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Weapons for Christian Commandos

October 15, 2016
Weapons for Christian Commandos
An Amazing Fact: Whenever the wind is right, South Korean Christians gather at the border of North Korea to release special balloons. Called “Operation Dandelion,” hundreds of helium-filled red balloons printed with the Gospel of Mark—or larger hydrogen-filled balloons that carry Christian tracts or even a complete copy of the New Testament—are released. The winds carry God's Word high over the heavily guarded border. The saving messages land deep in communist North Korea, where evangelism is a capital crime.

God tells us to “be strong and of good courage” for He is with us wherever we go (Joshua 1:9). The creative boldness of these South Korean Christians reminds me of the time in medieval Europe when it was forbidden to distribute the Scriptures in the common language of the people.

But this law didn't stop the courageous Waldensians living high in the Italian Alps! During intense persecution, these faithful believers hand copied portions of the Scriptures. Then young missionaries would fan out into the major cities across the continent, with passages of God’s Word hidden in their clothing. They would then prayerfully look for divine opportunities to share seeds of truth with people trapped in darkness and tradition.

Today, you and I are fighting a similar spiritual war raging in our culture, a battle between the truth of God and the errors of mankind. To win these vital spiritual battles, God continually arms “Christian commandos” with His Word, helping them infiltrate deeply confused cultures so thousands of men and women can be liberated by the revelation of Bible truth.

Not long ago, one of these “Christian commandos” shared Amazing Facts materials right in the middle of tightly held territory—and today it is slowly being liberated from the error of deeply held traditions. Thank you for being the reinforcements God used to make it all possible!

Andy and Naomi
Andy's and Naomi's minds and lives were held captive by generations of traditional teachings in their Amish community. Eventually, they began to question the scriptural accuracy of those teachings. Today, thanks to God’s use of just one person sharing an Amazing Facts magazine, Andy and Naomi and their family are free in Jesus!

Judicious placement of God’s Word, with Spirit-led explanations, is how God often uses Amazing Facts to reach behind enemy lines—whether by radio, television, Internet, or the printed word. When you pray and invest financially, you make more reinforcements available for spiritual combat. You successfully engage in the battle for biblical truth!

Like many Christians, Andy and Naomi had been taught the Ten Commandments but couldn’t understand why they didn’t keep the Sabbath of the fourth commandment. They also couldn’t come to terms with the teaching that a God of love and forgiveness would torture lost people in fire for all eternity.

Then one day a Sabbath-keeping neighbor shared an Amazing Facts prophecy magazine with Andy and his brother. As they poured through it and compared what it said to the Bible, they were transformed by God’s grace! Their eyes were opened, their doubts dissolved, and after generations of misinformation, their hearts and minds were finally set free!

Andy told me personally that it was a great relief to discover answers to questions he had struggled with for so long. But it was also challenging to take a stand in his faith community. Yet conviction won out!

Persecuted for Believing
As Andy and Naomi shared their newfound truth in the heart of Ohio’s Amish country, they were shunned by their community and even their family. Today any visitor would assume they still fit perfectly in the Amish world, but while they still maintain their Amish lifestyle, they have been ostracized for becoming Sabbath keepers. Taking a stand for their new faith has come at a great price, but they quickly add, “No one can deny our joy.”

Andy explains they do not think badly of the Amish. “We are shunned,” he clarifies, “because they truly believe we have been deceived and they are trying to force us back into the fold.”

Determined to reverse the prevailing biblical errors, and to help their Amish community experience the same liberating truths, Andy and Naomi have started their own outreach ministry. “God has many people in the Amish religion,” Andy says. “They have strong principles and morals; they just don’t understand everything yet. But it is going to happen!”

I have no doubt that with continued faith and prayer, their mission will reap a bountiful harvest—and it will have been made possible by your sacrifice in faith!

Trainload of Truth!
Every year, you help Amazing Facts send out a virtual trainload of truth in the free magazines, books, Bible lessons, and DVDs requested by our viewers. God bless you for joining us in crossing enemy lines to eliminate biblical illiteracy and ignorance, and to shine the bright light of Jesus’ love everywhere it is needed.

Your friend in toppling enemy strongholds,

Pastor Doug Batchelor
President, Amazing Facts
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