I believe the seventh millennium group is going to be the group that is caught up to meet the Lord in the air. Soon very soon so this is a significant passage, but in addition to that if we would be ready when Jesus comes to meet Him in the air to walk into heaven. We need to walk with Him now first.

Pastor Dick: That’s right.

Pastor Doug: The Bible says 144,000 these are they that will follow the lamb where ever He will go and if we want to follow Him there then in heaven we must first follow Him here now.

Pastor Dick: Wouldn’t it be great if we could get a glimpse of heaven and just a glimpse of heaven.

Pastor Doug: It would motivate our walk.

Pastor Dick: I am sure it would. Well I want to offer tonight Pastor Doug this little book we have in our library. It is called “Heaven is it for Real?”

Pastor Doug: Really good cover, too. It is inspiring.

Pastor Dick: Yes a really great cover. It is. Well we want to make this available to anyone who will call our resource line operators tonight. It will help you I think to organize your thoughts and maybe get that little glimpse of what it might be like in heaven. Call our operators and ask for this book written by Joe Crews and it is called “Heaven is it for Real?” and we’ll send it out to you tonight.

Pastor Doug: It is a very encouraging book and if you need some encouragement then you’ll enjoy that.

Pastor Dick: Okay alright. Pastor Doug we want to take care of a little bit of business as we normally do before we go to the phones. So we have some radio stations that we want to welcome to our network tonight. WGSE is in Sebring, Florida. WURY is in Columbus, Georgia. WJJD is in Kokomo, Indiana. KMEA is in Bozeman, Montana. KPLL is in Lewiston, Idaho. And KSTG is just down the street in Lodi, California.

Pastor Doug: Praise the Lord.

Pastor Dick: Amen it thrills our soul when we hear about the new stations that are joining the “Amazing Facts” network. And we hope that those of you who are listening tonight from these stations will call and let us know that you are listening from one of those stations and we will do our best to get you on the air and acknowledge you tonight from Sebring, from Columbus, from Kokomo, from Bozeman, from Lewiston and from Lodi.

Pastor Doug: We want them to call and tell us what the weather is like.

Pastor Dick: Yes. By all means we’d like to hear from the folks in Florida tonight to give us a report of what is going on. Pastor Doug the email questions. Quickly can you please clarify 1 Peter Chapter 4: 6?

Pastor Doug: Okay 1 Peter 4: 6 “For this cause was the gospel preached also to them that are dead, that they might be judged according to men in the flesh, but live according to God in the spirit.” This is a phrase that people sometimes thinks that after a person dies they get another chance to have the gospel preached to them. We need to remember that the word death in the Bible talks about those that are physically dead and Paul refers to those that are dead in trespasses and sins.

Pastor Dick: Yes.

Pastor Doug: That is why Jesus said let the dead bury the dead. He is talking about people that are up and around, but are spiritually dead. And Paul is saying that the gospel is preached to those that are spiritually dead. They may not believe, but then they will be judged as those according to those who live in the spirit. That’s what Jesus said. The gospel will be preached to the entire world for a witness. It will be judgment against those who reject it. If they are spiritually dead they intend to remain that way, but it doesn’t mean that god went to preach to people that are dead because that would teach that there is a second chance after this life and the Bible says that it is appointed unto man once to die and then the judgment. They don’t die and then hear the gospel and then get judged.

Pastor Dick: Right. Umm-hmm.

Pastor Doug: This is the chance they get here to hear the gospel.

Pastor Dick: Okay very good. Second email question comes from Teresa. And she says would you please define to me who the scapegoat represents in the Bible?

Pastor Doug: Alright during the-- and this is found principally in Leviticus 16 during Yom Kippur during the Day of Atonement there was a festival where among the ceremonies they would select two goats. One goat was called the Lord’s goat and you can read this in verse 8 “And Aaron shall cast lots upon the two goats; one lot for the LORD, and the other lot for the scapegoat.” And of course the LORD’s goat is offered as a sacrifice and he is a type of Christ. But, people say well if that is true what is the scapegoat? The scapegoat carried a hidden sacrifice. He was carried off into the wilderness and pushed him off a cliff because tradition said he wasn’t supposed to come back. And they would place the sins on the back of the scapegoat to separate the sins from the camp and the people.

And it is my opinion that the scapegoat is representing the ultimate destiny of the devil. Now there are two ways that sin is paid for. Somebody could commit a crime and go to jail and pay for the crime themselves. They are paying for their sin, but it is not atonement. And then you have the sins that are paid for by a sacrifice of death where grace is offered. The devil is going to pay for his own sin he doesn’t pay for the sins of others. But, he is punished for those sins that he caused others to commit. And so Satan is forever separated from God and His people. There is an eternal separation there and so the first goat is the type of the Lord because he has slain the scapegoat. Many believe he is carried off into a foreign wilderness never to return and many believe that is how the devil and those who follow him are going to be eternally banished you might say.

