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The Bible Banned

June 06, 2016
The Bible Banned
A California mother regularly places a Bible verse and encouraging note in her son’s lunch bag before sending him off to Desert Rose Elementary School in Palmdale. At noontime, the boy would read the note and share it with his friends. Soon the other kids were asking for copies, so the boy’s mother created more of them.

Soon, however, the boy’s teacher called the mother and said her son “could no longer read or share Bible verses or stories at lunch.” The teacher cited “separation of church and state.”

The family honored the school’s request and were told the boy could pass the verses out after school outside the property gate. Shortly after this, however, a deputy sheriff showed up at the parent’s home to tell them the school was concerned that someone might be offended by their son’s actions.

An attorney is now representing the first-grader. While school staff are typically hindered from religious expression to their students, the law is clear that students, acting on their own accord, have the right to share their faith freely. The school superintendent has stated, “The District remains committed to ensuring an environment where all students, regardless of religious affiliation or belief, are free to learn and reach their full potential.”

It’s certainly interesting that incidents like this are happening across the United States, where citizens have the Constitutional right to religious expression. Of course, religious liberty was obtained at great cost and the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States affirms this right by stating, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”

Whatever you think of this incident, the Bible predicts that religious freedoms in our country will eventually erode and finally disappear. An apostate Christian power will unite with powerful civil governments to force worship on every man and woman. Soon every person will have to choose between obeying God’s Word or civil authorities (see Revelation 14:6–12; 13:11–17). When the pressure mounts, will you share your faith, even a simple Bible verse, with someone at school or at work? Someday the wall of separation will crumble. We see large cracks forming even now.

Don't miss this important message from Pastor Doug, entitled “Freedom and Liberty,” exploring the importance of religious liberty and faith in America.

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