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Times of Seismic Change!

December 15, 2016
Times of Seismic Change!
An Amazing Fact: Did you know that the United States currently has the greatest number of centenarians on the planet—about 54,000? This seasoned segment of society has witnessed more technological change than any other group in history—going from horseback to driverless cars, from telegrams to smartphones, and from black-and-white film to giant, flat-screen HD 3D TVs in the home. But no generation has been on the verge of greater global change than the one living now!

We are on the precipice of GREAT change. People everywhere are alarmed by what’s happening in the world. “Woe to the inhabitants of the earth and sea! For the devil has come down to you having great wrath, because he knows that he has a short time” (Revelation 12:12).

The entire planet is in turmoil, and I truly believe we're going to see seismic transformation in 2017—from economy and politics to religious realignments. But the good news is that all this unrest presents you and me incredible evangelistic opportunities—maybe even the greatest ever!

Keep in mind, all the political and cultural convulsions we're seeing are happening against the backdrop of alarming global military buildups. China is creating entire islands for military use in the South China Sea to intimidate their neighbors; Iran is buying sophisticated fighter jets and armaments from Russia; and nuclear-ready North Korea continues to rattle its sword by testing long-range missiles.

Stunning Religious Developments
On the spiritual front, even more seismic developments are happening. On October 31, for instance, Pope Francis was in Sweden to join Lutherans in kicking off a year of celebrating the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation ...

… Wait! What? Why is the pope celebrating a Bible revival movement that inspired millions to take a stand for God’s Word and against the man-made traditions of the papacy? This is a stunning gesture given that his very own Jesuit religious order was founded to overthrow the work of Luther five centuries ago. (It’s looking now like it has succeeded.)

During this historic meeting, Vatican and Lutheran leadership signed a joint statement expressing a longing “for this wound in the body of Christ to be healed” (my emphasis)—so that Catholics and Protestants may end the protest and unite “in mission because we are declaring the same gospel.”

When you consider this move along with the pope’s intense outreach to Pentecostal, Orthodox, Jewish, and major evangelical leaders, and his unprecedented address to a joint session of Congress, it’s abundantly clear the wound is healing, just as Revelation 13:12 predicted!

Do you now see clearly why your support of Amazing Facts is so vital? Will you please stand with me on the foundation of Bible truth and invite more searching souls into the everlasting kingdom—before the door closes? Souls like Dale …

From Terror to Truth

Dale was raised in a Protestant church and experienced what he calls a “fire escape salvation" during his teens after hearing a terrifying, pagan-tinged sermon on the fires of hell. Yet over the years, Dale naturally wondered how a loving God could create a place of torture so horrifying. “I questioned how He could be so unfair and vindictive. I had no confidence in my salvation.”

Fearful and confused, Dale earnestly prayed one night for God to save him from sin and hellfire. The next morning, while scanning religious channels, he came upon Amazing Facts. Dale was astonished and deeply moved by what he heard; he quickly went to and found our presentation “The Good News About Hell.” This powerful message was available to him at EXACTLY the right time because your support made it possible!

This message changed everything for Dale. “After forty years of doubt, I now believe in the blessed assurance of Christ! Amazing Facts has helped change a man!” Praise God! And you can help thousands more like Dale have their hearts changed by the power of God in a special way this month.

Incredible Opportunity!
As our world faces such historic change, God has just expanded Amazing Facts’ reach with one of our greatest evangelistic opportunities. This isn’t just coincidence, friend!

USA Network is seen in nearly 96 million homes in America, plus overseas via satellite and Internet. This is why every Christian broadcaster would love to be in their lineup on Sunday mornings—but space is rarely available and the cost is significant. However, a cancellation has just opened the door for Amazing Facts to begin airing our program during this heavily watched time. Our broadcasts will begin on January 8—so please look for us and invite your friends and family to watch Amazing Facts on USA Network!

This is a miraculous opportunity to take the proclamation of the three angels’ messages to sincere truth seekers in a powerful way. Thank you for your sacrificial giving in this time of urgency that makes this possible!

Reaching 96 million homes with you,

Doug Batchelor
President, Amazing Facts
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