Pastor Dick: Okay let’s go to the phones.

Pastor Doug: Okay.

Pastor Dick: We want to start with Lexington, Kentucky. Joseph is listening to us on WJMM. Hello Joseph. Welcome to the program.

Joseph: Thank you very much gentlemen. I was reading the programs from several Sunday’s ago and someone called in and asked about the second death of Jesus and Pastor Doug seemed to know what he was talking about, but there was no Scriptures mentioned and I don’t even know what they were talking about. I would like to get some clarification on that ultimate Scripture.

Pastor Doug: I’ll give you some Scripture right now Joseph. I don’t know if you are on a phone with a battery; it is cutting out. Revelation Chapter 2: 11 it talks about he that has an ear hear what the spirit says. 11 He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches; He that overcometh shall not be hurt of the second death. In Revelation 20: 6 it says that the righteous don’t have to fear the second death. See many people die the first death, but they will be resurrected. You don’t want to die the second death because there is no resurrection from the second death and again you find the second death mentioned in Revelation 20: 14, Revelation 21: 8 it says the wicked are cast into the lake of fire which is the second death. Now Jesus when He hung on the cross does not face the same death as when the saved die. He faced the kind of death that the lost face because He was bearing the sins of the world. That is all we were saying Joseph does that make sense? Are you there Joseph?

Joseph: Yeah I am here, but I am not catching it.

Pastor Doug: Well it is very simple. Those who are lost…

Joseph: Well you can die twice then?

Pastor Doug: No, no, no it is not talking about that. The lost they are cast into the lake of fire and the Bible calls the lost a second death. The first death the Christians and wicked and all kinds of people die the first death. But, the righteous will only die the first death and they are resurrected after that to be with the Lord. When Jesus died on the cross He was facing; it doesn’t say He died twice. Jesus was facing the same kind of death that the wicked face called the second death. “

Pastor Dick: Elsewhere in the Bible Joseph it says that Jesus was made sin for us. In other words He took the sins of the world upon Himself and faced the separation from His Father. He faced the second death.

Pastor Doug: Yes that is the best answer Pastor Dick. Is when righteous person dies they die under the approval of the Father. Jesus died under the separation because of sin. He was paying the penalty for sin and so hopefully that helps a little bit Joseph and we trust that will fill in the blanks for you. Thank you for your call.

Pastor Dick: Thanks for the call Joseph. Let’s go next to Brooklyn, New York Daniel is listening on WMCA. Welcome.

Daniel: Hello.

Pastor Dick: Yes. Get real close to your telephone Daniel and your question please?

Daniel: My question was about the state of the dead and I believe that the dead are unconscious and awaiting the resurrection, but in having a discussion with my mother who believes when we die ever since Jesus died on the cross that everyone after that has gone into heaven.

Pastor Doug: Well see…

Daniel: Well she uses Scripture like Abraham’s bosom and to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord and we have been talking about that and I was wondering if that is...

Pastor Doug: …let me address this on a couple of those and obviously there is not enough time in three or four minutes to do the whole Bible study on the subject. But, first of all your mom was saying after the death of Jesus things is different well Abraham’s bosom takes place before the death of Jesus. Secondly you can read in Acts Chapter 2 that after the death of Jesus Peter is preaching and he said King David, this is the good king that killed Goliath that King David is dead and buried and not ascended to heaven. So if 40 days after the death of Jesus David is still in his grave then the idea that everyone went to heaven after the death of Jesus falls flat that doesn’t make sense. Paul tells us in 1 Corinthians Chapter 15 that those that die in Christ will rise at His coming. They are not made alive until His coming and then in 1 Thessalonians Chapter 4 it says that when the Lord descends from heaven then the dead in Christ will rise. Well how can they rise at the second coming if they are already raised?

Now when it says in the Bible to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord that is true, but their next conscious thought is the resurrection in the moment and the twinkling of an eye. It is not going to seem like three thousand years went by for King David. When King David went to sleep with his family around him for him it will seem like a dreamless sleep and moment and he is going to wake up and three thousand years have gone by and he is in the presence of the Lord. Do you see what I am saying?

Daniel: Yeah.

Pastor Doug: But, for us who live on earth we’re constrained to time. God is not constrained to time the way we are. He goes into the future and into the past and sees all eternity at a glance. And so people get confused by that, but on the chronology of our world people are not up in heaven now because the judgment has not happened.

Pastor Dick: That’s right.

Pastor Doug: And the resurrection hasn’t happened and you know there are of course a few exceptions like Enoch, Moses and Elijah, but the average person who dies they sleep until the resurrection that’s why Jesus said Lazarus is asleep. Matter of fact Lazarus was dead four days and Jesus raised him and Lazarus never made a single comment on what it was like to be dead.

