Iced to Kill-- Melted for Christ!

Last updated on Dec 30, 2018  |    ()
When Michael came home and found his wife sitting on the couch with a strange man, he went into the bedroom and picked up his rifle. But before he could do something he’d regret forever, God intervened. Michael suddenly heard a voice in his head say, “Don’t do this…”

From Trouble to Triumph!

Last updated on Dec 28, 2018  |    ()
Nick grew up as a problem child. He was an alcoholic by the age of 12 and was constantly in trouble in school. He joined the military to try to stay out of trouble, but he got involved with the wrong crowd—“the worst of the worst.” All the while, he knew something inside was dying.

Discovering a Reasonable God

Last updated on Dec 21, 2018  |    ()
Cyril, a petroleum engineer in Nigeria, discovered deeper truths in God’s Word when he was invited to a seminar featuring an Amazing Facts DVD.

A Leap of Faith

Last updated on Nov 29, 2018  |    ()
A major truck accident caused Diana to leap from a 25-foot-high bridge and suffer multiple injuries. But God spared her life and brought her physical healing. Then a co-worker introduced her to Amazing Facts. Find out what happened next...

Coming Full Circle

Last updated on Sep 26, 2018  |    ()
Raised in a broken home, Dee grew up unchurched and was only superficially acquainted with the Bible. But when his father began a search for spiritual truth and meaning, Dee was introduced to something amazing, something that opened his eyes to God’s Word. Find out what happened and how he became a powerful witness for Jesus!

I Want to Follow the Bible

Last updated on Sep 04, 2018  |    ()
Casey was enjoying a life saturated by worldly pleasures and had zero interest in knowing God or the Bible. But during the trauma of a failing relationship her interest was sparked in spiritual things, and soon she was captivated by a new television program that offered hope and new life in Jesus. This story will inspire you with God’s amazing grace!

From Atheist to Child of God

Last updated on Sep 04, 2018  |    ()
Santosh grew up in a mixed-religious home that brought spiritual confusion and uncertainty. But when acquaintances invited him to listen to Pastor Doug Batchelor, everything changed! While his choice to follow Jesus broke family ties and a major illness threatened his life— Santosh’s faith remained strong and grounded in the Bible truth.

Saving Truth or Serious Heresy?

Last updated on Jul 25, 2018  |    ()
After his initial contact with Amazing Facts, Taron realized that he didn’t really know the God of the Bible. He had no idea what the Lord was really like. Although just a sophomore in high school, his thirst for truth started him on a deep search for God.

A Journey of Hope

Last updated on Sep 04, 2018  |    ()
Lourdes was raised in a strict religious home in the Philippines, and she was often made to feel that she was the ugliest and least desirable among her six siblings. But God sent a friend with a message of hope through a set of DVDs by Pastor Doug.

New Life With Old Scars

Last updated on Jul 18, 2018  |    ()
Chris was a tattoo artist and a drug dealer. He went through several broken relationships. Then he discovered Amazing Facts on the Internet.

Fantasy, Hogwash and the Truth

Last updated on Jul 25, 2018  |    ()
Bill was an agnostic. After his father passed away he felt that his life had no purpose. Then one day his wife handed him an Amazing Facts booklet on creation and evolution. It was a turning point.

God Still Forgives

Last updated on Jul 18, 2018  |    ()
Daryl's life was a mess. Drugs, alcohol, shattered relationships, and jail time left him feeling hopeless. But attending an Amazing Facts seminar set his feet on the road to recovery.

A Father's Transformation

Last updated on Jul 18, 2018  |    ()
Tony's family was breaking apart from his hectic, self-centered lifestyle—but God used the ministry of Amazing Facts to transform him and his family's destiny!

No More Shattered Pieces

Last updated on Jul 25, 2018  |    ()
Charlie felt like the whole world was coming down on him. “One morning I got really mad, and I gave God a cussing like you wouldn’t believe.” All of sudden the TV came on to Amazing Facts. It was a direct answer to Charlie’s cry for help.

