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Combating a Counterfeit Cure

August 01, 2016
Combating a Counterfeit Cure
An Amazing Fact: The high cost of prescription drugs has given rise to a deadly business. Sick and desperate people are buying their essential medications through black market channels hoping to save money—and their lives. But many discover too late that they have purchased worthless counterfeits made of chalk, talcum powder, and even road paint. The bottles and pills look genuine, but the tablets do not contain any, or enough, real medicine. Some estimate that as many as 700,000 people perish globally each year from trusting in fake or diluted medicine.

This cruel scam of deceptive drugs reminds me of another, and even more deadly, swindle Satan has pulled on most of the Christian church. Did you know that thousands are eternally perishing every single day, vainly believing in a cunning counterfeit gospel?

Please bear with me here because this really needs to be said.

The devil doesn’t care if we go to church every week so long as we don’t hear and believe in the real gospel. He has nothing to fear from secular sermons, prayerless homes, and misguided missionaries. And truth be told, most professed Christian churches have lost the potent, active ingredients of salvation. It’s like Jesus said: “I know your works, that you have a name that you are alive, but you are dead” (Revelation 3:1).

I am heartbroken as I see what is most needed today in the world—the straight three angels’ messages—is being substituted with a devious, diluted message of counterfeit grace that won’t prepare a single soul for eternity.

This is why Jesus said there will be many who cry “Lord, Lord” to Him in the judgment—but He will declare, “I don’t know you” (Matthew 7:21–23). What could be sadder? They have swallowed a powerless placebo of the gospel!

Sound Doctrine
The Bible says a time is coming when people will not endure sound doctrine, but rather seek out teachers that “permit” them to indulge in the lusts of the world while convincing themselves they are still saved. (See 2 Timothy 4:3, 4.)

We even see this within our churches: More and more people have ears itching for soothing fables—a diluted gospel that whitewashes sin and ignores the plain “thus sayeth the Lord.” The devil is convincing the masses they can still have Christianity without the cross of self-denial, heaven without holiness.

So many have “just enough religion” to calm their conscience into thinking they’re saved, but discover too late they were taking a powerless prescription.

Industrial-Strength Message
But thanks to your compassionate support, Amazing Facts continues to deliver the real “full strength” message of Jesus Christ to millions of hurting souls—a potent message of salvation from sin, not salvation in sin.

And the Lord is blessing our worldwide outreach through every avenue—including radio. Even in this Internet age, the impact of radio is growing! At Amazing Facts, we see proof that seeking souls are listening everywhere … like Maria.

As a Catholic, Maria believed people went directly to heaven or hell as soon as they died. But when she discovered Amazing Facts on the radio—she heard the Bible truth. She even requested the Amazing Facts Bible Study Guides, and the radio program led her to attend one of our live evangelistic seminars! Maria learned about the seventh-day Sabbath and committed to keeping it holy, all thanks to your support of our worldwide radio ministry!

In fact, we are already reaching up to 15,804,000 listeners, like Maria, every day with our straight-message Wonders in the Word radio program in cities like Washington, D.C., Orlando, San Antonio, Pittsburgh, Indianapolis, Detroit, and Sacramento. Praise God!

Bringing the Cure to the Front Lines
Thank you so much for making this outreach possible, but with time running short it’s urgent that this message go out faster and wider than ever—let’s work together to do His will while we still can.

During World War II, thousands of wounded soldiers were saved from deadly infections through the new drug penicillin. The challenge was to produce it quickly, in quantity, and get it to battlefield hospitals in the war zone.

Friend, together we can deliver the full-strength saving truth to the front lines—filling the radio waves with the real gospel by expanding our radio programming so more people like Maria can experience new life through the power of the Word!

Our most pressing goals include …

1) Buy more daily slots during primetime commuting hours in big cities across the country—including New York—for Wonders in the Word to reach millions more.

2) Expand Bible Answers Live, which provides seekers with solid Bible answers to their most challenging questions, to more major markets, and even produce it as a television program!

3) Redesign and update our Amazing Facts Bible Study Guides—the backbone to all our ministries—that we provide to radio callers and seekers every day to disciple them in truth.

Support the Cause of Christ
We have a unique opportunity to expand right now on satellite radio and in New York that will require an additional $24,000 a month to reach many more for Christ through radio ministry.

I ask you now, personally, for a special gift this month so the undiluted truth will be there for millions of seekers when God arranges a divine appointment for them to hear it.

Thank you for your faithfulness,

Pastor Doug Batchelor
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