Pastor Dick: That’s right.

Pastor Doug: Because he had none he had a dreamless sleep he had nothing to comment on. We’ll send you the study guide for free. Did that help at all Daniel?

Daniel: Yeah I already believe it I just hope my mother is listening.

Pastor Doug: Well I hope that helps a little and send for the study guide that is called “Are the Dead Really Dead?” and there is a lot more in that study guide on that subject.

Pastor Dick: Maybe Daniel if you send for it or if your mother sends for it, it will help you to have that in front of you. And you can go through the various Bible passages with your mother.

Pastor Doug: Are you able to get on the internet Daniel?

Daniel: No. Well there are two other books we’ll send you if you ask for them. One is called “Spirits of the Dead” and then there is another book because your mom had a question on the rich man and Lazarus. Joe Crews wrote an excellent little book they are not heavy books. They are easy reading and it is called “The Rich Man and Lazarus”. And it will just answer all these questions and so just tell her it will answer all these questions.

Pastor Dick: Daniel if you or she calls the resource operators 1-800-835-6747 that’s 1-800-835-6747. It’s a free phone call and ask for those books and we’ll send them out tonight.

Daniel: Okay. God bless you guys.

Pastor Dick: Alright thanks for the call.

Pastor Doug: God bless.

Pastor Dick: Let’s go to Brooklyn. Stay in Brooklyn really with Raphael who is also listening on WMCA. Hello Raphael. Sir get real close to your phone.

Raphael: Hello. Can you hear me? Good evening.

Pastor Doug: Yes and your question?

Raphael: Yes my question I will try to make as quick as possible. Do appreciate your program. My question is when Jesus Christ died and where does it show in the Bible that He went to hell?

Pastor Doug: It doesn’t say in the Bible that He did go to hell.

Raphael: It doesn’t say?

Pastor Doug: See what confuses people when you say did He go to hell you are talking about the place of punishment and burning right?

Raphael: No answer.

Pastor Doug: The Bible says that thou would not leave His soul in hell in the Old Testament. And that is talking about the grave. The word hell means grave and it is sometimes translated and it just means Sheol and there is an Old Testament prophecy about the Messiah that He would not be left in the grave because He rose. But, Jesus did not go to a place of torment when He died. He went to sleep and he was placed in the grave and He rose the third day. But, He didn’t go preaching or prancing around anywhere. So to answer your question He didn’t go to a place of torment and the Bible doesn’t teach that.

Raphael: It doesn’t say that at all in the Bible?

Pastor Doug: No it says He went into the grave. The word is Sheol in the Old Testament. And if you find the place where it says that He went down to the place of torment when He died then I would be happy to read that to everyone, but I have never seen it and I have been reading the Bible a long time.

Raphael: Okay. May I ask one more question?

Pastor Doug: Okay.

Raphael: Quickly and I don’t want to sound prejudice. But, where does it show in the Bible about the first black man?

Pastor Doug: Where does it show in the Bibl about the first black man? Well in the Bible it tells us the sons of Noah and his sons repopulated the earth and they went to the tower of Babel and from the tower of Babel where the languages were confused the children of Shem, Ham and Japheth were dispersed in many different directions, but they all intermarried to some extent. And you don’t really find a record of the races until you get further down in the Bible where it begins to talk about the Ethiopians. And I don’t think it uses the phrase black man anywhere in the Bible.

Pastor Dick: I don’t think so either.

Pastor Doug: So they were just considered men.

Raphael: Were there any Scriptures for the first one?

Pastor Doug: Where it says first one in the Bible or first white man or first Nation.

Pastor Dick: No I don’t think so.

Pastor Doug: So the Bible says go has made of one blood all men and many Nations.

Pastor Dick: That’s right. Let’s go to Middletown, California and talk to Bruce who is listening on KMDL hello Bruce.

Bruce: Hi in Christ Jesus. You know I have a question about what we’re doing right now. Speaking in 1 Peter Chapter 4: 11 says that if any man speaks let him speak as the oracles of God and you go to Acts it talks about speaking baldly verse 18 through.

Pastor Doug: You need to speak up we can’t hear you.

Bruce: Well it is about speaking and it seems to me in the days of Christ in Chapter 2 of Acts I mean if the Holy Spirit came they spoke in a different way. They did not prepare sermons and read from notes. I don’t remember Jesus of people mentioning—I mean He did open the bible once and read it. But, usually He was preaching in a boat or preaching in the street or preaching on a mountain top. And what is the difference in the way that we are satisfied speaking now and the way that they spoke it in the days the apostles and Old Testament they waited for the Lord to come and they spoke the word.