Glad to Be Wrong

Last updated on Jul 25, 2018  |    ()
Claire enjoyed listening to a new preacher on television, but when he started talking about the seventh-day Sabbath, she decided to find evidence to prove he was wrong…

Out of a Dark Pit

Last updated on Jul 18, 2018  |    ()
Justin was raised in a home filled alcohol, drugs, and partying that often ended up with violence. Then one day he was invited to watch a preacher named Doug Batchelor.

Promise of Truth

Last updated on Jul 18, 2018  |    ()
A truth-seeker from a former communist country discovers Amazing Facts online!

From Desperation to Deliverance

Last updated on Jul 18, 2018  |    ()
When Steve heard the prophecy seminar radio ad, he knew that God was giving him a second chance!

Liberated by Truth

Last updated on Jul 25, 2018  |    ()
While she grew up in a religious family, India had big questions about God. But today she's thrilled to have answers that finally make sense, giving her a new perspective on life and faith—all thanks to the Holy Spirit and your loving support of Amazing Facts!

From Reggae to Jesus

Last updated on Jul 18, 2018  |    ()
Roy’s work as a disc jockey brought him into company with hip-hop celebrities and a touch of fame, but one Saturday morning his life changed when he heard “this white guy on BET”…

In God’s Time

Last updated on Jul 25, 2018  |    ()
Gilbert had made a life and a name for himself on the street. Then it happened. A rival gang member pointed a gun directly at his head, ready to pull the trigger ...

A Titanic Struggle

Last updated on Jul 18, 2018  |    ()
Ashley was sinking into the deep waters of despair, but you helped to lift her up to a new life through the outreach of Amazing Facts!

Revived and Restored

Last updated on Jul 18, 2018  |    ()
Joshua's life had turned around for the better after he was baptized—but he soon moved away and lost the spiritual support from his church. He quickly backslid into worldly excesses. But “by chance” he happened on an Amazing Facts broadcast that the Lord would use to bring him back home.

Are You Ready?

Last updated on Jul 18, 2018  |    ()
With your partnership, AFCOE is training more soul-winners for Jesus, fearless gospel soldiers like Carla, who attended AFCOE under difficult circumstances but who has been forever transformed by your compassion.

Out of a Dark Dungeon

Last updated on Jul 18, 2018  |    ()
Wyatt was locked away in a lonely prison cell, but it didn’t keep God from reaching him through a radio signal. By standing on his bunk and holding up his portable radio, he could listen to an Amazing Facts program that opened a door to truth—a program that was only made possible because of you!

Holding Nothing Back

Last updated on Jul 25, 2018  |    ()
Our team of dedicated evangelists travels to more than 40 sites around the world each year presenting powerful Bible truths that touch hearts for Jesus, leading hundreds to surrender their lives to Christ through baptism every year. In fact, that’s what happened in the life of Thomas—and we’re thrilled to share his testimony with you because you’re a huge reason why Amazing Facts was able to reach him with God’s last-day message.

A Miracle Birth

Last updated on Jul 18, 2018  |    ()
Beatrice’s pregnancy was in serious jeopardy, and she cried out to God for help. The Lord not only saved their little girl, He also led Beatrice and her husband Marvin to Amazing Facts so they could experience another new birth!

A Shattered Life Restored

Last updated on Jul 18, 2018  |    ()
For much of her life, Lori lived in a nightmare of abuse—leaving the picture of her life and understanding of God with a big hole. But one night she stumbled on an Amazing Facts broadcast, and it helped to change everything.

Awakened from Spiritual Slumber

Last updated on Jul 18, 2018  |    ()
Had someone told Victor six years ago where he would be today, he would have dismissed him as a first-rate lunatic. But God is full of surprises! By His grace, an Amazing Facts prophecy seminar and the Final Events DVD helped to change everything for Victor ...

Moving Up

Last updated on Jul 25, 2018  |    ()
Both Mike and Rachel lived through difficult childhoods that eventually took them off course. But when God brought them together and introduced the couple to Amazing Facts, a better world opened up to them!

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