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What Is Truth in a Complex World?

June 12, 2017
What Is Truth in a Complex World?
Scientists from many fields recently met at the Cheltenham Science Festival in England where they discussed, among other issues, the challenge researchers face from “fake news.” For one, search algorithms make information to web users partially by how often a particular site is accessed. The list of sites is typically presented without any vetting to help searchers determine the accuracy of the information. And since it is possible to find sources to validate almost any opinion, some are concerned that real science is being overlooked or replaced by “fake news.”

In recent months, the controversy over truth versus fiction in news reporting has been a concern for governments like Germany and Qatar, where fake news could result in long-term economic and political consequences. While algorithms have proved to be useful in helping people find a wealth of information, many see a growing risk of biased search algorithms leading people to biased data.

Making decisions based on fake news is not a new phenomenon. For thousands of years, people have been living according to manmade traditions and superstitions based on mere opinion that appeals to our desires. Jesus addressed this issue when He reminded His listeners that some teachers made “the word of God of none effect through [their] tradition” (Mark 7:13). To counter this, Jesus lived a life of authentic faith and promised that freedom was available to those who chose to follow the truth (John 8:32).

While the world around us is seeking truth in a maze of confusing opinions, long-held traditions, and biased studies, Jesus points us to the very source of truth. John 5:39 says that the Scriptures testify of Jesus.—so as we spend time in God’s Word, seeking to understand His truth as revealed in Jesus Christ, we can find lasting freedom from fear and have a reason to hope for the future.

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