Pastor Doug: Well good that is a good question. I have often thought about this Bruce and let me share with you what I have come to. There are a couple of good dynamics. I think first of all preachers put on the spot can preacher extemporaneously because they have it in their hearts and their minds and whatever we do when we share our faith on an airplane we don’t pull our notes. When you stand in church you might have an outline. I usually use an outline I don’t read my sermon. But, some people want to make sure they don’t leave things out and they may read through. But, I’ll tell you what I believe because we are living in age where information is recorded so much and so many different ways that our memories are not as strong as they used to be back in the time of the apostles and Moses. They used to remember voluminous discourses. Pastor Dick last week we had a gentleman in our church, Byron Spears. You ever heard of him?

Pastor Dick: Yes Byron Spears.

Pastor Doug: Yes he preached at one of your churches. This gentleman preaches his whole sermon Bruce and he is ninety-two years old and preaches his whole sermon probably quoting 30 Scriptures verbatim without even picking up a Bible.

Pastor Dick: He has a Bible in his hand and he says now I am reading from the Bible, but he will never open his Bible.

Pastor Doug: yes and if you follow him it is word for word King James. I mean he doesn’t make a mistake. So there are people out there that do it that way. And I think that the more spirit filled we are the more kind of preaching we will see. I hope that helped a little Bruce.

Bruce: Well the one thing we do is cheat God when we don’t offer Him a chance to speak through us if we control it too much.

Pastor Doug: Well I think that there probably is a case that could be made that we could be more spirit led, but that varies from Pastor to Pastor so I wouldn’t even put that on everybody.

Pastor Dick: And there is about a Bible passage that says the spirit of God will bring to your mind what He wants you to say and that is in the time of need.

Pastor Doug: Yes the gospel of John tells us that. Okay thanks Bruce.

Pastor Dick: Thanks for the call Bruce. To Kingston, Canada Randy we have about two minutes before we’re going to take a break. Are you with us>?

Randy: Yeah hello. I did your Bible study course and I thought it was great and I felt it helped with the truth.

Pastor Doug: Praise the Lord.

Randy: Anyway in your study on health you mentioned you did smoke and you tried several times to quit. How did you finally quit?

Pastor Doug: How did I finally quit? Well with me it was a little unusual. I was actually making a bargain with the Lord driving this old truck one day and I was thing about the new Nissan pickup four wheel drives with a wench and al this thing I my mind. And I was imaging this pickup truck and I said Lord if you give me a truck like that I’d quit smoking. I knew God wanted me to quit and I kept failing. And it spoke to my heart and said Doug you’d quit for a truck and I died for you, but you won’t quit for me. And I felt so convicted that my love was so shallow.

Randy: Well I have tried so many times and I have let Him down.

Pastor Doug: Well hey you know what? Don’t quit quitting because some people have to try several times before they can. Then they knock the wall down. Just keep going back.

Randy: Actually I did for a couple of months.

Pastor Doug: You can make and let me there’s a book I will send you that will encourage you Randy. It is by Joes Crews Randy and it is called “The Power of a Positive No” call for that book and we will send it to you. It’s a good title.

Pastor Dick: That’s right. I am going to give you the number in a few minutes here Randy so keep listening and call the resource operator and we will send it to you tonight “The Power of a Positive No”. It works believe me it works. Believe me Doug and I both are victorious.

Pastor Doug: Oh you used to smoke I forgot.

Pastor Dick: Stay with us we’re going to take a break for a couple of minutes and then we will be back with the second half of “Bible Answers Live”.

Pastor Doug: Check out the website write down if you have a pencil. Jot down “Amazing Facts dot org” and you can also go to the “Bible University” website. In fact you owe it to yourself there is so much Bible information there. And you can get your Bible degree. We’ll be right back.


Pastor Doug: Welcome back to those who may have just tuned in this is an interactive Bible study and we know that there are probably ten of thousands of extra people that are on the road hearing the program just because they are surfing the dial. And you can call in on your cell phone and listen as others cal from around the country and from around the world with their Bible questions. My name is Doug Batchelor.

Pastor Dick: My name Is Dick Debit and Pastor Doug before we go to our next caller I’d like you to tell me what you are going to be doing in November. You are going to be doing a series in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Pastor Doug: Yes it is as many of our friends know the better part of “Amazing Facts” is we have television. We have television broadcasts and network program. That airs from everything on family channel DET and all across North America cable and satellite. And we are going to be ten day sort of an upper room uplink. The Holy Spirit fell upon the disciples after they spent ten days and ten nights in the upper room. And we will be up linking something called 04 Revival. Of course that is a play on words. 04 is year and it also means oh for a revival. Matter of fact we have website called “04 Revival dot com”. It tells you more about it, but it will be live on three angels broadcasting and the hope channel. And that will be November 5 through 13 and we would like to encourage people that if you would like to experience revival to tune into this broadcast that will be on a couple of local stations as well as satellite and be watching for details or go to the website “04 Revival”. Even the “Amazing Facts” website has a link okay?

