From Prison to Serving the King (Kendor)

I think Amazing Facts is awesome, I feel they are doing exactly according to God's will and God wills for them to do. They are reaching out to many around the world and Amazing Facts has impacted my life so much.
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I think Amazing Facts is awesome, I feel they are doing exactly according to God's will and God wills for them to do. They are reaching out to many around the world and Amazing Facts has impacted my life so much.

Well, after me and my wife had gotten married things started to go downhill and just to get worse, got worser [sic] and then began to split up and break apart from one another. One day I came home and I found my wife with another guy, and me and the guy got into a physical altercation and me and my wife as well and two days later end up in jail for domestic violence.

Well, once I was in jail, I was in total despair, loss of all hope, I sat in there didn't know which way to look. Then one day I was sitting in there, the door of my jail cell opened up and a guy came in and he came in, just flopped on the floor and slept. He slept for seven days because he was high on drugs and he roams the streets day and night without sleep and he was pretty much detoxing and then within the seventh day he woke up and he just spoke out of nowhere. He was like, "Have you called on Jesus?"

And at that time I accept it and I called on Jesus.

From that time on me and the guy began to do Bible studies with one another and my eyes began to be open. Well four months came by and they dropped my charges and now I've been released from jail. When I was released from jail, I began to look at a sheet of paper that had a list of goals I had made when I was in jail and on that list it was to go to church and to conduct myself with more Christian believers. Then one day I've got a job and the job was just taking up so much of my time that I couldn't study the amount of times like I was when I was in jail for the amount of hours.

Well, one morning when I was praying, 30 minutes before it's time for me to go to church. I prayed to God and to ask him to purify me, to turn up the flames and to make more time for me to study the word of God. After church service, I left church, as I was driving back home, I got pulled over by the police because they had run my tags and they've seen I had a warrant for my arrest.

I went to jail and I sat in there for four days before I knew why I was in there and when I finally found out while I was in there, they had sent of paper to address, to the house that had foreclosed, where I used to live so I didn't get the notice to attend court. So there I was in jail one day sitting there, I had my Bibble once again, I began to read the book of Revelations and I'll sit at the table, read the book of Revelations, I began to pray to God and ask him to give me understanding of the Book of Revelations.

I want to know the truth. I didn't want to be deceived and after I prayed that prayer, a few minutes later a guy came into my jail cell and he sat down and seen that I was reading the Book of Revelations. He asked me, did I understand what I was reading? I told him, "No" and he looked at me. He said, "You will" and then he came to me with a pamphlet from Amazing Facts. This pamphlet inside was on Daniel, the prophecy timeline and I never seen nothing like it before and I studied it for about a week.

I've been in jail for a total of 21 months and it came time for me to get out and the guy he told me to get this book called The Great Controversy once I get out. When I got out I went back home to Kentucky and I looked everywhere possible for this book The Great Controversy every single Christian bookstore around town and I could not find this book nowhere. One day I was just sitting there on my porch talking to my mother about this book and then 10 minutes later two guys come walking down the street with a bag on they are, they come up to my porch and I asked them what do they want? And they said, "Well, we sell these books to pay for tuition." And I said, "Okay what you got?"

They dug down they a bag and they put out the book and all of the sudden, it was The Great Controversy and I began to get excited. I began to jump for joy and it was looking me like I was all crazy because they didn't know that I was just talking about this book and I've been looking for this book for quite some time now. After that, they asked me do I want someone to come and do Bible study? and I was like, "Yes send them all because if you have this book, you'll have the truth and I want to stay with anybody who has the truth."

Once I began to do Bible studies, two guys came to do studies with me. One of them was an ethical graduate, his name was Jim and while they was there they begin to clear up a lot of questions I had far as the state of the dead, does hell burn forever? Things like that. While Bible studies were taking place. Jim had mentioned to me about meetings there was going to be taking place given by John Bradshaw and I told him I would attend and I attended every single night, one night John made a call for baptism and God has pressed upon my heart to make the decision for baptism, to step out on faith and I accepted the call and decided to be baptized.

When I first heard about AFCOE it was through the guy that was giving me Bible studies, which was Jim, he told me he was an ethical graduate and I got interested because all the knowledge and understand that he had of the Bible.

What I like most about AFCOE is the desire that they have to teach others to spread the Gospel. They have taught us how to evangelize, they taught us how to do outreach, to knock on people's doors and spread the Gospel to them, to sit at home and do in-home Bible studies with these people and bring them to Christ. I think Amazing Facts is awesome, I feel they are doing exactly according to God's will, what God wills for them to do. They are reaching out to many around the world and Amazing Facts has impacted my life so much.



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