From Prison to Pardoned (Douglas)

At the age of 14, my father passed away and it really was a crushing blow in my life. I really got down and discouraged. I will be honest with you, I lost all interest to live.
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I know that if wasn't for Amazing Facts and the Word of God, and if it weren't for going to prison I would probably truly be on death row in a grave today. At the age of 14, my father passed away and it really was a crushing blow in my life. I really got down and discouraged. I will be honest with you, I lost all interest to live. I started getting with the wrong crowd, started smoking and this escalated to drinking beer, and just kept going, and ended up in Jackson Prison at the age of 41.

When you go to prison, you had to sign up for a job detail because you had to have some money to buy the necessities of life that you need that they don't supply. I took to yard detailing. My first day out in a call out I heard this guy quoting scriptures to these men. Because of that man, I started studying with him. I studied for over two years and Pastor James would come in, I think he'd come in with three other members. They had a prophecy series by Doug Batchelor.

They played there and I watched every one of those with all the complete lesson, and I wrote Amazing Facts, and I did the study guides there all alone. I think there's 27 of them or something, and then even did the advance group. On February 3rd, 2003, I got baptized in Michigan at High Rocks Correctional Facility. It was the greatest thing that ever happened in my life, because I found a piece of the puzzle that had been missing in my life.

I thank God and I know He's had a calling on my life. I know that it wasn't Him that sent me to prison. It was my own action, but He allowed it to be turned into a blessing. I wrote Doug Batchelor. He even sent me a copy of his Richest Caveman Story. I handed that story, that book out so many times to other prisoners in prison here that I would really have to glue it together because they would fold it back or whatever, and the bindings of pages had come off. I ended up writing him and he sent me six more copies of The Richest Caveman Story. Everyone that I shared that with, they said, "Wow. It was a fantastic book." They said, "Do you have any more like it?"

My goal in prison was to one day get out and attend the Amazing Facts Center of Evangelism. Today I'm here at Amazing Facts School of Evangelism. Many out there do not know the truth. Many have been taught in the wrong teachings, and the false teaching that I shouldn't say, but I know that Doug Batchelor and Amazing Facts, that they truly are focused and they truly are out to do the work. Amazing Facts has been brought down for a time such as this.

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