Pastor Dick: November 5 starting this?

Pastor Doug: On November 5 and the next ten meetings after that.

Pastor Dick: Okay let’s go next to our first caller to this part of the program to Grass Valley, California and Keith is listening to KFIA. Hello Keith.

Keith: Hello brothers.

Pastor Doug: Thanks for waiting and your question.

Keith: It is if you are serving on a jury and the decision came up whether being on the death penalty would that be Biblical to say that yeah we think this person should be put to death?

Pastor Doug: Well now let me tell you that some of this is my personal opinion. If you are a person that thinks the death penalty is barbaric or inappropriate then I would not try and change your mind. I am of the opinion that God’s word supports the consequences for murder. For deliberate premeditated murder and of course usually the death penalty is not for accidental or manslaughter. It’s for premeditated taking of life or multiple lives. And of course it tells us life for life and tooth for tooth. Now when Jesus said don’t kill and turn the other cheek He is talking first of all about interpersonal relationships. It was never intended that a government could not execute judgment. The word that is used in the original language Jesus doesn’t say thou shall not kill. Jesus says thou shall not commit murder. So if soldiers and police defend themselves that’s not being a murderer. Or if soldiers defend their country we shouldn’t call them murderers during the Viet Nam war that wasn’t fair. But, murder has a different definition and actually the Ten Commandments and the words of Jesus does not say thou shall not kill it says thou shall not commit murder. Every time you smash a fly you’re killing and that command taken that way would forbid pulling a weed you’re killing. Do you see what I am saying? This is what my understanding is. And I would not, but it is something I would weigh very carefully if someone was deserving of a death penalty I would not find a moral dilemma voting for it. Okay?

Keith: Great.

Pastor Doug: Well I hope that helps a little and I would hate to be in that situation, but I am just trying to do my duty.

Keith: Actually I am not, but my wife asked the question. Do you have any verses to back this stuff up brother?

Pastor Doug: Yeah in the New Testament when Jesus quotes the Ten Commandments to the rich young ruler. That would be Mark Chapter 10 He does not sat thou shall not kill. He says thou shall not commit murder. That’s Mark Chapter 10 and you will find it if you read there. And of course in the Old Testament when it says an eye for an eye. Let me find that for you real quick. That is Exodus 1: 24 “Eye for and eye and tooth for a tooth.” Okay?

Keith: Okay Pastor Thanks a lot.

Pastor Dick: Thanks for the call. Let’s go next to David in Victorville, California listening on KRLA. Hello David.

David: Hello.

Pastor Doug: Yes pardon me if our friend is still listening it is Deuteronomy 19: 21 Is the one that says life for life. That is not in Exodus. It is in Deuteronomy 19:21 and I am sorry I was still reading. Next question David?

David: That’s okay Keith. It gave me a chance to pull over and get my Bible. First of all may God richly bless both of you?

Pastor Doug: Thank you and your question.

David: Real quick in Leviticus 15: 2 when it is speaking to the children of Israel and speaks about any man who has a running issue out of his flesh. What is a running issue?

Pastor Doug: An issue is any kind of body fluid that is seeping and that could be any issue, it could be blood, it could be histamine from a runny nose, and it could be things we won’t talk about. But, I am talking about any unnatural emission and that was actually a very wise health law. Medical facilities all over this country are very careful the way they dispose of a body issue. It usually carries a lot of contaminants and germs. It is usually a breeding culture for disease. And that is one of the signs of the inspiration of the Bible.

David: Yes I just knew it and obviously I have just come back to the Lord and when you mentioned the question about the scapegoat that helped answer that question which was in Leviticus as well. I didn’t have a chance to thank you.

Pastor Doug: Well praise the Lord I just am glad to hear you’re reading and you have these questions. I am a member and I still have questions.

Pastor Dick: And I’m saying David you are welcome to call anytime.

David: Thank you. I have seen Doug on his TV show many, many times. It is just I have been in awe and fascination. So I know there are a lot of others callers and questions so I just wanted to say praise God and thank you both very much.

Pastor Doug: Well thank you and God bless you David. Also if you have seen the programs make sure to check out the website. And go through the Bible course it is free and you can g through online and you’ll find lots of answers there.

Pastor Dick: Amen. Alright God bless and thanks for the call. To Calhoun, Georgia next is where we want to go and talk with Sam whose listening on WLOJ. Hello Sam?

Sam: Hello. My question is regarding Leviticus Chapter 19: 27 where the Lord commanded the people of Israel to not round the corners of their head nor mar the corners of their beards. Why did He command that? What was the significance?

