Eradicating the Ultimate Disease

What do you do if you’re one of the wealthiest people on Earth? Some will spend vast fortunes on homes, yachts, and high-priced paintings, but William Henry Gates III of Kirkland, Washington, has a different idea. He wants to rid the world of malaria—whose first documented cases, he says, occurred four thousand years ago.

Better known as Bill Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft Corporation is worth about $90 billion today, the Times of London reports. While he’s presumably made provisions for his family, Gates is highly motivated to do something for people who may never touch a personal computer: eradicate a disease that kills as many as 1.2 million people a year.

Gates said that unlike Microsoft, where the goal was to enable every home to have a personal computer, the work of his charitable foundation “is about every child having an equal chance to live—that where you’re born doesn’t mean you’re 50 times more likely to die.”

Through his family’s charitable arm, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the entrepreneur is investing approximately $5 billion a year for mass immunizations against malaria and funding research programs, as well as sending anti-mosquito bed nets to Africa’s remote areas.

One of the most controversial plans is for a “gene drive” that would alter the world’s mosquito program so that “mutant” insects would either produce only male offspring, which can’t transmit malaria, or make it more difficult for the females to carry the disease.

A consortium of environmental organizations, called the Civil Society Working Group on Gene Drives, cautions about such efforts. “Gene drives can entirely re-engineer ecosystems, create fast spreading extinctions, and intervene in living systems at a scale far beyond anything ever imagined,” they warned in 2016, adding, “we believe that no case can be made for proceeding with gene drive experiments or developments at this time.”

There’s no denying that malaria is a terrible disease, one which has ravaged humanity over the centuries. And while Gates’ proposals to eliminate the disease are controversial, his motives are laudable.

But there’s a far more serious disease that has stalked the world since its creation. And every single person on the planet has been infected, and there’s only one cure. No doctor or nurse can administer this remedy, however. Each person must receive it on their own.

You’ve probably figured out that the “disease” is sin, which Adam and Eve transferred to us by their poor choices. Had they resisted the wiles of Satan, the fallen angel and adversary of God, the Earth would have remained a paradise.

But because they sinned, each one of us has a sinful nature. Without repenting of our sins and accepting Jesus’ sacrifice on our behalf, our eternal case is as hopeless as that of an untreated malaria victim. But with Jesus, our sins are covered by His sacrifice; Jesus’ righteousness is our “antidote” to God’s punishment for those who reject Christ.

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Written by Mark A. Kellner


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