Give Me One More Chance (Connie)

Give Me One More Chance (Connie)

Nobody was there to defend me. Nobody was there to protect me. My question was, "Why did that happen to me, God? Why didn't You intervene?".
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Nobody was there to defend me. Nobody was there to protect me. My question was, "Why did that happen to me, God? Why didn't You intervene?". Once I hit my teenage years, everything just started coming out. I felt embarrassed of what had happened because for so long I felt it was my fault.

There were times that I prayed, but it was prayers of resentment and anger and just yelling at God. I was so confused, so depressed and I could not bear anymore of the pain. You know, what's the point of living? I might as well just die. I started cutting myself, but I heard a small, still voice, and it said, "Stop. Give me a second chance." And right there I just felt something completely different.

I felt a presence there and I put everything down and I went to my room. I just started crying. I realized that me and God connected so well. I no longer saw Him as just a God that no longer cared, but I actually saw Him as a father. And I continued praying. One day, I was sleeping and my mom came to the bed. She said, "Connie, he's here. He's in town and the Lord impressed me that you need to face the situation. It's time for you to forgive."

When something so drastic and so painful has happened, forgiveness is very hard because you are vulnerable. You let go of that ego, that pride that has taken over you for so many years. I prayed and when we confronted the situation, it was the most amazing moment when we could pray, we could cry and we could forgive. And because of that I am able to help others, and tell others that there is hope, and there is someone that does care.

My name is Connie Gomez and I reclaimed my faith.



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