Pastor Doug: Good question now I am glad you asked this because when there are verses in the Bible and they are separated by the verses before and after people get confused because originally when he Bible was written there were no Chapters and verses. Those were added hundreds of years later over a thousand years in the case of the Old Testament. Let me read the whole thing Leviticus Chapter 19: 27 “And thou shall not round the corners of your head, nor mar the corners of your beard. 28 Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks upon you: I am the LORD.” Now they had a custom in pagan countries and they still do where when people are in mourning they will cut their flesh. They will shave off their head and you’ll remember when Job’s sons died it says he shaved his head. Job lived before Moses. They would cut off the corners of their beards and make a V-shape to show they were in mourning. And Moses isn’t saying don’t ever trim your beard or don’t ever shave. He is saying don’t cut your beard or your flesh or tattoo your body for the dead. In other words we are not to mutilate our bodies in anyway even when we are in mourning because our bodies are holy.

That’s why Jesus said even if you are fasting wash your face and comb your hair. So some have taken this out of context to be some kind of Bible command that Christian men are never to shave or trim their beard. It is okay if you want a beard that’s fine. It is not a Biblical law and the Bible says that Moses shaved before he went before the Pharoah. Mephibosheth trimmed his moustache.

There is no sin in trimming your moustache, shaving your face or growing a beard or not growing beard. You know we trim our fingernails because there are parts of our bodies that need maintenance. And the hair and the nails and these things you need to take care of them it’s your grooming, but I meet people and you probably have, too, Pastor Dick that never cut their hair and never cut their hair and they take these Scriptures to mean that.

Pastor Dick: Right.

Sam: Well alright and thank you very much sir.

Pastor Doug: Alright.

Pastor Dick: Thanks for the call Sam. To Lynn, Massachusetts and Jimmy is listening on WROL welcome Jimmy.

Jimmy: Hi. I have a question on Malachi Chapter 4: 5 where He says I will send Elijah before the second coming. Is he coming?

Pastor Doug: No I think he is coming again. Let me give you a quick history Jimmy. The Bible tells us that Elijah was one of the great prophets of course you in 1 Kings and 2 Kings. Then his apprentice who was his servant whose name was Elisha; not to be confused with Elijah. Elisha then prayed for the spirit of Elijah to be upon him. So now Elisha is now ministering with the same spirit as Elijah. Then the Bible prophesies there will be someone else coming in the spirit of Elijah and the angel Gabriel said John the Baptist and this is Luke Chapter 1 would come in the spirit and power of Elijah, but he wasn’t Elijah resurrected because when the religious leaders asked John are you Elijah he said no he wasn’t Elijah resurrected; he came in the spirit and power of Elijah. But, in the last days Malachi Chapter 4 says Elijah the prophet before the great and dreadful day of the Lord. And I believe there will be another group of people that come in the spirit and power of Elijah before the second coming. There may some individuals or it may be a group, but that’s a spirit of revival that will come again. So that is a good question and the answer is yes.

Jimmy: Okay.

Pastor Doug: Matter of fact I have a book that we carry at “Amazing Facts” and it is called “The Last Elijah Message” and it deals with that very subject okay? Now it is not a free book, but you can read it online or you will see it there. Okay?

Jimmy: Okay thank you.

Pastor Doug: Thanks.

Pastor Dick: Thanks for the call Jimmy. Let’s go next to Spokane, Washington and Cheryl is listening on KEEH hello Cheryl.

Cheryl: Hi yes I had a question about when the Lord created Adam. I was curious to find out if God thought that Adam didn’t have a help mate and then was lonely and then create woman for him. But, so I wanted to know if God knew before He created Adam that Adam would need a help mate and be lonely?

Pastor Doug: Well He does and of course God knew that and I think one reason God had Adam name the animals is that Adam quickly realized that the higher forms of animals did not pro create without an act of intimacy and he realized that he was missing that companion. And I think God allowed this so he would have maximum appreciation for Eve when she was introduced. And you know how sometimes the groom is not supposed to see the bride until the wedding day. It is supposed to increase the appreciation. And so I think in the same way God just created a little drama and said you just name all the animals and he really noticed that something was missing. So then God knew it and the word help mate there I understand in the original translates as a companion. Some people think it means to get a wife to help meet expenses.

Cheryl: Yeah.

Pastor Doug: But, it is really to be a man is not complete in many ways without a woman. You know men think very much with one side of their brain they have discovered and women balance that out. Women are more relationship oriented where men are more task oriented and the two of them together balance each other out.

Cheryl: Well that is right.

Pastor Doug: So I think that God knew that would be the plan. He knew that in advance in other words. Does that answer your question? I am not sure?

Cheryl: But, where—is there a place in the Bible that would lead you to believe that He did this?

Pastor Doug: That God knew?

Cheryl: Yeah. Or are you just saying that because you know God’s character and you know.

Pastor Doug: Because I know God knows everything?

