The Final Heat Wave

By Curtis Rittenour
Posted July 25, 2016

People in Philadelphia (and across the nation’s mid-section, for that matter) are getting hot under the collar, and not just because of the political conventions being held, but also because the weather will reach nearly 100 degrees this week. Thunderstorms are not expected to help cool things down significantly. The sweltering weather is due in part to a high pressure ridge that is trapping hot air, igniting scorching temperatures from New York to North Carolina.

A different kind of heat is being generated in the Santa Clarita Valley Mountains in Los Angeles County in California. At the time of this writing, more than 33,000 acres have burned from the Sand wildfire (named after the area’s Sand Canyon) and is only ten percent contained. At least 10,000 homes have been evacuated, and 18 structures have already been destroyed.

Temperatures in the Santa Clarita Valley have reached 106 degrees, as professional fire crews from all over the state battle the raging inferno that’s being spurred by high winds and low fuel moisture in the vegetation. One fire chief explained, “Getting next to the fire is very difficult, because the fire is almost acting in an explosive manner,” he said. “It's burning so quickly and so rapidly that our firefighters are getting in and doing a lot of great work, but to get in and do some of that stuff safely is very difficult.”

While we pray for everyone dealing with intense temperatures and for the victims of the unprecedented inferno in California, it reminds us that an even greater heat wave is coming. The fires from this raging inferno will have eternal results. The Bible calls it the second death and the lake of fire (see Revelation 20:14).

No firefighter will be able to stop hellfire from doing its work. This “unquenchable fire” (Matthew 3:12) will end only when there is nothing left to burn. Unfortunately, the biblical understanding of hellfire is often covered in soot by the ashes of human traditions, medieval fairy tales, and mythology.

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