Two-gether for Life: Is a Lasting Marriage Still Possible?

An Amazing Fact: Ed (100) and Tillie (96) Ensminger—my wife’s grandparents—were married for 76 years! They lived through World War I, the Great Depression, and World War II … together. As the years went by and their health declined, they naturally worried how one would fare when the other was gone. The thought of being separated by death troubled them. But one night this past April, they went to bed and, within a couple hours of one another, both peacefully drifted to sleep in Jesus! Though we were sad to see them go, it was a huge blessing that neither one had to face the enormous pain of waking to discover their lifelong partner was gone. Now they will wake up together with glorified bodies! Their funeral became a celebration of what a committed marriage should look like.

Two-gether for Life

Wouldn’t you love to experience a marriage like that? And what if you could help another couple experience a marriage like that—a blessed union for life? Wouldn’t you jump at the chance?

Yes, God designed marriage to be for life, but that’s often not the case today. Divorce has become as common as fast food. And is it any wonder that marriages today are struggling? Consider how the world has changed …

  1. The Learning Channel began airing a popular reality program in 2010 called Sister Wives, about a man married to four wives ... with 17 children!
  2. An increasing number of states are constantly being pressured to legalize homosexual marriages, confusing the very meaning of the institution.
  3. With nonstop access to hundreds of TV channels, ever-present phone texting, and the pandemic of Internet pornography, communication and intimacy in modern marriages is under constant assault.

Hope for Hurting Homes
These and many other pressures result in deep chasms in relationships that cannot be overcome … without God. Yes! The power of God’s love can truly heal marriages and bring wholeness to the family.

The evangelistic mission of Amazing Facts has always had a positive impact on marriages. Generally, when the gospel is received, healing will come into the home.

Whenever we teach the Sabbath, and parents reserve that quality time with God and each other, families are restored. When couples learn Bible principles regarding finances and health—this is a big one!—it brings husbands and wives together.

Brian’s Story
Because of your help, Amazing Facts constantly receives countless letters about how our programs have helped, directly or indirectly, reconcile struggling couples.

Recently, we heard from Brian, who was a perfect example of what is happening to marriages in our society. Brian’s mother divorced his father before he was born and then married again. When this man died, Brian’s mother went on to marry an abusive alcoholic.

In turn, without a good example of marriage to model, combined with his own alcoholism, a wedge was driven deep into Brian’s own marriage as an adult. Their union looked hopeless. In fact, they had already separated when a violent traffic accident left Brian unable to move and in need of constant care. His estranged wife let him move back home to recover, and as he lay in bed, day after day, he started channel surfing … and found Amazing Facts. He says,

“As I was thumbing through the channels, I came across a short bald man who caught my attention. He was boldly proclaiming that there was no one who could prove that the Sabbath had been changed from Saturday to Sunday. That was all I needed—I blew the dust off my Bible and opened it with a mission to prove him wrong!

“As I continued watching, I started hearing things I had never heard before, and as I read my Bible, I found I could not disprove them. On the contrary, it was all true! I read and read my Bible and, before I knew it, three months had passed. I got my back brace off, but I had been healed in more ways than one. I look back now and realize that as I grew closer to God, I had also fallen in love with my wife all over again!”

Today Brian and his wife are together and are actively involved in their church, encouraging other couples in trouble to find their answers in the Word of God. God has the answers … we just need to get those answers to the people who need to hear them.

Will you help me do that?

Doing More
In recent years, I have been increasingly troubled by the way even Christian marriages are being decimated by the enemy. After all, what good is it to bring new converts into churches that are battlefields of broken homes?

I cannot stand by and just watch this happen—especially when I have seen how Amazing Facts really can help do something about it.

That’s why I believe God is calling Amazing Facts to play a bigger role in bringing hope to people with troubled marriages. Your prayers and financial support can make a difference right now as we plan a new ministry series called Together for Life.

During this program, I’m going to get into all the practical “nuts and bolts” of relationship problems and the commitment it takes to make a marriage work—all the things I wish I had time to say at weddings. I’m going to use the ultimate guidebook, written by the Author of marriage itself, to explain what marriage is supposed to be and how to make it last. Together for Life will help couples learn the Bible principles and practical steps to repair a stressful marriage and make a good marriage even better.

I believe this is going to be a powerful tool for families to help rescue and heal marriages … but I need your help. We have to write the programs, build the TV sets, and produce the materials that will equip couples to stay together for life. Your gift of $25, $50, $100, or more can bring healing to countless relationships each and every month this year.

God wants His people to have lasting marriages, but marriage is meant to be enjoyed—not endured! Based on the many calls, letters, and prayer requests we receive, we know a staggering number of people need help in this area.

This is where you and I can make a difference together. Your Amazing Facts support will help thousands begin to mend their marriages through the healing truth of Jesus Christ.

Thank you in advance for your response.

Yours to restore relationships and rescue families,

Pastor Doug Batchelor

Everything traces back to our marriages. Our society cannot be stronger than the marriages that are at its foundation. Let’s do something together to keep couples together for life. Please donate today!

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