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The Hero of Hacksaw Ridge

October 01, 2016
The Hero of Hacksaw Ridge
An Amazing Fact: During World War II, conscientious objector Desmond Doss refused to carry a weapon into combat—a decision that brought him scorn among his fellow soldiers and persecution from his commanders. But then in April 1945, as a medic, Doss joined his battalion as it attempted to capture a steep bluff. In the process, dozens of wounded men were pinned down at the top of the ridge beneath a withering counterassault. Doss repeatedly exposed himself to heavy gun and mortar fire as he rescued one man after another—75 in all. This courageous action and others earned him America’s highest military award, the Medal of Honor, the first ever given to a conscientious objector.

Dear friend,

While God expects you and me to “always be ready” (1 Peter 3:15) to share our faith, every once in a while He opens a door so wide that it’s hard to miss His direct providential leading!

And that's happening right now!

You and I now have the blessed opportunity to make a real impact for Christ and His church in a way unlike anything we’ve seen in a while. However, we don’t have a lot of time to take advantage of this window for witnessing. Let me explain …

Unusual Providential “Cooperation”

You know I would never suggest that anyone go watch a Hollywood film. But what if I told you that, through a bit of unlikely providential “cooperation,” the Hollywood movie industry is about to bring significant attention to Jesus’ last-day truth and His remnant church such that millions of people will hear about it for the very first time?

I'm talking about the $55 million film Hacksaw Ridge, which is opening next month, November. It tells the story of Desmond Doss, a Sabbath-keeping Christian and war hero.

On several occasions, I had the chance to visit this brave yet humble soul when he would visit a church where I was a pastor. (His wife’s family lived there.) Just as I was, I know millions of people will be inspired and intrigued by Desmond's amazing true story when they see Hacksaw Ridge. And I believe many of these same souls will seek to know more about what made this courageous man willing to sacrifice his life to save soldiers who had once called him a coward and severely persecuted him.

Yet I’m a little concerned that honest seekers will go straight to the Internet to search for more information about his church—only to be assailed by the devious propaganda of the devil. That's why Amazing Facts is acting quickly to make sure sure these seekers have access to the real truth about God’s Sabbath and His end-time people before Satan gets the chance to steal away the good seed sown into their hearts (Matthew 13:19).

Be Ready—Always!
This is what Amazing Facts is already doing by faith because of your caring support...

We have already produced a major new sharing book that combines Desmond's testimony with his beliefs about the Bible. The cover is connected to the film's official poster, meaning those who see the film will recognize it and want a copy in their hands—and maybe two to share with someone else. We’re asking churches—and friends like you—to buy these affordable sharing books and then distribute them outside movie theaters, in grocery stores, doctor offices, and wherever else God opens the door.

Every seeker who gets a copy will even have an opportunity to sign up for our newly designed Study Guides!

We’re also going to use Google, YouTube, and Facebook to blanket the Internet with ads about the true source of Desmond’s faith—taking advantage of the increasing interest as the movie’s debut arrives and in the weeks and months that follow. We’re also creating a television and radio campaign that allows seekers to call in for the free book about “The Hero of Hacksaw Ridge”—it will air November 6 to 12. Isn't that thrilling?!

History Is About to Be Made!

Did you know that the director of Hacksaw Ridge, Mel Gibson, was the same man behind blockbuster films like Braveheart and The Passion of the Christ, a film seen by millions of people globally? It’s unfathomable that he would direct a major film about a spirited Sabbath-keeper … but God is moving mightily!

Please, join Amazing Facts in making the most of this unprecedented opportunity to share truth! Whether that's by sending a gift to ensure everyone who calls gets a free copy—or whether that means your church passing caseloads out at movie theaters, whatever you can do will be used by God to make a difference!

Thank you so much for your faithful support and prayers that make these massive campaigns for Christ possible!

Pastor Doug

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