Cheryl: Yeah.

Pastor Doug: Well if God’s original plan just used deductive reasoning He told Adam and Eve to fill the earth. How is Adam going to fill the earth without Eve? So God must have known at the beginning He was going to make Adam a mate to procreate and be fruitful. He just waited until the optimum moment at the end of the sixth day to I believe on the end of the sixth day there was a wedding. Adam and Eve and the Sabbath was their honeymoon.

Cheryl: Okay.

Pastor Doug: I hope that helps a little bit because you sound skeptical, but I am doing my best.

Cheryl: Thank you.

Pastor Doug: Alright thanks Cheryl.

Cheryl: I appreciate it.

Pastor Dick: Thanks for the call Cheryl. Going to Newark, New Jersey where Mel is listening on WJHE. Welcome to the program Mel. Are you with us Mel? He has been waiting a while we will put him on hold and maybe we can get back to him. Let’s go next to Margie in Sacramento, California who is listening on KFIA. Hi Margie.

Margie: Hi Doug. I wanted to ask a question about you had a sermon on the other day it was about love your enemies.

Pastor Doug: Yes.

Margie: I am having a problem with this because we have neighbors next door to me and because they brought charges against a family member the detectives told us no to speak to them or have anything to do with them. So I can’t love them. I have been praying for them. But, I am not allowed to be in contact or anything and how does that go with love your enemies?

Pastor Doug: Well that doesn’t prevent you from loving them. You can love people you don’t see. We can’t see God and we love him and God loves.

Margie: It is hard to love them though.

Pastor Doug: Well you may not be able to manifest your love. You may not be able to—you know what; there are probably even things you could do to be a loving neighbor without you know entering into conversation with them. And when you live next door to each other and you see them because no doubt there will be times when you see each other won’t there?

Margie: We see each other quite often when we go out to get in our vehicles.

Pastor Doug: Smile, you can smile and you can wave. Try and be pleasant even though there has probably been some painful history there.

Margie: Yes there is very much so.

Pastor Doug: But, do your best. I mean it is easy to love people that are friendly what is really hard is to be kind and loving to those that have maybe taken advantage of us.

Margie: Well all I know how to do is just keep praying.

Pastor Doug: Well that’s it pray for them and then as much as you can try to be pleasant when you see them. It doesn’t mean you have to have a conversation, but you know the Bible says a soft answer turns away wrath and a kindness solicits kindness.

Margie: Well see they brought charges against a family member and it was not true and now my family member is suffering greatly over it.

Pastor Doug: Well that first of all just because you’re being kind does not mean you need to endorse what they did. What it did may have been a very wicked thing. But, that doesn’t mean you have to scowl at them whenever you see them. That’s all I am saying.

Margie: Well no they go out in the yard and they kind of dance around and make face s at us over here and they put signs out in front and everything else to make it look bad over at my place.

Pastor Doug: Alright let me tell you a story real quick. Years ago there were some Christians in China that lived on a hill up on above some pagans that lived below them. And the pagans used to steal the Christians water because it would run down hill and the Christian shad to carry all the way back up from the river and after several weeks of the pagans draining the reservoir of the Christians up on the hill into their rice paddies the Christians decided to water the pagans rice paddy before they filled their own reservoir. And what they did was they overcame evil with good. And so do your best not to reward evil with evil. If they want to make faces and act childish you can’t help that. That is just their problem. But, you don’t do that. You do your best to be pleasant and you know pretty soon they will start being ashamed of themselves. Don’t let them get you upset.

Margie: Okay. No I give it to God and just let God take charge of it and then just keep them in my prayers.

Pastor Doug: And you will be surprised you know the Lord knows how to move people, too.

Margie: Okay God bless.

Pastor Doug: Alright. God bless.

Pastor Dick: Thanks Margie. To Tomahawk, Wisconsin and Dennis is listening on WKBL. Dennis welcome to the program.

Dennis: Thank you. My question is without mentioning any religious denominations. How do you know your religion or mine would be the right one and will one send you to hell if it is not right?

Pastor Doug: Well I think there are certain fundamentals you have to establish at the beginning. There are many religions in the world and a person has to ask on what they base their religion and most of the religions of the world at least the major ones are based upon some sacred writing whether it is the Bible or the Koran or Bhagavad Gita. Or whatever that might be.

Dennis: The Holy Scriptures. You know the Holy Bible.

Pastor Doug: Right and of course that is what I base mine on is what this program is dedicated to. We believe there’s evidence that the Bible is an inspired, extraordinarily accurate, supernatural book. And the way the prophecies have been fulfilled is a testimony to the accuracy of the Bible. And the Bible comments on every dimension of life. Everything from the human body are what we have discussed tonight along with the marriage relationship, the interpersonal relationships, civil law, a military law I mean there is so much in the Bible that it is the most defining book. So once you establish this in the Bible you have to use the Bible as a foundation to many Christian churches and of course Judaism. The religion of Judaism they believe they found their religion on part or the entire Bible. And you will find that most Christians agree on the certain basics and then it starts to fraction. And so what we share on this program we try to give Bible reasons and not follow tradition. And that is all you can go by.

