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Silent Healer?

April 09, 2018
Silent Healer?
In the space of a week, some 1.2 million Facebook users have viewed a minute-long "documentary" about a Croatian man who some believe can heal with just his gaze.

Josip Grbavac, known as "Braco," is from the small town of Srebrnjak, part of Zagreb County. Among his better-known followers, according to media reports, are supermodel Naomi Campbell and actress Christine Baransky.

As the short film indicates, Braco neither speaks to nor touches those assembled to witness his presence. Followers reportedly believe that merely by catching his gaze, a healing can take place.

"When he stands in front of groups of people," a Braco acolyte says in the film, "they feel a sense of hope, they feel peace, they feel like life makes sense again. They say it is life-changing."

Since Braco does not speak in public or give interviews, it's virtually impossible to know what he thinks of all this. Critics abound however: A news article published in his home country dismisses the healer's followers, saying, "Obviously, there will always be found those who are in a vulnerable enough state to believe in this type of fraud."

Interestingly, the allegation of "fraud" has long been leveled at Jesus, who healed people—and even raise the dead—and whose followers, for two thousand years, have carried His message to the ends of the earth. Jesus attracted no "supermodels" during His ministry, and there were no sold-out theatres for His appearances.

Also, unlike Braco, Jesus spoke to those He encountered, especially those whom He healed. He told people to show themselves to the religious authorities, so their healing could be verified. At other times, He told people to be quiet about their miracle, which, of course, those people ignored.

The fact is, however, there is a vast record of what Jesus said, and to whom He said it, as found in the first four books of the New Testament. There's no great mystery about Jesus' teachings, because those teachings are accessible today, in just about every language known to man.

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Written by Mark A. Kellner
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