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Where Was God … Again?

April 03, 2017
Where Was God … Again?
Where was God … again?

This is the question many were asking across Texas and the United States as news of a tragic, avoidable accident flashed across their TV screens. A bus carrying senior citizens back from a church retreat was hit head on by a pickup truck crossing over the center divide. The crash killed all but one of the fourteen people on the bus.

The cause of the accident appears to be because the truck driver was texting on his phone instead of focusing on driving. Many of the passengers appear to have been dedicated Christians who had lived their lives for God.

Where was the Lord in this tragedy? What kind of God wouldn’t intervene even for those most faithful to Him?

Questions about pain and suffering are endless in a sin-filled world. The Bible doesn’t shy away from reporting on faithful men and women suffering hardship. David spent ten years as a fugitive. Joseph spent years in jail. John the Baptist was cruelly murdered. Other stories remind us that God’s people throughout the ages have faced unanswered tragedy. Jesus implied in Luke 13:4 that people often die in accidents through no fault of their own.

So where is God? The Bible tells us that He is right beside us. (Read Psalm 23:4–6.) He simply asks us to trust that even in the darkest valleys, He is still leading His people to a place of safety and eternal peace.

What about you? Do you believe that because God allowed these Christian men and women to die in an accident, it was His will for them?

Elijah was a faithful follower of God. Even though he followed God’s directions, he still found himself in trouble. The Lord had sent him to hide by the Brook Cherith, but the brook dried up. Elijah had to wait for God’s directions again as he faced imminent death from dehydration. This waiting time, this time when we don’t always understand God’s purposes, allows us to trust in His grace. Find out more by reading this resource about how God walks with us through our suffering by clicking here
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