Dennis: And thank you very much.

Pastor Doug: Appreciate that and you know what would help a lot with that question? We have a study guide called “Is There Anything Left You Can Trust?” It’s the first study guide in the “Amazing Facts” series we’ll send that to you free Dennis.

Pastor Dick: Call our resource operators Dennis. It’s 1-800-835-6747 and ask for “Is There Anything Left We Can Trust” and we’ll send it to you tonight.

Dennis: Okay thank you.

Pastor Dick: Let’s go to David in New York who is listening on WMCA. David welcome.

David: Yes good night.

Pastor Doug: Good evening.

David: I was calling in regards to day Sunday and the reference to it in the Bible.

Pastor Doug: Well Sunday is a Greek word and you don’t find it in the Bible because it refers to a day in the week. Like Monday which is a name for moon day and Saturday was Saturn day. Wednesday was Otens day and Thursday was Thor and so I mean Thursday was Thor and so I mean most of the modern names we use are from Romans or Greek mythology. In the Bible they never use any of those names. They use first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh. So the days had numbers and Sunday was the first day of the week. And that’s why people celebrate Easter Sunday as the day of the resurrection because Jesus rose the first day of the week.

So if you are looking for references on the first day of the week there are about nine of them. First one is creation where God said “Let there be light” and then you go to the New Testament and there are eight others. Most of them are simply telling us that Jesus rose the first day of the week. In Acts Chapter 20: 8 talks about Eutychus when was resurrected because he fell out of a window. And that was actually a Saturday night and then it became the first day of the week and then it tells us the disciples in 1 Corinthians 16 they were supposed to take up an offerings on the first of the week at home and that wasn’t talking about a church service because there was to be no collection on the day of worship. So those are most of the references to the first day of the week that you would find in the Bible. Is that answering your question? Are you wondering if any of those identify the Sabbath?

David: I was thinking in terms of worshipping.

Pastor Doug: There is no command anywhere in the Bibl and first of all we should worship God every day, but there is no command in the Bible that the first day should be kept as the Sabbath. And I think that may be what you are wondering?

David: Right.

Pastor Doug: The only day that is ever blessed in the Bible is the seventh day. Both the Old and the New Testament bear this out. And you can worship God everyday of the week. But, you can go to church on Wednesday night or Tuesday like we do at our church. And God can meet with you every morning in your family worship. But, as far as what is called the Sabbath, Sunday or the first day is never called the Sabbath in the Bible and that is just most Bible scholars will agree with that if you just look in the commentaries. But, it came out of tradition when the Roman Empire adopted Christianity as a National religion they used to celebrate the day of the Sun as the first day of the week and they slowly transferred from Saturday to Sunday and that’s why in the Western world there is a two day weekend. Saturday and Sunday because it dates all the way back to Rome. Okay?

David: Alright thank you very much.

Pastor Doug: Oh now wait I don’t want to send him away empty I’ve got a book on here and I am trying to remember what the book is it is a book written by Joe Crews on Sunday that answers all those questions. Oh here it is called “Is Sunday Really Sacred?” We’ll send that to you free David or anyone who wants it. “Is Sunday Really Sacred?” by Joe Crews it is a classic. I had a brain freeze as they say.

Pastor Dick: Call 1-800-835-6747 and ask for the book David okay?

David: Okay. Thank you.

Pastor Dick: Thanks for the call. Let’s go next to Cynthia and we have less than two minutes. Welcome to the program.

Cynthia: Hello.

Pastor Dick: Yes? You’re on.

Cynthia: I had a question about tithing. I know it is supposed to be a tenth for everything for your tithe and offering for the freewill. My question is the tithing for increase what does it mean for income? What does it actually mean and I guess what I am thinking about is like if you have sold some property and do you pay tithes on something you already paid tithes on.

Pastor Doug: Right I understand. The increase let’s say you buy a house for ten thousand dollars and sell it for fifteen thousand dollars you pay tithe on five thousand dollars. And I am sorry Cynthia you can tell we have run out of time. We have a lesson on tithing. Call our resource number Cynthia and we will send you that. Listening friends we hope you will keep us in your prayers. Make sure to check out the plethora of resources that you can download free like video and archives of these “Bible Answers Live” programs. There’s library information and a booklet on almost every subject and most can be read for free. There are some things you need to order. But, just go to “Amazing Facts” “dot com” dot org”. Listening friends keep us in your prayers. And we will see you next time.




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